In our lives, we have seen people who swear by truth on the surface but when confronted with facts and figures, they seem to be of the cult of organized hypocrisy.  Also, there are people who may be shedding crocodile tears for have not but in real their lives they may not be considerate  even to their closest relatives when need arises.


While we appreciate those who are truthful but do we truly appreciate a person who tells the truth. For example, many of us sided with Anna Hazare Sahib for his crusade against corruption. Apart from the initial euphoria, we may not even be knowing where Anna Sahib is now and how is he health-wise? That is the love we have for the truth and our views on it all.


Similar is the case with the people who pose to be  religiously awakened souls but when queried  how to be spiritually awakened, these so called ‘awakened souls’, weave their theologic theories which are neither here nor there and are bordering on perversion of truth in real sense of terms.  A person of religiosity, in true sense, does not follow dual life. He / she has the same yardstick for everybody including himself / herself when talking about spiritualism and other connected questions confronting the people. The main concern of truthful person is to tell a truth however bitter the same may be.


       It is better to be forthright in accepting honestly that a fact under discussion is not known rather than lacing the ‘insincerity’ with the sugar of truth so as to disguise and hoodwink people in the process.

       I am not saying I am a person who is lily white as far as whole truth is concerned. We, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly put on the mask(s).  If somebody opens this mask for us, we ought to be thankful to that person and rectify our direction so that correct path is followed to earn Karmic Credit to our account. 


    Some of the falsehood we resort to, though may seem innocuous yet may have disastrous consequences on our daily lives later on. These innocent seeming untruths may adversely impinge on our personality traits in the long run. Like:-


  • Hiding exact name, gender and religion due to the reason best known to the individual concerned even while publishing something in print and electronic media!


  • Forgery on the certificates – thus suppression of exact information for identification purposes.


  •  Distort facts in front of the children, when children come to know about this, may have adverse impact on the children.



  • Distortion of facts in religious preaching/teaching to corner / earn easy praise.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled: FALSEHOOD. Do go through and comment. Your comments are the fodder for me to continue further.




In the beginning, lying is with a tender innocence,

When trapped in the act,  feigning ignorance,

Yet not following path correct,

Then repeating it till not caught,

Even whence caught concoct several untruths,

Of thick veil of lies in the beginning,

Not caught means watering thy lie for further breeding.


Now, the liar has  immersed wholesale,

Into a life full of falsehood without fail,

Without it he cannot stir even an inch,

Doubtlessly wants to have thorough cleanse,

By shunning falsehood practiced advertently,

But habits once taken-in habitually,

 And absorbed in the system die hard really,

For falsehood has taken roots deeply,

Into every cell of body,

And thyself has become a Master in Dishonesty.


O my CREATOR in the Heaven above,

Wash off stale traces of lie,

When its seeds are sown initially,

So that we may not be branded professional liars,

By one and all around us.










































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