A Better Time





An inborn feeling – so passionate,

Mixed with charming intention,

Like the love of a mother for the young one,

One who, with loving care, showers affection,

That it evokes warmth in feeling,

An immense surge of emotion,

In the toddler just born,

The hidden meaning of love is mirror-reflection,

On the face of both the mother and the child,

Apparently like a secret well kept between the two,

The child and the mother,


Akin to Mother Earth,

Gifts everything the whole lots without bias,

With no desire for a return gift,

But endure bleeding of her bosom by the humans,

For satisfying  greed to meet its need

That is the compassion – an unmatched one.


A longing that kindness creates for the people around,

People in need of your attention,

One who’s staying power has dissipated,

The more intensive thy compassion,

The reward of yours…

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One of the main reasons of skepticism in day to day life, more often than not, is our confused mentality.  When people at the helm give differing interpretations / perception of the same topic; then there is confusion as to which interpretation / clarification to be believed to be wholly correct and which one to be doubted.

Confusion is a state of our mind characterized by a lack of clear understanding. When there are so many methods in solving a vexing problem, we are disoriented and cannot decide what course of action to be adopted in solving the knotty problem. The solution, at that point in time,  when shrouded in confusion is either to take the assistance of somebody who could steer our boat to shore or remain devising different stratagem to come out of it this confused state. If the confused mentality is not attended to in good timeframe it may put us in dire straits and make our life still more confusion ridden.

 We experience confusions:-

       Confusion at our Home. There are several occasions in the lives of every parent while selecting what vocation / profession / course to be chosen for their offspring from the myriad ones open in the market.  Sometimes, there is difference of opinion between the parents and the children on this score, which makes the matter still more vexing and confused.  Then there are other problems in the household on which decision is hard to come by easily and hence confusion persists.

  • Confusion in Establishing Industrial Units when Safety Standards given care two hoots. Machinery in the industrial unit installed just haphazardly without taking into account the safety and security of the workforce. It too causes confusion when there is any accident.
  • Confusion caused when there is no Planning in Disaster Management. This has happened in the state of UTTARAKHAND which due to floods and cloudburst several thousands precious live are lost and many others missing.

       Disorientation of the mind when there are so many interpretations of the same topic.

       Confusion at Workplace. As the competition at the workplace has increased manifold, various technologies are being used, those who do not keep themselves  abreast the latest in the field, face difficulties and are at loose ends. They perforce have to keep themselves updated lose their bearings in bargain.

       Confusion in Self Realization. It has been seen that various preachers interpret the same religious discourse differently. The audience is confused as to which one is the correct interpretation! Commonest example is different interpretations by different preachers about Sattavic, Rajastic Tamsic / Kharma, Artha and Kama purusharths or could these be transacted interchangeably.  Even the role of GURU in our self-realization is enmeshed in confusion. People have a sense of being at sea when there is a lack of lucidity or a clear cut direction. 

       Confusion due to our health. Amnesia – loss of memory and consequent extreme confusion.  This is an old-age disease, if care of the person concerned is not taken care of, it may prove fatal at times.


Some of the confusions, which we face in our lives are penned down in my write up: CONFUSION. Kindly appraise and comment.


Confused mind upsets the apple cart of our visage,

At first, it applies mental brakes,

Bit by bit the wheels of thoughts start bobbling,

Thence sense of direction takes the backseat,

Till the confusion engulfs wholesale,

Round and round we spin in circles, full scale,

And fall in the deep dark recesses of our own making,

Finally, our whole being goes cracking.

Student when facing exam gets stumped,

Sitting with paper in hand and the pen between the lips,

And staring in the void for refuse,

For he has become confused,

Replies he has to, to the questions asked,

But spoils his objective,

And goes tangentially pole-apart  with his subjective,

At sea is he in map markings,

Marks South Africa where South Pole stands,

His Antarctica is where Atlantic Ocean exists.


Then think of a driver with confused mentality,

We say, provident is the saver of the humanity.

I pray, never make the driver in a confused mentality,

Otherwise, he may ply his vehicle where the pedestrians walk,

When asked, he may give incoherent talk,

But resulting in plenty of loss,

And the precious lives with it all.

Confused pilot in the void yonder,

With numerous passengers at his mercy,

Just think of the quandary of those hapless beings in the air!

Think of the preacher when at his loose ends,

Just mixes one precept with another,

Of little relation to each other!

