Corruption has obviously taken a toll on our society. If we term it a slow poison, it will not be a wrong thing. Everybody wants to be materially prosperous. Some adopt short route, in the process,  just hoodwinking the rules and regulations in vogue.


          We do not get good candidates to represent us because there is often a sale and purchase of candidates while choosing them, though with some exception. Those with power and pelf get upper hand. Candidates who actually have ability in real sense of terms get booted out initially itself and the ones with influence in plenty with plentiful money just get voted in. What can we expect from the ones who have come to represent us by purchasing their tickets? Well, it is not a rocket science not to be understood. Then when corruption takes a hydra headed snake form, we blame others. We ourselves had chosen those who are representing us then how others are responsible for it all!


In the offices, general people have to grease the palms of the person(s) concerned for getting their jobs done. For instance, even in tender bidding, rules and regulations are given a sweetest good bye.  Those with influence at the right places get their bids passed with even less competency for acquiring the same.


Various scams which are coming to light now have taken the corruption and the corrupt practices to another dimension.  


Even the religious places too are not immune to it. People at the helm furtively syphon off the offerings for their own use.


I am of the opinion that some fear of our CREATOR is created that the money created through illegal and corrupt practices, if used for upbringing of the children, will have ill effects on their growth and development. And this is so? Then I think some wise thinking may dawn and the corruption may decline.


Or let the law of the land made stringent and practical that those who resort to corrupt practices, are made to face consequences for their acts, then also something tangible could be expected.


We ourselves have to introspect that how this menace of  corruption has to be bridled lest it eats the very edifice on which our society rests.


With this intension in mind, I have penned down a poem titled CORRUPTION. Kindly appraise and comment for I love comments.





Hovering on the horizon of seventh-cloud,

May be, bereft of worldly wisdom!

But abundance in dramatic power and pelf,

Gets ready in getting things done with clout,

Anyhow and anyway,

Question not how and why,

Greasing palms liberally,

In the process leaving sticky grease on the palms,

Of both giver (corrupt) and taker (corruptible) equally.


Corruption starts from choosing candidate for election,

Who, with bags brimming with mullah,

Reaches out to purchase the ticket,

Disabling candidates with ability by this act,

During electioneering money falls like

flacks of wintery snow,

And his Money Distribution System works wonders,

Sale and purchase of votes just goes on unchecked,

Finally the fellow is elected to represent people,

To whom he knows not,

And thinks, what need to know the poor lots,

Then he starts earning back he had spent,

This goes on and on without a limit.


In the offices rules and regulations are just a passé,

Books on rules decorate the library selves aplenty,

Files move on if more weight is put on these,

Saying good bye to vague rules in vogue,

Work made easy with money paid easily,

To sort out knotty matters with ease,

What a difference the corrupt practices make.


In giving employment reliance on favouritism is preferred norm,

Ability is dug deep construed as a normal one.



Tender bidding for any sale and purchase,

Becomes opaque when nothing is known why,

Transparent procedures just not deliberated here too,

A better one rejected and one with ‘weighty thing’ attached just gets passed.


Corruptly obtained capital then takes the invisible wings,

Unaccounted cash collected just finds its final destination,

Thus giving a double punch to economy and the country at large.



O My Lord, Come to our rescue,

Give some sagacity to the corrupts,

So that this malaise does not eat our structure in which we live.


Harbans Khajuria







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10 thoughts on “CORRUPTION”

  1. Miami has to be the medicare fraud center of the nation. One friend needed out patient rehab and the clinic tried to discourage her because they did not really have real doctors to treat anyone and the whole thing was a set up to steal not deliver services. They did get someone but this is for Spanish only who are part of the rip off loop.

    1. Really CORRUPTION has ingrained in human psyche. What steps ought to be initiated to eradicate this malaise is the need of the hour.

      Let’s see that humane touch just alleviates this diseased mentality.

      Thanks for appraising and commenting.


      The corruption menace is taking its toll globally. Only our Creator can do something to reduce it.

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