Our Creator is gracious enough to grace us with numerous gifts which help us meet our day to day requirements. Starting with giving us our own body, air, water, scenic beauties, mountains, rivulets, rivers, oceans sunshine, moonshine, our kiths and kins who assist you whenever there is a need, our friends circles,our society, and what not. It should never be forgotten that everything that we acquired through our work or from any other source is acquired after our birth. We come to this earth without bringing anything along and should never forget that when we finally depart we shall not be taking anything along with us although we must have ammased wealth. It goes to show that God has provisioned us with everything and we have to THANK HIM FOR all these. Should’t we? The poem, “Thank You For” is in this direction only. Kindly go through and offer your comments.

Thank You For

Giving us the gracious gifts of sweet water and air so refreshing.

To recharge our body and mind with sunshine,

Soothing ourselves with placid moonshine,

Distributed without bias – an amazing wonder,

Mesmerizing stars’ twinkling yonder,

Dotting the heavens akin to priceless pearls.

Giving us the gift of five senses,

With which we can joyfully or otherwise experience life,

Providing meaning to every activity that comes.

Giving us a body with mind and heart,

Which can sense others’ feeling when hurt,

And come to the succor.

Giving us daylight for earning our living,

With night’s serenity for restful resting,

In the process mitigating fatigue,

And providing synergy to face,

The next day’s onslaughts with renewed vigor.

Giving us the Natural bounties on the earth’s crust,

Like scenic beauties, lofty and majestic snowy mountains,

Ravines, rivers, brooks, dales, vales, expanse of deserts, et all,

With our wide awake eyes to feast these on.

Giving us the ability to differentiate between good and bad,

So that we could maintain a safe distance from bad,

And befriend the goodness for our own good.

Giving us our dear ones so dearest,

Who care for us more than,

They care for themselves even,

On whom we can lean on,

Whence we are down and out with age and have eternal sleep,

And who would carry our lifeless weight for a final journey.

O Lord, Thou hath given us everything,

For, we fathom, none brings anything,

When one takes birth,

Yet continue misusing Your Bounties,

For personal gains and in the process,

Bring imbalance in His Beautiful Settings.

Harbans Khajuria

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