Hurt is an internal negative urge which has potential to adversely affect our daily lives. We usually feel hurt whenever our self esteem gets punctured. It attacks our emotions so much so that we feel let down and sometimes may have disproportionate consequences. Hurt is chief cause of family disputes. It starts from an insignificant event, which could otherwise be forgotten, ends up causing irreparable damage to the family fabric. Same is true of our dealings with our peer group, in office, our community et al. We have to be careful in our dealings so that others’ sensibilities are not affected by our unwarranted behavior.


Even a small child may feel hurt sometimes. Some people are in the habit of making some unsavory remarks making others hurt. The degree of being hurt may differ from person to person. But sure enough, everybody feels its pinch at one time or the other.


In our daily lives, we are in the habit of taking such decisions which may be unpleasant for others, in the process, antagonizing many a people against whom these are directed. The self-centred ones feel pleased in their nefarious design of hurting others. We have, woefully become insensitive to others’ emotional upsurges. Those who are placed under your care and protection should always be shown utmost consideration. This is also to create in them confidence so that they could differentiate between right and wrong, rational and irrational bahaviour etc. Self confidence boosts moral and thus help input capacity generation which is helpful in any organisation.


Humans, or even animal world, are not oblivious of upsurge in their feelings. If we show annoyance even to a dog, it will show signs of hurt if we care to gauze its behavior pattern after that rebuke. If animals can feel hurt, humans exhibit it plainly without doubt.


Care ought to be exercised that in our day to day dealings we should desist from doing or saying something which may cause hurt in others.


Hurt may be caused just inadvertently. Or it may be caused intentionally with an aim to lower somebody’s dignity and consequent hurt.  Care ought to be exercised that we may not do anything which may arose others hurt feeling. If we do this, much of our differences that creep in our daily dealings will evaporate in the thin air and our dealings will be fair and square. No rancor, no ill-will, no bad blood and hence all honey and good tidings.


The people who are self realized, know their own self, anticipate others’ intended point(s) of view and are endowed with characteristics of warding off any external attacks on their self esteem. These people have no ego to propitiate. Whosoever throws spanner of disrepute will himself / herself have to eat a humble pie and rethink to distract the intended statement. That person is self realized one more near to our LORD than and thus immune to respect or disrespect. A person who is near to HIM cannot be touched by anything untoward due to internal defences generated by a self realized person over a period of time.

Bottom-line is that we should not act in such a manner which may hurt the sensitivities of others. Let’s earn friends rather than yearn for our ego aggrandizement which is in fact a self destructive negative trait.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled HURT. Kindly go through and comment. I love your comments; really.


Stumble by accident or by design,

Inflict hurt and consequent pain,

Ointment of time heals the transient wound,

But leaves a visible scar,

A silent spectator of incident in the past,

This scar is a boon, as it has its use in identification,

For filling up columns in application,

When your soft emotions are punctured,

By the pricking of unsolicited taunt or when ditched,

By the ones you hold dearest,

It causes overwhelming internal tremors,

With its predictable epicenter at the centre of the heart,

After effects of that are awesome – a heart filled with hurt,

Pain of which is seemingly unforgettable,

And dies only with the death of start crossed victim,

Your feeling get toss-over by the whims,

Of those you hold very closely to your bosom,

The prevalent hurt has anger as manifestation,

Which turns into depletion of energy and depression,

When redirected inwards in frustration.

Some repulse the blistering attack on their impulses,

By paying the donor in the same coin,

hurt-proof, some become, by the consistency of

Hurt they experience,

That the perpetrators themselves become shame-proof,

Of their futility of using their blunted weapon.


Harbans Khajuria


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  1. It has been our common experience that we hardly give credence to others sensitivities and due to this, many a dealings of ours, are not liked by them. In the process, these senseless utterances or behavior may cause HURT to others. Kindly go through the lines and comment. I love comments since these spur me to explore more and write more on topics which have implications on us all.

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