It has been seen that life is not always a bed of roses. You’ll have to go through ups and downs in life. In order to live a peaceful life, one has to exert. No matter what you’ve inherited from your ancestors, you’ve to put one and one together to keep a balance in life. It is not that after acquiring money, it is be all and end all. You have to still work in order to sustain yourself in the society you are living. For that to happen, you have to learn the qualities of co-eistence with your family, with your peer group, your community, with your society. For this, patience is of utmost importance. It is acquired through hard decisions, in which you’ll have to foreget your own comforts and care for  zones of others. In life, we sometimes face adverse situations, we have to have patience in tiding over the situation. It is not done overnight. Persistent effort is required. Then only the Creator’s help comes. And then ultimately, liberaton comes in the life of a person.
Walking unaccompanied but hostile natural elements,
In the scorching heat so harsh,
Of the hot sun above and the sand down under his weary feet,
Both competing in heat emissions at the fullest fury,
The sand-mixed hot air slaps his face repeatedly in rage,
Dried lips and parched tongue thus telling heavily,
Not even a strand of green grass to feel a life within vicinity,
Only lifeless vast expanse of sandy desert,
A look yonder from where he stood, transfixed,
Perceives, a stream of water flowing,
But that bear-out -to-be a daylight dream,
The oasis in sand dunes far cry it seemed,
Taking toll on the poor traveler in the desert,
Woefully making him badly weary bodily,
But his spirits to go on remains undefeated,
Spurs the traveler to go on to meet the objective undeterred,
On and on he goes challenging and surmounting,
One hurdle after another with his steely will unflagging,
And thence his final award cometh from our beloved Creator,
A cool drizzle cools his body and the environs around,
Cool in body but hotshot in spirits he says ‘THANKS YOU’
To the Providence for His Gracious Bounty,
And makes his final pitch – a pitch of his lifetime,
And reaches his goal unscathed,
Which affirmed – a mix of resolute will,
And His gracious intervention makes difference.

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