When immersed in confusion.

O, my Creator, craft Thy creation with proper personality,

So that confusion is rid just permanently.con




In our daily lives, we experience diverse situations and those situations leave an indelible imprint / impression on our consciousness. An impression which hugely  impinges and brings about emotional upsurge affects our heart. Impression(s), so experienced, may be bad or good. But a person who knows how to convert bad debt (bad impressions) into credit (good impressions) is a happy / elated person – a bouquet of positivity.


Happiness is a state of mind and differs from person to person.  A person could be unhappy with all material prosperity in the world! A person who maintains equanimity despite adverse situation is a happy person. A person with sattavic attributes believing in wellness, selfless service, considers others’ needs above his own, maintains self restraints despite temptations is a happy person / a person with elated heart.


A person with less material possessions but has the richness of satiety level at whatever his present state of status is better on the happiness quotient. Those who know their self fully make use of ‘look inside’ policy for fulfillment. This fulfillment is God Oriented. Whatever they do, is transacted with pure mind and without any ill-will for anybody. These people believe in action caring fig for results of their actions. If results are good they thank our Creator for the results but if results are negative, they also thank their CREATOR – thinking, may be that was the ultimate decision of HIS and HIS DECISIONS are always for the good of humans.


Having everything at the beck and call, yet ambitious for more. That person goes all out in eking out and piling on the riches as if he had come to this world this mission only. This sort of a person is tamsic in nature with traits like selfishness, greed, anger, covetousness in his actions and deeds.



  • How much of real happiness a doctor feels when his patient is cured of the debilitating disease only that doctor can tell!


  •  How much happy you feel when you pick up an hapless accident victim on your own to the hospital and that person’s feeling at the time when he / she recovers!


  • How much a writer gets happiness when his/her write up immensely inspires people resulting in abdicating bad habits!


  • How much happiness do a person gets when his / her offspring follows correct path in life which may make that person proud!


  • How much parents gets happiness when they learn of their offspring making a mark in life!



  • How much a Preacher of a spiritual knowledge gets satisfaction when people adopt spiritual path due to his spiritual preaching!


  • How happy you feel when you make others smile by rendering help when they badly require that!


  • How elated you feel when you assist bodily challenged individual to cross a traffic congested street!


  • Is spiritually realized one with no extra burden of negative garbage like anger, jealousy, ill-will, et al.


The ibid given episodes are a few in numbers but can make one feel on the top of the world while enhancing ecstasy.



Presently, we are witness to so many people involved in sordid corruption cases. It is not surprising to know the people who showed externally their lily white character in the society, were found to have involved in black deeds! By doing so, these people have not only played hide and seek with the law of the land but also stripped the people with merit to earn legitimately. Can these people be happy in real life? I doubt.


There are so many cases of well to do / well-connected people involved in various corruption cases. They have minted crores of money through their illegal means and when told to account for their earnings by the law enforcement agencies, they were clueless and had no plausible answers. As a consequence, they have to feel the heat of the law taking its course. The money amassed by following illegal means has not been of help to revive their tarnished image and standings in the society. Image once lost cannot be retrieved should always be remembered. A life bereft of respect in the society is no life worth living. Is this a HAPPY LIFE with material possessions aplenty?


A person who ekes out his living with utmost sincerity, honestly and consciously is ever satisfied person. No temptation can tempt that person for that person knows for sure that he / she had not brought anything while he / she was born and would not be taking anything while departing this world. That person maintains equanimity both in happy and said moments. Also, that person spreads happiness wherein-so-ever he / she sets foot. Everybody wants to emulate that person looking at the state of his mind. That person is the happiest of all. No doubt about it.


We can call that sort of a person as UPRIGHT PERSON with ELATED HEART at all times.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled ELATED HEART. Kindly comment. My heart feels elation when you comment! 







When our heart experiences elation,

With it, the speed of our life’s boat get acceleration.


Every omen augurs well for us,

Even dark dreadful shadows reflect a flicker of light for us,


Uphill tasks get accomplished with ease,

We are free of malice and in perfect mental peace.


Harsh realities of life can be met with a broad smile,

And, if someone goes a furlong, we run for a mile,


We venture to get our goal with our sweat and toil,

We carve our pathway even in slippery soil,


We want to share our joys with our brethrens,

Pure of heart and with excellent intentions,


Purity of heart brings forth contentment,

Contentment brings forth basketful of happiness,


O, Almighty God, make Elation of Heart a contagious one,

So that it spreads from one to ten.


