Even the pressure cooker, we use in our homes releases pressure, when extra pressure is built in it, but we tend not to de-pressure our system. The rat rate just continues nonetheless. All the built in pressures remain dormant in our body, in the bargain, we are awarded with various debilitating ailments with disastrous implications.


In our daily lives, there are so many pulls and pressures. Some of these pressures are created by our high EXPECTATIONS. Others are due to the environments in which we live. In both these cases, how we can come out unscathed, depends solely on us. More often than not, we have been taken in / influenced by the outer glitter of the world at large. We too want to be a part of that glitter (demonstrative effect) and try fructifying those forgetting our own self, our latent strengths and weaknesses. We do not reckon our present financial position, responsibilities / duties that we have towards our families and other related functions which are entrusted to us.


The DEMONSTRATIVE EFFECT, being as it is, we tend to compare our status with others and want to reach to that status anyhow. In the first place, we try to reach that Al Dorado by putting severe pressure on ourselves by working round the clock even without consideration that our body requires some rest for rejuvenation. The physical and mental strains thus generated, lead to various diseases like hypertension / high blood pressure, becoming obese and pressure related diseases due to less movement, and finally our immune system goes bust. Then there is always a likelihood of adverse effects on our mental state when we fail to pass the litmus test of status acquisition, our concerted efforts notwithstanding. We earn various diseases like depression and others psychological ailments due to not meeting our expectations that we have set for ourselves.


Another way of fulfilling the ‘demonstrative effect’ is by adopting ulterior methods, not legitimate ones / furtively pursued, become prey to fear psychosis of being caught in the act. This hideous fear too leads to the similar adverse results to physical and mental affects.


If the individual concerned is caught by the law enforcing agencies, that individual will have to face unpredictable future putting at naught all the furtive acts and also name and fame in the process. Many a lives and families have been ruined due to these tendencies.


          It has also been seen that Work Place and Home are responsible for creating PRESURE in a big way.  


  • Pressure at Work Place. In the work place people are assigned various tasks as per the charter of duties. These tasks are to be done in time bound manner putting extra pressure. If the targets assigned are not met, the concerned persons are likely to be severely reprimanded, may face demotions or their increment stopped resulting in increased pressure.


  • Pressure at Home. Pressure built in work place gets into the system of the person concerned and may explode at home when home based pressures also mount.


Implications of pressure cooker existence are:-


  • Adverse effect on both body and mind.
  • Family fabric is impacted.
  • Official functioning adversely affected.
  • Social life disturbed.
  • No forward march in spirituality through Self Realization.


If we continue leading a mechanical life by leading a Pressure Cooker existence, and do not CHANGEwhen CHANGE is woefully needed then sure enough, Mother Nature  will CHANGE us for the worse.


With this intention in mind, I have peened down a poem entitled CHANGE. Kindly go through and comment. I solicit your comments since these spur me to write more.





Whilst the lot around is ominous and dark,

Trust one day, brightness will dawn.


Every unexciting autumn changes into enchanting spring,

And every dark cloud has thin snow-white coating.


Wishy-washy life will give place to hope,

And blooming life, hopefully, will come hopping

Infusing verve and vitality in every being.


Change that brings misery in its wake ,

Tests our will power and what it takes,

To live to tell the tale.


Spiritual Change brings one near to Almighty God,

Negative mind-set negates everything possessed,

And may deprive a person of his sanity,

Resulting in loss of face and self-purity,

Ageing brings changes since egg in womb once gets fertile,

Passing the added stages of life,

Transiting through ups and downs of time,

And to the end by leaving the body inert.


And wait for better days for a change,

Change in the river course due to nature’s fury,

Takes away the land with all its fertility,

Changing the geographical limit of a place,

And with it, the history attached with its virulent current,

To bottomless confines of an ocean.



Harbans  Khajuria

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  1. Various jobs that we transact in our lives are done in pressure leading to various ailments in the process. Concerted efforts may be made to to do our job with WITH GOD’S SPEED.

  2. change begins within ones self, relieving the pressure of existence is an on-going experience, one we hardly ever succeed at achieving: at least – to date anyway – i have not, but that’s what tomorrow is for

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