Disappointingly, it has been seen that we remain insensitive to certain incidences which actually should have moved us and our conscience must have stirred us into meaningful action. Take for instance a road side accident, it is seen the victim, more often than not, remains just bleeding till death. Leaving dependents to the mercies of time.

We have no respect for our elders / older members of the society. The care and protection that these hapless beings should get from own kith and kin is woefully missing. Cases abound, where the offspring just drop them in the old age homes like the used diapers! It is a pity.

Our hunger for more material possessions has become insatiable. We are prone to compare our status with others and do anything under the sun to get to that level and in the process even going to any extreme including getting the person concerned done away with to reach that coveted status.

Then there are the cases of child abuse happening every other day. Such is the insensitivity in these cases that despite adverse publicity and impending severe punishment, if caught, these cases are on the increase.

Alas! While becoming a party to these extreme incidents, we forget even our origin; we do not remember what we had brought when we came to this world and what we shall be taking when departing it!
Where our society is going, why so much insensitivity, I fathom not. All this insensibility! create bad karma and God give us sagacity to become sensitive so that we remain alive to the needs of the needy. People should understand that by resorting to this negative tendency, they are creating a bad karma which would be dealt with by our CREATOR.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled INSENSITIVITY. Please go through and comment.


In daily life we have become just mindless,
What happens to our fellow beings,
Is not their business at all.
A road side victim of accident so severe,
Groaning in relentless pain,
Just remains bleeding without succor,
Oozes blood from body,
Till turning white in the face,
And finally face unpredictable end,
Leaving him painless forever,
But leaving behind his kin dependent,
At the mercy of volatile ‘time’.

Old parents with their body parts,
Immobilized due to age,
Who for their sake,
Had weathered many a storms,
Had sweat for them,
Nursed them, nurtured them,
So that they could earn their livelihood with dignity,
Just leave these hapless in indignity,
To the beggaries of climes,
And themselves living in comforts of homes,
Made by the elders bricks by bricks,
And themselves cooling their heels,
In the far corner of a colony,
In a home for destitute.

Blood relatives turning against each other,
For acquiring riches,
A legacy of the past,
Go to the extent of scheming for doing away,
For taking away what is not theirs!
The insensitivity has crossed all limits,
The dehumanized humans,
Amongst us go to the extent,
Of sexually brutalizing,
The kids so small,
That it makes even a most hardened murderer!
Look small,
Why this insensitivity,
But hearts of ours stirs naught,
Because we have become sense proof.
Is it not?
O GOD above,
Be merciful as ever,
Bestow sensitivity in plenty,
To the humans created by you.


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