All of us, without exception, experience different phases in our lives from childhood onwards. Some experiences / incidents / events are very lively, engendering happiness and others are very heartrending/ touching. The lively ones we want to cherish and the poignant ones we want to forget instantly. But in both the cases, how we react / accept the challenges that are posed counts. More the challenges in life, more the inner resolve to counter these challenges should emerge.


If we just fluster in the face of problems, then sure enough, we cannot go afar in our lives. In this sort of a scenario there is disappointment writ large. Balanced living means, keeping balance in different spheres of activities in life, we should never tarry by the way. When problems are there, our Creator creates solutions for those problems for us. Only thing is, we ought to have indomitable faith / belief in Him.


In my life too, as every other fellow may also have,  had some good and bad experiences. Good experiences taught me how not to go overboard with exhilaration and with bad ones I have learnt how not to be supremely disappointed. These characteristics of keeping equanimity have been the GIFTS OF MY CREATOR only.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled MY MEMORIES. Do comment. I love your invaluable comments the most.




Whilst establishing link with my own past,

Reminisced events gone by –  varied and vast,

Some sweet, some sour and some bitter in taste,

Some occurred due to my personal designs and aims,

Others forced by the unpredictable ‘time’ supreme, 

Inking of which I had not in the least imaginable,

Imprints of both are indeed indelible,

Are ever fresh in the memory card of my head,

Some moments were simply handled,

Others were precariously placed,

Moments were when problems came in hordes,

Like losing somebody very near for good,

Or going blank due to episode unforeseen,

How I came out plainly unscathed?

Transcripts of which are hard to decipher,

Even after putting into use all the faculties in my grasp,

One sweet lesson that I have learned the most,

Is that faith in our Creator makes difference the most.










Speech is like a dud bullet which seems good on surface view / exterior but when fired has little or no impact. Whereas silence is a fully blooded bullet which impacts straight on the intended target with full result.

            Man is a social animal. He is constraint to interact with the people with whom he has to meet his daily needs. The way in which we present our case counts. If we show egocentric tendencies while interacting, it will have negative effect whereas the speech which is sprinkled with flowery expressions; effusing goodwill, counts much in the long run.


Silence, means absence of noise / din or words spoken with mellowed voice. In spirituality it means inner peace / stillness, absence of thoughts. Silence is important in spiritual awakening. A person who keeps inner silence adopts equanimity both in good and bad times. Stillness in mind brings about integrated spiritual growth. Both in Hinduism and Buddism stress is laid on stilling the mind for spiritual enlightenment. Stilling the mind, in other words control over the senses, we can delve into the deep recesses of inner self and exploit huge potentiality in our latent energies. Mauna or inner stillness can enhance our internal awareness / inner growth. Yoga teachers stress the importance of SILENCE spiritual awakening for Self Realization.

    On the other hand, speech with pinching words and punching phrases may have seemingly transitorily but ultimately may become worrisome. The tone and tenor / accent in speech will also be of much importance. A loud mouthed speech will do more harm than good. If we want to get our problems resolved amicably, it is necessary that we exercise total control what we speak and how we speak.

For example, a verbal duel / onslaught in the household between the parents or in case of any interactions in the society will hardly solve any matter but may embroil us in still more intractable complexities.   

While importance of speech cannot be wished away, it  is important that whenever one is making clear his / her viewpoint following should never be forgotten:-

v Lucidness in language;

v spoken in the language known to the person we are addressing;

v  Mellowness in style in speech;

v Words spoken ought to be inclusive and dealing with the subject matter and not dealing with periphery issues;

v   Show off to be avoided while making speech;

v Care ought to be exercised that there is no deviation from the topic on which discussion / speech is being made.

v Unintentional deviation from intended topic / contentious issue should be set at right and made clear with a big ‘SORRY’ for the unintentional mistake.


          Then there are some professions in which speech / arguments are part and parcel. But here too, efforts ought to be made that professional ethics and purpose for which the intended speech is being made should never be lost sight of.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem on SILENCE. Kindly go though it and give your invaluable comments. I love your comments, really.


Words spoken bereft of any cautious thought,

Just passes over the head of the recipient,

Gives the speaker no time even for repentance,

Of folly of being foul-mouthed.


Better let the words remain,

In the limits / confines of mind,

Rather than break others heart,

And prick their emotions,

Words spoken more than desired,

Carry with them less force,

Than you carry in silence.

Without us knowing it all,

A silent revolution is going on,

Bringing with it hope on top.


