All of us, without exception, experience different phases in our lives from childhood onwards. Some experiences / incidents / events are very lively, engendering happiness and others are very heartrending/ touching. The lively ones we want to cherish and the poignant ones we want to forget instantly. But in both the cases, how we react / accept the challenges that are posed counts. More the challenges in life, more the inner resolve to counter these challenges should emerge.


If we just fluster in the face of problems, then sure enough, we cannot go afar in our lives. In this sort of a scenario there is disappointment writ large. Balanced living means, keeping balance in different spheres of activities in life, we should never tarry by the way. When problems are there, our Creator creates solutions for those problems for us. Only thing is, we ought to have indomitable faith / belief in Him.


In my life too, as every other fellow may also have,  had some good and bad experiences. Good experiences taught me how not to go overboard with exhilaration and with bad ones I have learnt how not to be supremely disappointed. These characteristics of keeping equanimity have been the GIFTS OF MY CREATOR only.


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled MY MEMORIES. Do comment. I love your invaluable comments the most.




Whilst establishing link with my own past,

Reminisced events gone by –  varied and vast,

Some sweet, some sour and some bitter in taste,

Some occurred due to my personal designs and aims,

Others forced by the unpredictable ‘time’ supreme, 

Inking of which I had not in the least imaginable,

Imprints of both are indeed indelible,

Are ever fresh in the memory card of my head,

Some moments were simply handled,

Others were precariously placed,

Moments were when problems came in hordes,

Like losing somebody very near for good,

Or going blank due to episode unforeseen,

How I came out plainly unscathed?

Transcripts of which are hard to decipher,

Even after putting into use all the faculties in my grasp,

One sweet lesson that I have learned the most,

Is that faith in our Creator makes difference the most.








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