LORD SRI KRISHNA (Krishna Janmastami is on Wednesday, 28 August, 2013)

LORD SRI KRISHNA (Krishna Janmastami is on Wednesday, 28 August, 2013)




When sin is in excess,

When there is sharp decline in religious practices,

When  irreligious people rule the roost,

Our Beloved Lord descends,

On the earth to deliver the pious ones,

And to annihilate the offenders,

As well as to reestablish the principles,

Of religion and fairplay all around.


Born in the midnight,

To mother Devki in the confinement,

Of Damon king Kansa,

On 8th Day of the  dark half of the month of Sravana,

Took place the birth of Lord Krishna,

The holiest month of the year,

Of traditional Hindu calendar,

The ferocious guards remained in deep slumber,

Oblivious what transpired in the guarded dungeon just near,

Whilst heavy downpour made the Yamuna fully swollen,

With Sheshnag providing a shelter from rain,

Yamuna swelled still further,

Ready to touch the feet of the Supreme Lord,

Lord offered His Divine Feet for Her touch,

What a TOUCH this DIVINE TOUCH must have been!

Watched with curiosity by Gods & Demi-gods from Heavens,

Then Yamuna water receded to its minimal,

Making the passage of Vasudeva easier to Gokula,

Thence He did His Divine Leela in Vrindavana,

Nandagram, Mathura and finally Dwaraka,

He mesmerized Gopis with His flute musical best,

Attracting even the cows herds in hoards,

Gayatri Mantra was initiated to the Lord by Guru Gargamuni,

And Vedic arts and sciences by Guru Sandipanimuni,

At Mathura killed many a demonic kings,

To ward off the demons threats,

Thus stopping threat looming large,

Of many a ferocious demons.


During His life time,

He married many a queens,

Rukimni being the most beautiful ones,

Love of Radha & Krishna is etched in folklores,

Will ever remain in our memories,

As the pious Love of Divines.


Acted as a Charioteer of Arjuna,

The greatest dhanushdhari of all times,

Was the role of His in the Kurukshtra war!

Where Lord Krishna displayed His stupendous Universal Form,

When Arjuna was in doubt to fight war,

Against kiths and kins of his own,

Then the Supreme Lord delivered His famed Bhagavad Gita,

“The Song of God”,

Containing essence of Jnana,

All encompassing knowledge – Gyana.


In the war that ensued,

Demons were destroyed,

And with them the wickedness that pervaded,

A victory of good over evil was ensured,

A sweet lessons for us mortals to follow indeed.






We, Indians, like many in many countries of world, are fortunate to have different festivals which we celebrate with religious fervour and devotion. Festivals may be different but there is a commonality of feelings which is emoted during these festivals; which is indeed mesmerizing. That is the beauty which binds us  together with a common Thread of Love and Care for each other.


With this intention in mind, I’ve penned down a poem on RAKSHA BANDHAN – RAKHI which is various known / described in different parts of INDIA but with the commonality of LOVE BETWEEN BROTHER & SISTER.  Do comments, I love your comments.





Rich in cultural traditions,

India with its varied festivals,

Keep reminding the multitudes,

Of the importance of the festivals,

Based sometime by changed seasons,

Or some sacred religious occasions,

Other times based purely on human emotions,

Whilst there is a need to revive relationships.



RAKSHA BANDHAN is the festival,

Whilst sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist,

Held in the Hindu month of Shravan,

Witnessed by the auspicious FULL MOON FROM THE HEAVEN,

Profuse with sisterly adoration,

And awe-inspiring sentiment of brotherly affection,

A festival of deep bond of emotion,

Wherein a brother promises fortification,

Of weak from any danger unforeseen ,

An ultimate ‘bond of protection’ though unwritten,

Yet this thread is not an ordinary twine,

But solemn undertaking,

Rakhi is not mere a knot between blood related brothers and sisters,

It is knot between neighbours,

And other society members,

To keep the fabric of society unharmed,

To ensure communal harmony,

History is replete with examples,

Rajputs & Maratha queens sent rankhis,

To the Mughal kings,

And won their assistance at the time critical,



Such is the power of this ordinary thread,

That it can keep even adversaries united.


