One of the main reasons of skepticism in day to day life, more often than not, is our confused mentality.  When people at the helm give differing interpretations / perception of the same topic; then there is confusion as to which interpretation / clarification to be believed to be wholly correct and which one to be doubted.

Confusion is a state of our mind characterized by a lack of clear understanding. When there are so many methods in solving a vexing problem, we are disoriented and cannot decide what course of action to be adopted in solving the knotty problem. The solution, at that point in time,  when shrouded in confusion is either to take the assistance of somebody who could steer our boat to shore or remain devising different stratagem to come out of it this confused state. If the confused mentality is not attended to in good timeframe it may put us in dire straits and make our life still more confusion ridden.

 We experience confusions:-

       Confusion at our Home. There are several occasions in the lives of every parent while selecting what vocation / profession / course to be chosen for their offspring from the myriad ones open in the market.  Sometimes, there is difference of opinion between the parents and the children on this score, which makes the matter still more vexing and confused.  Then there are other problems in the household on which decision is hard to come by easily and hence confusion persists.

  • Confusion in Establishing Industrial Units when Safety Standards given care two hoots. Machinery in the industrial unit installed just haphazardly without taking into account the safety and security of the workforce. It too causes confusion when there is any accident.
  • Confusion caused when there is no Planning in Disaster Management. This has happened in the state of UTTARAKHAND which due to floods and cloudburst several thousands precious live are lost and many others missing.

       Disorientation of the mind when there are so many interpretations of the same topic.

       Confusion at Workplace. As the competition at the workplace has increased manifold, various technologies are being used, those who do not keep themselves  abreast the latest in the field, face difficulties and are at loose ends. They perforce have to keep themselves updated lose their bearings in bargain.

       Confusion in Self Realization. It has been seen that various preachers interpret the same religious discourse differently. The audience is confused as to which one is the correct interpretation! Commonest example is different interpretations by different preachers about Sattavic, Rajastic Tamsic / Kharma, Artha and Kama purusharths or could these be transacted interchangeably.  Even the role of GURU in our self-realization is enmeshed in confusion. People have a sense of being at sea when there is a lack of lucidity or a clear cut direction. 

       Confusion due to our health. Amnesia – loss of memory and consequent extreme confusion.  This is an old-age disease, if care of the person concerned is not taken care of, it may prove fatal at times.


Some of the confusions, which we face in our lives are penned down in my write up: CONFUSION. Kindly appraise and comment.


Confused mind upsets the apple cart of our visage,

At first, it applies mental brakes,

Bit by bit the wheels of thoughts start bobbling,

Thence sense of direction takes the backseat,

Till the confusion engulfs wholesale,

Round and round we spin in circles, full scale,

And fall in the deep dark recesses of our own making,

Finally, our whole being goes cracking.

Student when facing exam gets stumped,

Sitting with paper in hand and the pen between the lips,

And staring in the void for refuse,

For he has become confused,

Replies he has to, to the questions asked,

But spoils his objective,

And goes tangentially pole-apart  with his subjective,

At sea is he in map markings,

Marks South Africa where South Pole stands,

His Antarctica is where Atlantic Ocean exists.


Then think of a driver with confused mentality,

We say, provident is the saver of the humanity.

I pray, never make the driver in a confused mentality,

Otherwise, he may ply his vehicle where the pedestrians walk,

When asked, he may give incoherent talk,

But resulting in plenty of loss,

And the precious lives with it all.

Confused pilot in the void yonder,

With numerous passengers at his mercy,

Just think of the quandary of those hapless beings in the air!

Think of the preacher when at his loose ends,

Just mixes one precept with another,

Of little relation to each other!

When immersed in confusion.

O, my Creator, craft Thy creation with proper personality,

So that confusion is rid just permanently.con

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  1. If we do something unplanned, without giving any thinking about the finer points which are required for the execution, we are sure to face confusion. To avoid this confusion, it is paramount that we plan a thing an then execute it. It will bring good dividends.

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