Silent prayers in essence bring us inner peace,

Inner peace brings forth implicit serenity,

Serenity brings a state calmly,

Peacefulness engenders self awareness,

Thus expands heart of awareness limitless,

We become self observing,

And dynamic life crafting,

A safety fence for self realization,

Making us free like air around,

And distance to our Lord is shortened,

A Nothingness is engendered,

From this Nothingness, Everything is engineered.


Harbans Khajuria













           Accept it or not, it is a travesty of fact that we in our lives are shown short shrift many a times. More so, in case of senior citizens, when they are constrained to take somebody else succor even for attending to their minutest needs. Their opinion is not counted in any important matter of the household; notwithstanding the fact that may be everything that is there in the house is due to their hard labour during their life time!

This indifference or cold shouldering is experienced in the office or may be at homes. It is also observed that when somebody at the helm shows indifference to us, we experience deep pain, more pronounced, treatment meted out to you is sudden or when you least expected the same.

 You can just imagine three case scenarios:-

  • Workplace. How would you feel when suddenly the person at the helm of affairs in the office starts showing indifference / cold shouldering you, that too suddenly? He does not confide in you for any important functions, instead prefers some other employee,  pitiably your junior? It goes to show that there is some problem in the adjustment with the official work or may be your general behavior has to undergo  perceptible improvement / change suiting the organization or the individual concerned. 


  • Household Responsibilities. When the elder in the family does not care for the needs and aspiration of a particular person in the family or maybe he / she not assigned responsibilities impinging on the affairs of the home. In the business also, that person’s opinion is just ignored. What is the predicament of that person vis-à-vis the family affairs? You can well imagine.


  • Self Realization. If somebody’s prayers to the deity are not answered by our Lord. What is the state of that individual? In this sort of scenario, the person may turn atheist or rationalist.


     Think of this, if a particular person at the helm is cold shouldering you it will impact you adversely. The solution lies in you only, either you have to be adaptable to the change,fight it out and earn your esteem in his / her eyes or flight from the situation if that is the best thing under the circumstances. WHAT YOU WILL DO? Kindly tell me?


With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem: COLD BEHAVIOUR. Kindly appraise and comment. I love your comments really.




Lack of warmth in the relation,

A life without compassion,

Feelings rooted in repulsion,

Is a life with missing cooperation.


Deathly indifference all pervasive,

Uneasy calm extensive,

Bereft of concern – retrogressive, alas!

Aimless emptiness in attitude looming large,

Tense behaviour engulfing,

Making the environment searing,

Surprisingly, with the freezing coldness in feeling!


Stony-heartedness robbing the very peace of life,

Crumbling the edifice of existence,

And resulting in creation of hell out of Seventh Heaven.


What a life our would be,

With basketful of warmth in feelings,

Concerned when concern is immensely needed,

Loving-kindness when kindness is a crying need.


Harbans Khajruia






In our lives, we have seen people who swear by truth on the surface but when confronted with facts and figures, they seem to be of the cult of organized hypocrisy.  Also, there are people who may be shedding crocodile tears for have not but in real their lives they may not be considerate  even to their closest relatives when need arises.


While we appreciate those who are truthful but do we truly appreciate a person who tells the truth. For example, many of us sided with Anna Hazare Sahib for his crusade against corruption. Apart from the initial euphoria, we may not even be knowing where Anna Sahib is now and how is he health-wise? That is the love we have for the truth and our views on it all.


Similar is the case with the people who pose to be  religiously awakened souls but when queried  how to be spiritually awakened, these so called ‘awakened souls’, weave their theologic theories which are neither here nor there and are bordering on perversion of truth in real sense of terms.  A person of religiosity, in true sense, does not follow dual life. He / she has the same yardstick for everybody including himself / herself when talking about spiritualism and other connected questions confronting the people. The main concern of truthful person is to tell a truth however bitter the same may be.


       It is better to be forthright in accepting honestly that a fact under discussion is not known rather than lacing the ‘insincerity’ with the sugar of truth so as to disguise and hoodwink people in the process.

       I am not saying I am a person who is lily white as far as whole truth is concerned. We, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly put on the mask(s).  If somebody opens this mask for us, we ought to be thankful to that person and rectify our direction so that correct path is followed to earn Karmic Credit to our account. 


    Some of the falsehood we resort to, though may seem innocuous yet may have disastrous consequences on our daily lives later on. These innocent seeming untruths may adversely impinge on our personality traits in the long run. Like:-


  • Hiding exact name, gender and religion due to the reason best known to the individual concerned even while publishing something in print and electronic media!


