Eid Mubarakh :


Kindly accept our congratulations on this AUSPICIOUS DAY of EID. Let this day bring peace, goodwill, cooperation, compassion, and a feeling of brotherhood in the mind of people without distinction of caste,

creed or colour.


Let this EID and coming EIDS be the torchbearer of our prosperity with Allaha’s Grace.


Eid Mubarakh



Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of fasting,


Based solely on article of faith,


A faith etched in all cells of the body without fail,


Purifies body, soul and mind with fasting,


For the complete month of Ramzan,


Waited with baited eye the moment of AZAN,


Chaste in fasting without forgetting the duties,


Towards all, dear to us,


Supremely respecting the written words,


As the gospel of final Truth,



Bridging the gap between people of different hues,


Bathed in fervor,  full of compassion,


Igniting the positive hope of cooperation,



Without any differentiation,



Also engendering  basketful of goodwill without bias,


Let this EID and coming EIDS create goodwill,



Of fond trust,  that there will dawn as a result,


A day which binds all humanity with a holy thread,


Of oneness, and brotherliness.



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  1. Heartiest Greeting on this auspicious day of EID-UL-FITR. May this day bring peace, prosperity and cooperation between all without differentiation. AMEN

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