Harbans Khajuria












All looming doubts have the unfortunate symptoms of creation of looming black clouds of worries / problems in our lives. Attend to the doubt that emerges and solve it then and there. Never sleep over doubts or sweep these under the carpet. Otherwise, these would come out of the carpet and become nightmares / immune to any solution afterwards.

Most of the differences in our lives with others just creep due to incipient doubt. This doubt germinates into our mind and makes a permanent place and gives birth to bitter fruits in the form of worries. These worries tend to imbalance our mental equilibrium.  On the surface of it, we may not agree initially about its (doubt) existence but shadow of doubt remains lurking in our mind even after things have been clarified by the parties concerned and remains pestering us. Thus remains creating still more problems, worries and all the negativities.

For instance, if one of the spouses doubts the fidelity of other, seed of doubt brings about difficulties in adjustment between them. Even if the doubt is clarified yet its shadow remains resulting in aggravation of differences. This adversely affects the familial atmosphere. The children are the hapless victims of this entire doubt game.



Doubt your own abilities,

Find yourself over-shadowed with difficulties,

Work you must to earn your esteem,

By effacing the doubt from your being.

Lingering doubt on the spouse of your own,

Will make your life a bed filled with thorns,

The spikes of which will prick thee every moment,

It’ll also pierce thy conscience the most.

When thy employer doubts they sincerity,

Doubts robs thee of the parity,

In respect,  that you should have got otherwise,

Be not with doubtful sincerity,

It will give birth to vexing disparity.

Think of a man with doubtful integrity,

He lives but without a pure soul,

Right he has to breathe on the soil,

Of his birth, but in his heart of hearts he knows,

That he is living corpse worth nothing to his friends or foes,

He is nothing to the mother, who showed him the dawn of day,

Such a man dies umpteenth times before death favour him actually,

On his death people just utter,

Gone is the man who was burden not only to his own self,

But also on the soil which used to withstand his worthless being.


Doubts should be attended to because of the following:-


  • Problems which if not attended to on time snowball into intractable ones ruining many a lives. It is synonymous with ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’.


  • Worries are like termite pests which eat our entire system from within if no anti-termite is used within timeframe.

I have penned down two poems titled PROBLEM & WORRY. Kindly comment. I love your comments for self-improvement.


A life bereft of problem is a life bereft of creativity,
No problem to solve means nothing in life to look for,
Life in essence, is a continuous journey with a lot of activity,
Every step of the ladder of the life which counts,
Sometimes we slip but zeal to step up must not cease.
Mathematic problems can be made easy and solved
With the time-tested formulae, times without number,
But daily life problems have no laid down forms or norms.
Problem like Picador fight has to be resorted,
To weaken the problem into pieces,
Peace-meal resolution brings ease and peace,
Evincing of recovery if bogged down,
By the pestering and knotty problem at hand.

Problem, if left unresolved, becomes a pestering sore,
Resulting in resentment festered in mind and spirit.
Nature of problem is contagious like flue,
If left to itself, unattended and untracked,
It adds on and piles up by making kinship
With similar other stonewalling maladies
Becoming unwieldy and finally macabre ghost
Haunting day and day out.
When confronted with problem
Faith in our Creator and in our inner resolve is a must
Tackle it with a sculptor’s touch
Who chisels the uneven lump of marble into fine statue.


