In our day to day lives, we have been assigned a variety of functions. In the workplace, our charter of duties is well codified. We have no alternative but to work as per these assigned duties. If due to any reason, we are not able to live up to the expectations of our employers in transacting our enunciated duties, we are in for trouble. The result may be in the form of Warnings, Explanations, if that is also not agreed to / not accepted, Inquiry and final decision on our career. Losing career during these days of depression /deceleration / slump in business is not a rocket science to be understood!
Losing job means, losing means of livelihood, losing an opportunity to feed those dependent on you.
Similar is the case when we do not shoulder our responsibilities as a responsible member of the family. Be it elder of the family, offspring or any other relation(s) on whose shoulders the very existence of the family goes on. If one member acts with irresponsibility, that person is convinced or coerced to act as per the set cultural mores of the family. If that person just does not listen, then, result is anybody guess. It is similar to the fence eating away the crop itself!
Interestingly, just think, when a single member, the bread-winner exhibits inaction in his duties as a responsible member of the household? In this type of scenario, God is the protector of that household. The person concerned will be in troubled waters thus affecting the very fabric and survival of that family. This family is just standing on the termite eaten pillar with no life left. It can totter anytime under its own weight and in the process give pain to the entire household.
In the same way, inaction in our forward journey in spiritual aspects will lead us just nowhere here on this earth and even after death and subsequent rebirth, we will face a troubled future because of our karmas.
With this intention in view, I have written a poem titled,

“Inaction speaks more than action”

Certain duties towards the fellows of our own,

You certainly have to sweat for from morn till evening,

In the process withstanding anguish and pain,

Taunts and flaunts, et al

Act you must,

So that you stand to gain,

In your status as time passes on,

Inaction in performance of your duties assigned,

Is like a slow poison,

Which nobody wants taking,

Resulting in eating away your job you got so hard,

And with it all that is cherished.

Likewise inaction in the family of your own,

Will make you lethargy and,

Finally your own dear ones,

Will inwardly call you a person with guts,

But gutless in action.

Inaction in spiritual upward march,

Leads to directionless life on the soil here,

And after earth’s sojourn,

A troubled birth next.

O Creator of ours,

Make us action oriented,

So that we transact everything,

With utmost sincerity,

And with the best results for us,

And our dear ones around.


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  1. very well explained, a way of thinking i have to reflect upon and respect: inaction is in fact an action i refuse to take again! life is for the living and as spoken by the character “red” in the movie shawshank redemption: “get busy living or get busy dying” as for me, i’m from this moment forth; “get busy living”

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