ANGER – A DRAG ON OUR INNER ENERGY


            It is our common knowledge that we ourselves can make or mar our lives. We can earn self esteem by exhibiting good traits in the society in which we are living or otherwise be in the eye of a storm. Choice remains with us. Nobody other than us is responsible for out doing and undoing.

           It has also been observed how our youth is angered in schools, colleges and other educational institutions on silly pretext. Whenever they feel ‘let down they do not adopt ‘let go’ attitude.  his is happening and we are he silent spectators. Dismayed though. The end result, we are witnessing; the killing sprees by the students in our schools / colleges on silly excuse – a excuse which could be forgotten being of no consequence. And why this is happening? It is happening because we are not devoting our quality time and resources to nurture our children to remain calm when under provocation. More often than not, it has been seen that the parents are partly at blame because they did not stop their children when they observed their children doing one negative act. They just glossed over. They just let it happen and thus it had indelible impression on the child’s psyche and thus playing havoc now.

               Qualities of tolerance, patience, forgetting and forgiving are to be given to our youth both in the formal institutions and at home too. Evil of anger has to be nipped in the bud itself. Otherwise, the consequence we are witnessing will take hydra headed snake’s dimension thus engulfing not only the doers but the hapless bystanders too. 

             It is never one way traffic. If you show anger even on an occurrence which could just be forgotten with ‘let go’ attitude, is made to be ‘let in’ attitude by temper flaring up; the consequences of which could be disastrous. It will not only tell badly on our internal body system but also, in the process, you have added one more ‘dislike’ in the list you have earned over a period of time. This just goes on, if checks and balance audit is not done regularly on our anger. The result of anger cannot be LOVE, it will be generation of more anger only.

              Anger too is bad in our forward march for self realization. With anger looming large, we cannot   focus our attention on anything under the sun. May it be your studies for acquiring knowledge, forward march in the spiritual awakening, for you will never be focused inwardly being pre-occupied by your senses and its appeasement! For Inner Knowledge of our own selves, it is of prime importance that we remain positive oriented, removing the garbage of anger away from our being, remain at peace with ourselves and with the environs in which we are living, take care that we never are swayed by outer attacks on ourselves.


             Our inner defensive shield should be such that it should offensively protect us from outer bad influences. That missile shield of defence can make us immune to  missiles in the form of anger, rencour, jealousy- by obliterating these when these attack us.

        Anger will also prove be a drag on our Inner Energy Reservoir, of which exploration can only be done with concentration, better connectivity with our outer and inner self.

        With the intention in mind, I have penned down a poem, highlighting the consequences of anger.


      Kindly critically comment. I get inspiration and motivation to write through your critique.




When thy perceptions go awry,

Doubt persists for every doubtless thing,

our mathematics goes in disarray,

We add two plus two as three,

Our rationality takes backseat,

Mind receptors get beating,

Sugar tastes vinegar,

Vinegar itself loses its flavour,

Thy taste-buds turn insipid,

When thyself remain no thyself,

You smell rat in every deal,

The bountiful fragrance gives,

Repulsive odour in rage.


Thy touch becomes even more awry,

Meda’s touch impedes,

Flawed feelings perceive,

Soft feelings for others turn,

Barbed and spiky.


Hearing becomes frigid,

Fascinating music loses its charm,

Ye think it will do more harm,

Anger takes away the music of life,

From our midst, whilst in anger.

If thee aspire to live a Balanced life,

Shun the anger that robs you

From yourself,

And puts you in somebody else’s clothing.


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10 thoughts on “Anger – A DRAG ON OUR INNER ENERGY”

  1. Good and thoughtful message. Thank you for following Justice for Raymond, I do appreciate it and thereby found your blog that from the posts I have read today I know I will be visiting often.

    God bless

    1. Thanks again ma’m for visiting my blog. I am really concerned when some incidents happen. My inner being gets perturbed really whenever anywhere such incidents happen due to anger which could otherwise should have been avoided.

      GOD be with you always and bestow you the PEACE always.

  2. Our Creator be with you in giving you mental peace, HIS INDOMITABLE PEACE may make a permanent abode in your HEART.

    Thanks a million times for visiting my blog. I have got the award from the comments you have made. GOD BLESS

  3. Great post! There is a beast in me that I try to control. On few occasions, some people manage to bring it out. But I always try to control my anger. I always strive to be a good person.

    1. Thanks a million times for your encouraging comments.

      We all feel anger on one thing or another but sagacity is to keep this beast in us in check initially and then destroy from the system. Other if it makes resident in us, it will do more harm to our system. A person without anger is a person who has refined his-self//her-self ultimately.


  4. Good informative content is written to target the thinking person. This content is brain-challenging yet straightforward. The viewpoints are written with a lot of thought and prep function behind them.

  5. Yes, a surfeit of anger poisons the soul, too often it occurs for trivial reasons.
    But sometimes..
    Anger is our friend and our shield against the injustices of the world.
    sadly, a necessary adjunct.

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