My Creator is everywhere,
Within me and without me – anywhere,
Whenever He wants,
He just goes out of me at will,
Yonder He flies with,
A speed more than mind’s eye,
Surprising, when I peep inside my person,
Behold thee! My dears,
My Creator is there!
Ensconced in warm recesses of my heart,
This hide & seek game goes on unabated,
That is the secret bond I’ve with Him established.

Other times, with the passion of my love supreme,
I just draw Him back in me,
No show offs needed but positive attitude – simple,
Hitherto faith and belief – purely ample.

At the middle of night whilst fast sleeping,
Saw the Threesomes from Heavens above just alighting ,
The expanse of sandy desert soil lighting,
With Twosomes robes shining,
Between the Twosomes, THE ONE space sailing,
Majestically, with overall attire whiter than snow shining,
An apparition with all Splendor abounding,
That is the Beauty of my Creator really.

Others may segregate,
My own ONE in genders,
He or She or whatever,
He seems to me neither He,
Nor She either.

My father & mother are Creator(s) of mine,
Cannot fathom them apart even in wildest of my dreams,
One is incomplete without other to complete me.

My own Mother Divine,
All Her Prowess at Her Command,
Gender of my Creator!
He or She makes difference naught,
Here faith or no faith,
Belief or no belief at all,
Makes difference absolutely not.

Whenever I pray to my Mother Divine,
Or Ardhnarishwara or Trinity,
The Creator, The Evolutor or The Destroyer,
The same Snow Shining Light is revealed,
As experienced in the dream dreamt the other day,
The same vibration of body,
Cells in front of all & sundry.

Even in front of Jesus Christ,
Or Virgin Mary,
Or at the my GURU’s GURDWARA,
Or at the Altar,
Or the Sacred Space of other faiths,
Same sparkle of LIGHT dear,
That I confess without fear,
That Thou is ONE the same ONE,
All combined in Single ONE.

Whenever anybody divides my Creator,
And calls Him some other,
Then my heart misses a beat,
For He has fathered me,
And all living and non-living.


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    1. Thanks you so very much for your gracious visit to my blog and liking the post.

      Nobody can dispute about the GOD being one – call Him any that is our discretion. He will like that name because He is formless and above everything else. We are made in His mold only. He is a Supreme Spirit, we being Spirits.

      God Bless

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