O our All powerful Creator,

Thee who can do anything anywhere,

Knot the world community with thy Holy Thread,

So that all live in peace and concord.










My Creator is everywhere,
Within me and without me – anywhere,
Whenever He wants,
He just goes out of me at will,
Yonder He flies with,
A speed more than mind’s eye,
Surprising, when I peep inside my person,
Behold thee! My dears,
My Creator is there!
Ensconced in warm recesses of my heart,
This hide & seek game goes on unabated,
That is the secret bond I’ve with Him established.

Other times, with the passion of my love supreme,
I just draw Him back in me,
No show offs needed but positive attitude – simple,
Hitherto faith and belief – purely ample.

At the middle of night whilst fast sleeping,
Saw the Threesomes from Heavens above just alighting ,
The expanse of sandy desert soil lighting,
With Twosomes robes shining,
Between the Twosomes, THE ONE space sailing,
Majestically, with overall attire whiter than snow shining,
An apparition with all Splendor abounding,
That is the Beauty of my Creator really.

Others may segregate,
My own ONE in genders,
He or She or whatever,
He seems to me neither He,
Nor She either.

My father & mother are Creator(s) of mine,
Cannot fathom them apart even in wildest of my dreams,
One is incomplete without other to complete me.

My own Mother Divine,
All Her Prowess at Her Command,
Gender of my Creator!
He or She makes difference naught,
Here faith or no faith,
Belief or no belief at all,
Makes difference absolutely not.

Whenever I pray to my Mother Divine,
Or Ardhnarishwara or Trinity,
The Creator, The Evolutor or The Destroyer,
The same Snow Shining Light is revealed,
As experienced in the dream dreamt the other day,
The same vibration of body,
Cells in front of all & sundry.

Even in front of Jesus Christ,
Or Virgin Mary,
Or at the my GURU’s GURDWARA,
Or at the Altar,
Or the Sacred Space of other faiths,
Same sparkle of LIGHT dear,
That I confess without fear,
That Thou is ONE the same ONE,
All combined in Single ONE.

Whenever anybody divides my Creator,
And calls Him some other,
Then my heart misses a beat,
For He has fathered me,
And all living and non-living.





         If one wants to live a life replete with peace, harmony, more near to our Lord, it is important that you be near to yourself first. Introspect what you are. What are our weaknesses, try to overcome them through trial and error methods. It is not overnight that these would be wished away. Just ‘Change’  when change is crying need. There is no magic band for it. It is not that you will be rid of those weak areas cent percent. As we are humans, we are prone to commit mistake which is not in consonance with probity, even then, keep trying till baggage of deceit, corrupt practices, lies, and whatnot, under which you are  burdened become lighter and ultimately through concerted efforts just CHANGE. These are the unnecessary bondages which pollute yourself; you lose some sheen and become weak in your will power, tolerance, perseverance.


            Make a start by taking small steps daily in your daily life activities and find how much impact it makes on yourself,  thus giving place to a feeling of goodwill bordering on tolerance,  If you want to be near to your Lord, you have to CHANGE become  imaginative, fore-sighted, forgiving, forgetting, non covetous et al. And these qualities do come to you merely by self-trying – honestly and with ample sincerity. From the past experiences in our life, it is seen that we always give much credence to others’  thinking about ourself. If you start from your own self, it will make much difference overnight. Your life would be totally different. Before picking holes in others’ pockets, see how many holes you yourself are having. Try stitching them bit by bit. No need to do these things in a huff.  Quick actions in changing yourself are appreciable, but there are no quick-fixes in life.


          The change could be affected by good intentions. Good intentions speak louder even in silence. There is a story of a very generous king named Satya Varat. He used to look after his subjects to the best of his capacity like his own children. His generosity and good deeds were known far and wide. One day, while he was sitting on the thrown contemplating, he saw glow-effusing Maan Lakshmi – deity responsible for material sufficiency going out.  He asked Her as to why she was going out? She curtly replied the king that she had had enough. Now she wants to go out of his palace, come what may. After some time, he saw Lord Ganesha,  Kauver and  other deities out of the palace. King Satya Varata did not stop them. He thought if they did not want to stay in the palace, no use stopping them.


