Ignorance is the darkness which could be dispelled by the light of knowledge. Evolution is a natural phenomenon. From the very inception, individuals have evolved since stone- age partly through personal experiences and partly through gaining from experiences of the fellow beings.  This has not happened in isolation.


Change has to be accepted. Anything that becomes a law of the land has to be accepted as such. Those who accept these laws, are accepted in the society as law abiding citizens and those who transgress these are punished accordingly. Excuses of IGNORANCE of a particular law will not absolve the concerned person of the transgression and its culpability.

As civilization progresses, knowledge in various fields have also been evolved. From birth to various stages of our lives, we make concerted efforts to learn and dispel ignorance. The sources of knowledge are: family, peer groups, schools, colleges, universities and other formal Institutions.  Then there are informal institutions like temples, churches and other religious Institutions which also disseminate information and enhance our awareness pool and in the process remove our IGNORANCE on wide variety of subjects.


Ignorance of rules and regulations means, remain contravening these with impunity. It may be intentional many a times! The mores of good behaviour are essential in order to live in the society peacefully, respecting/accommodating the others’ viewpoints too. Ignorance of the rules hardly means our faults could be condoned.


NATURAL LAWS, like keeping our environs pollution free, planting more trees, up-keeping the green cover, keeping the air pollution to permissible level and restricting noise pollution et al. If we do not obey the natural laws and show our IGNORANCE, can MOTHER NATURE condone our faults? No, not all? You can escape the society’s laws but not breaking the Natural Laws. Her retribution would be severe. We are witnessing these in the forms of tsunamis, blizzards, earthquakes, etc with ferocity. No ignorance helps in breaking NATURAL LAWS.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem, titled, IGNORANCE. Kindly appraise and offer your comments.



Mother Nature works with variety of golden rules,

Which, we humans are constrained to follow,

To the book without bias,

Come in Its path?

And become its ultimate prey,

In forms of tsunami, blizzards, et al,

No excuse of IGNORANCE can come as the solace.


Ignorance of the rules in the book of Laws of the Land,

If thou break by thy whim and caprice,

And when caught thee have to pay a heavy price,

Here again, ignorance of Law holds no defence,

No escape route accepted of not knowing rules,

Excuses offer no execution of natural justice,


O our Dearest Creator,

We beg for your succour,

Help eradicate the DARKNESS from our midst,

With Thy LIGHT,

So that we learn to respect Nature’s Laws,

And the Laws of the Land in which we live.


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  1. Cannot agree more. Nature is elastic and can be bent. But upto a point. I hope we have the sense to stop before we reach the point of no-return.

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