Holi : HOLI FESTVAL is approaching. There is an air of expectation all round as also a riot of colour everywhere. The Mother Nature too is at its greenest best. There is joy and hope everywhere. We meet our relatives friends and wellwishers and wish that we associate them with our joyful celebrations. I have also penned down one of the the legends attached with HOLI. But all are associated with vitory of good over evil. Evil doer may succceed for sometimes but not every times. Karma always comes in the way of a bad deed. Dood deeds bring us good results and the bad ones have adverse consequences. With this intention in mind, I have written a poem. Kindly go through it and comment because I do get inspiration through your comments.

Holi a festival so holy,

A spirit of Spring Festival springs in all,

Scattering joy and hope,

Nature too is in its finest attire,

When all around greenery flourishes,

There is fragrance of blooming flowers,

With Full Moon as though it too is chipping in,

To share the gaiety and enthusiasm of the people around.

Different people celebrate Holi with different style,

But the common strand of celebration by all remains alike,

People prepare special sweets to welcome their folks so dear,

Shopkeepers & women folks are busiest lots,

Bestowing magnetism to their abodes,

Bonhomie pervades wheresoever’s your eyes survey,

Abuzz with activity mixed with rainbow of colour riot,

At the market places is indeed mesmeric.

Legends have it that a mighty and conceited,

Demon King Hiranyakashyap prided his prowess the most,

He wanted his subjects to worship him in place of God above,

Virtuous Prahlad, his own son agreed not,

Being a staunch devotee of Lord of Creation – Lord Vishnu,

The King wanted his son to be put to sword,

For not obeying his dictates,

Different methods were adopted to kill but failed,

Hiranyakashyap had a sister named Holika,

Blessed with a boon of not being affected by blazing fire,

Both were made to enter a bonfire at full fury,

Thinking fire will harm her not due to boon,

But just opposite ensued,

Prahlad came unscathed with Lord Vishnu grace,

Whilst Holika met her end most tragic.

Legend too has it that Lord Krishana played holi with his beloved Gopies,

To shower love and affection with the shower of colours,

Holi celebrated at Mathura, Vrindavan and Bursana is so matchless even today,

Thread of that time remains in fact intact,

People light a bonfire on the night before D-date,

With devout heart brimming with bliss,

Celebrate triumph of good over evil,

And also remember how devotion to our Lord gets rewarded still.

People play with varied colours,

Intoxicated with joy of the day,

Pour coloured water to each other,

Songs, dance and beats on the drums abound everywhere,

People exchange greetings and pray to God for His bounties.


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  1. Holi falls on 27th March, 2013 but the celebrations have already started. I pray to ALMIGHTY GOD that He may bestow everyone of us with His Graceful bounties and colour everyone in His Colour, provide everyone with joy and better tomorrow.

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