A worry for a work not expected to be finished,

As anticipated,

A worry for not reaching the destined place,

On time and losing thyself in the bargain,

Beginning something with a heavy heart,

For the end result,

Worries for not meeting targets,

Worry – consequence of excessive consciousness,

Brings in its wake less confidence,

A self-created notion,

That whatever you’ll put your hand on,

Will go bust, though, that belief may be unfounded,

Too much concern for expressions,

In various ways, engendering self-consciousness,

An exaggerated sense,

Of self-importance,

Egged with excessive dose,

Of Ego  and its appeasement,

Self-importance, others, beings just on the fringe,

A man on crucial mission,

An over-ambitious one,

Aspiring over-reach to the stars in the universe,

Every bump and turn in life,

Results into still more worry in turn,

Worry for riches and not meeting standards set for thyself,

Tension goes upstream,

Rationality takes back seat,

Confidence takes a downslide,

Here the harbinger of hope is,

The thought that thee is not the doer,

Belief that Creator’s presence will kill worries head on,

When end result is not thought of,

But action holds prominence,

Only action, with His Gentle Touch,

Will make huge difference,

And infuse immense confidence,

A first step in success of any mission under the sun,

Knowing less about the limitations,

Of a being,

It is akin to worrying,

Of a hen for its eggs to be hatched,


If initially, results are not on expected lines,

Should be left to His wish,

Which will prove to be a game changer,

Seemingly, a solution to our vexing problem,

By axing the element of worry from our midst,

For a better present,

A worriless course for a bump less road,

For smooth sailing and healthy living,

An egoless trail,

Tailor-made by His Grace.








Sincerity of purpose is one of the best positive qualities of an individual. Sincere dealings may be in our homes, in our workplace, in our day to day dealings with our peer groups, with formal and informal interactions, etc. If we are sincere in our actions then we need not care about the results of our actions. Sincere actions are self-rewarding and can be attested at all situations.

A sincere person always thinks the welfare of others over his own. The prime-movers for this fellow are uprightness and honesty attached. Temptations have no place in his / her scheme of things. In fact that person is flawless in his behaviour and is self-realized one. Similarly, that person gives more credence to others’ needs and aspirations rather than his / her own needs.

A person whose work ethics is cemented with sincerity as one of the main constituents will never aim for result of his actions. To act is his religion and then forget everything.

There are some people who have selfish motives as a prime -movers in getting jobs done through other means than legitimate. Much of the corruption that pervades in the society today is due to self-centred approach that we adopt in our lives. We attach too much emphasis on ‘I, my, me’ and less of ‘ours’.

A sincere person have the following characteristics that guide him / her in life:-

• Action Oriented Policy in life. A sincere person never confines himself to theory, he / she believes in action that too positive actions with good implications / bearings on the society in general.

• Sincerity Helps in Self Realization. By adopting sincere approach in life, that person never is misled and follows principles which purify his body off negativities thus paving the way to tap reservoir of latent energy dormant in the system.

• Honest and Sincere Approach. That person never puts off things because sincere one has his priorities fixed. His approach may be enmeshed with some unpredictable difficulties initially yet ultimately will always be vindicated.

• Ready for Action when Action is Really Needed. Honest and sincere person never procrastinates if there is a need of a help to be rendered.

• Sincere person never aspire for material possessions, rather, whatever he ekes through his present capabilities that person is satisfied.

• Greed, rancour, selfish motive does not touch such person in any way.

• Sincere person does not aspire for self-respect but respect follows the person due to positive approach in life.
• Quality of Equanimity. A sincere person always baths in peace both in bad and good situations.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled SINCERITY, kindly go through and offer your comments. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to go further.


Truth  whilst properly clothed is sincerity,
Its ingredients are godliness, realism and purity,
Sincere person is married to piety,
Who, for truth’s sake, will sacrifice everything,
To keep a word he gives without misgiving,
Also, is the one who for truth’s sake,
Will never compromise on ideas he holds dear,
That is why he is held dear by others everywhere,
And by extension our Creator Loves Sincere the Most ever and ever.

Greed touches him not,
Swayed by any external influences naught,
Hot and cold, happiness and sadness has do not touch,
Maintains equanimity in situations all,
Showiness trembles where he ventures,
Spreads fragrance by his presence.

His actions and reactions exhibit harmony,
Rational are his emotions with no tinge of vanity,
Passionately he wins every being with his sugariness,
He gives words and sticks to these,
That is why his words are trusted by low and highs,
Consciously, he is his own master to the area he surveys,
Is not dictated by anyone crossing his ways,
Believes in the dictum, ‘charity begins at home’.

Cleanses his conscious daily like one brooms a room,
Sermons others not,
But follows high-quality principles without qualms,
His best deeds are the ones which are loved by others,
Divorced from inner conflicts,
His body and soul work in tandem,
For a cause held dear by his conscience,
Rich in integrity and abundant in intelligence,
Holds his head high in the comity of people,
With patience and tolerance plentiful,
His sincerity is an open book with little secrecy,
Easily to be read by anybody who tries,
Abundance in essential sincerity, physical sincerity and spiritual sincerity,
He is more near to ONE ABOVE than anyone could ever conjecture.

Harbans Khajuria