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How Do You Socialize With People?

I’m not really good at socializing on a normal level. Can someone give me and idea of what that’s like?
1 day ago
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Harbans Lal

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The following things ought to be taken into account in order to become normal:socialized person:-

1/ just act normal.

2/ do not beat about the bush while introducing your status or position. If the other party understands it is better if not just think that that person is not fit for you.

3/ Your standing in the eyes of others depends upon your own credibility – your position, your knowledge, your own attitude and sincerity of purpose.

4/ Socializing is mostly dependent upon give-and-take. Sometime you hae to withstand slides and intimidation’s but take it with a pinch of salt and go on.

5/ Time is a great healer. It should never be forgotten that with time everything heals. Relationships change with time. But patients is the key.

6/ Socialisation is a two way traffic. If you want to make friendship with somebody and that person is not concerned and not serious, then it cannot go on. Just change tag and seek alternatives.

7/ be adaptive to the change. Never have ill-conceived ideas or ideals.

It should never be forgotten that eerything starts with you and ends with you. If nothings works despite your best efforts. Just be satisfied with your own company. You have your own internal source in yourself. Just exolore it and see the difference.


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1 day ago

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Wear a smile and just be a nice person. There is not one person on this planet that will sincerely say they hate nice people.
1 day ago
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Don’t try to be normal be yourself people like weird people more then they do normal people
1 day ago
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  1. Socializing is a personal. It is generally based on give and take. We should try adapting to the change, nobody but you require to be changed, if you want to have peaceful co-eistence.

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