  • Forgery on the certificates – thus suppression of exact information for identification purposes.


  •  Distort facts in front of the children, when children come to know about this, may have adverse impact on the children.



  • Distortion of facts in religious preaching/teaching to corner / earn easy praise.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled: FALSEHOOD. Do go through and comment. Your comments are the fodder for me to continue further.




In the beginning, lying is with a tender innocence,

When trapped in the act,  feigning ignorance,

Yet not following path correct,

Then repeating it till not caught,

Even whence caught concoct several untruths,

Of thick veil of lies in the beginning,

Not caught means watering thy lie for further breeding.


Now, the liar has  immersed wholesale,

Into a life full of falsehood without fail,

Without it he cannot stir even an inch,

Doubtlessly wants to have thorough cleanse,

By shunning falsehood practiced advertently,

But habits once taken-in habitually,

 And absorbed in the system die hard really,

For falsehood has taken roots deeply,

Into every cell of body,

And thyself has become a Master in Dishonesty.


O my CREATOR in the Heaven above,

Wash off stale traces of lie,

When its seeds are sown initially,

So that we may not be branded professional liars,

By one and all around us.













































           There are more than 4200 known religions – following different methodologies and different ways of worshiping our Creator. They may all HIM by any name; God, Creator, Allaha, Bhagwan, etc. Truly speaking, things that bind all the religions are; the right faith, right belief, right attitude, right sincerity, honesty of purpose etc to communicate with HIM.


           The word Religion can be interchangeably used with belief system, faith, trust, et al. The beliefs, world views, cultures mores, value systems that connects us with our Creator is the Religion. Many organized religions have the histories of their own and have descriptive beliefs behind them.

           The practice that different people perform are;  rituals, sermons,  veneration of a deity, gods or goddesses, festivals, feasts,  meditation, prayer, music,  public service or other aspects of human culture. Religion contain some methods in codified forms to follow these for ultimate results.


For example: There is diversity in the belief system in all the major religions of the world:-

·       Hindus believe that there are Gods and Demi-Gods and Goddess or simply put one in many and many in one.

·       Muslims believe in one God.

·       Christians believe in a God who is loving and approachable.

·       New Age followers believe they are God.

  • Buddhists say there is no deity but there are certain principles on which a person should live

           Many religions have their sacred books which illustrate in totality the commandments / principles enshrined in these books like the Bhagwad Gita is for Hindus, Quran is for Muslims, The Bible is for Christians, The Granth Sahib is for the Sikhs,  et al. But the common thread of all these Sacred Texts & Content are the commonality of all.


          Follow any religion – that is the free will of the people, eminently sociological. But main thing that is common in all the religions and their thought precepts is the sacred intent and content that attracts people towards these. Religion is the magnetism which attracts diverse people of diverse hues towards it and then change their outlook for their spiritual awakening is the outstanding contribution to connect with HIM. While changing the outlook of the general people in our to commune with HIM, this outlook gained help them in imbibing good traits which are codified in the texts of these religions and make these applicable in their day to day lives. These beliefs and faith transform human nature by influencing their morality, ethical thinking by following religious laws and lifestyle.

       With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem on RELIGION; do comment for I love these comments for inspiration.




Religion is entwined in sacred intent,

Based basically on the firm ground,

That Unity in diversity be maintained by all around,

Numberless pathways lead us,

And unite us with Omnipotent,

No single pathway is shortcut for Divine touch,

Each pathway has intrinsic glory and appeal,

The Holy Writs – of the Bible, The Gita, The Quran, Sri Garanth Sahib,

Magnetize the humankind equally with sermons dearest to the Omniscient,

Religion teaches us the first lesson,

In truth, sacrifice, love and non-violence.



We share our bliss with our fellow beings,

For upliftment of faith and tradition pervasive,

And to harmonize diverse mentalities,

Mode of mind is religion,

And there are manifold hues of minds as manifold religions,

When minds are confused and stop working logically.



Religion winds the clock of mind,

And makes it to work in unison,

For a unified cause – LOVE.



Indelible ink of religion imprints hold ideals in us all,

Our barren minds gets fertile,

By the torrents of currents of religion,

And we learn to live righteously.



Fragrance of holy ideas gets diffused,

And the devil in us gets vanquished,

Dehumanized souls are humanized,

For ultimate good of mankind.


Harbans Khajuria