           But as he saw Satya (Truth) going out of the palace, he abruptly rose from his thrown. He implored Satya not to go out of the palace- as without truthfulness, his very survival will be difficult as he loves spreading the message of SAPTYA (truth) to far and wide of his kingdom.  Satya relented and decided to stay back in the palace itself. As the other deities saw the Satya staying back in the palace, they were also constrained to come back to the palace. It is because, whereinsoever Satya (TRUTH) is, all, irrespective of deities or commons are attracted towards TRUTH. Thus CHANGE of thought precepts of all the deities resulted because of SATYA (SACH / TRUTHFULNESS). Where there is SATYA that is the abode of GODHEAD.

        Change when your conscious mind tells you that a particular activity is not good for you. Some of the things which, I found to be most important, to start with, for making myself a person better are given below:-


·       Not Taking what is not Yours. Suppose you are possessing one material thing but due to some demonstrative affect, your satiety increases. You adopt different methods in acquiring that particular thing. Those ‘methods’ may be corrupt ones and thus tarnish your being. In the first place, make determined effort that what is not yours, do not have an iota of idea even to have that one. A thing hard earned, it may be material possession, will give you mental peace, positive feeling and you will become incorruptible – a trait loved by everyone. And in the process, you will love even to YOURSELF even!  And that acquired love would be your property for ever and never will leave you. Try this, I have tried and found positive results. Anyone can.


·       Do What You Think Pleases You. I am of the firm conviction that for changing yourself, even a bit daily, is better than overhauling others around you.  Be selfish in this. You should act in such a manner that it makes you happy first and then by extension, I am sure,  it will be good for your group with whom you are working. But in this, care has to be exercised that your action to please yourself should not be at the cost of others. Never ever make others around unhappy.


          For the day, these are sufficient, let us wait and see how Lord guides us on the path of positivity, a step more near to Him and yourself for A CHANGE FOR BETTER.

I have penned down a POEM titled : MAKE A START FOR A CHANGE: Do go through and comment. I really love your comments. These are LIFE GIVING and prompt a CHANGE in me for better and still better for a CHANGE.





Whilst the lot around ye is ominous and dark,

Trust one day, brightness will dawn.

Every unexciting autumn changes into enchanting spring

And every dark cloud has thin snow-white coating.


Wishy-washy life will give place to hope,

And blooming life, hopefully, will come hopping

Infusing verve and vitality in every being.


Change that brings misery in its wake ,

Tests our will power and what it takes,

To live to tell the tale.

And wait for better days for a change.


Change in the river course due to nature’s furry,

Takes away the land with all its fertility,

Changing the geographical limit of a place,

And with it, the history attached with its virulent current,

To bottomless confines of an ocean.


Spiritual change brings one near to Almighty God,

Negative mindset negates everything possessed,

And may deprive a person of his sanity,

Resulting in loss of face and self-purity.


Ageing brings changes since egg in womb once gets fertile,

Passing the added stages of life,

Transiting through ups and downs of time,

And to the end by leaving the body inert,

And finally an important date with our Creator.


Harbans Khajuria

Eid Mubarakh :


Kindly accept our congratulations on this AUSPICIOUS DAY of EID. Let this day bring peace, goodwill, cooperation, compassion, and a feeling of brotherhood in the mind of people without distinction of caste,

creed or colour.


Let this EID and coming EIDS be the torchbearer of our prosperity with Allaha’s Grace.


Eid Mubarakh



Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of fasting,


Based solely on article of faith,


A faith etched in all cells of the body without fail,


Purifies body, soul and mind with fasting,


For the complete month of Ramzan,


Waited with baited eye the moment of AZAN,


Chaste in fasting without forgetting the duties,


Towards all, dear to us,


Supremely respecting the written words,


As the gospel of final Truth,



Bridging the gap between people of different hues,


Bathed in fervor,  full of compassion,


Igniting the positive hope of cooperation,



Without any differentiation,



Also engendering  basketful of goodwill without bias,


Let this EID and coming EIDS create goodwill,



Of fond trust,  that there will dawn as a result,


A day which binds all humanity with a holy thread,


Of oneness, and brotherliness.