Destiny smiles on us,
When we mix smile with sweat of our brow,
Admixture of smile with sweat streamlines our work culture,
With oneness of purpose at our disposal,
Results in provision of resources,
To meet our needs in our life.
God smiles on us,
When we seek His attention,
Through sincere but passionate prayers,
He bestows us with everything,
That we need for our survival,
Resulting in contented but lasting smile,
And finally liberates us from the unending,
Cycle of birth and death,
And keeps us in His receptive bosom.
Smile on the face of a tiny tot,
Makes us reciprocate on the same spot.
Our reading of smile differs,
As our perceptions differ.
For some, it is a hallow expression,
For others, it is vital inner emotion,
Some just smile on all / odd occasions,
Proving some screws of his mind cap has gone amiss,
For some, smile is inner pain reflection,
Sometimes smile show suspicious behavior,
Other times, smile is hidden inside a smile,
Some smile with snarl, with teeth exposition,
Showing on the surface anger & confusion,
Smile emote fear and sometimes wit,
Then smile of a stranger is usually unfathomable,
Smile may be receptive or deceptive,
God knows for sure.
O God fix an indelible positive smile in all of us,
So that that smile could become contagious,
And spreads like wildfire everywhere.
Harbans Khajuria

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  1. I am hopeful that a genuine positive smile is bestowed to us all by our Creator and it multiplies as we divide this sort of smile amongst all without discrimination.

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