Month: August 2013

LORD SRI KRISHNA (Krishna Janmastami is on Wednesday, 28 August, 2013)

LORD SRI KRISHNA (Krishna Janmastami is on Wednesday, 28 August, 2013)   LORD KRISHNA   When sin is in excess, When there is sharp decline in religious practices, When  irreligious people rule the roost, Our Beloved Lord descends, On the earth to deliver the pious ones, And to annihilate the offenders, As well


RAKSHA BANDHAN – RAKHI   RAKSHA BADHANA – RAKHI FESTIVAL  We, Indians, like many in many countries of world, are fortunate to have different festivals which we celebrate with religious fervour and devotion. Festivals may be different but there is a commonality of feelings which is emoted during these festivals; which


MY CREATOR My Creator is everywhere, Within me and without me – anywhere, Whenever He wants, He just goes out of me at will, Yonder He flies with, A speed more than mind’s eye, Surprising, when I peep inside my person, Behold thee! My dears, My Creator is there! Ensconced


MAKE A START FOR A CHANGE            If one wants to live a life replete with peace, harmony, more near to our Lord, it is important that you be near to yourself first. Introspect what you are. What are our weaknesses, try to overcome them through trial and

White Peacock

Really enchanting.

Eid Mubarakh :   Kindly accept our congratulations on this AUSPICIOUS DAY of EID. Let this day bring peace, goodwill, cooperation, compassion, and a feeling of brotherhood in the mind of people without distinction of caste, creed or colour.   Let this EID and coming EIDS be the torchbearer of our prosperity with Allaha’s Grace. AMEN. 

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