It is an open secret that we are constrained to get the share of profit or loss, good or bad, praise or blame, success or failure, happiness or sadness commensurate with the amount of hard work / attention we pay for getting the work in hand fructified. Lackadaisical attitude towards work culture brings in its wake lackluster results.   In other words, if we sow thorns, we will get the crop of thorns only. It cannot be the crop of life saving cereals anyhow.


Whilst transacting our actions the knowledge precepts given in Bhagwath Gita should always be taken as a beacon of light: that we ought to perform the SHARE of our action without caring for result of our action.


However, at times, our Karmic Surplus Account {which may be partly due to current birth and partly owing to the previous birth(s)} may also influence the outcome of our SHARE of our fortune. Karmic Deficit Account may reduce the chances of our success in an endeavour.  In this case, however hard we may try, the end result may not be very encouraging.


Sincerity in our actions is a must in order to get optimum results and those results which one gets would be wholly satisfying and morally pragmatic; producing a lovable tinge of lightness in our heart.  The sheer emotional fulfillment which it will engender would raise us on moral pedestal and that is more than anything else in this world.


Similar is the case with acquiring knowledge (Jnana/gyan) for self awareness. If we have the right attitude and right spirit in acquiring knowledge then sure enough our efforts will yield results may be slowly but definitely. And we can have knowledge on different facets of life; viz: religious and spiritualknowledge, establish relationship of philosophy with science, religion, economics and many other subjects.  A person with varied and rich awareness can make difference in the society in which he / she is living.  Such people are the priceless gifts of our Creator.


Having acquired our SHARE of material possessions earned by hard work, sufficient to meet our daily needs and SHARE of inclusive knowledge, we could be termed as fortunate.


o  Material Prosperity. We should share the materials we possess with our fellow needy brethren to alleviate their financial stringency.  Maan Lakshmi opens Her Treasures for those who SHARE their possessions with the needy ones.


o  Knowledge Base (Jnana/Gyan) Abundance. The knowledge we have attained from different sources will stagnate if it is not disseminated / imparted  to the needy people. It should never be forgotten that knowledge multiplies as we divide it. Maan Saraswathi bestows / opens Her continuous flow of jnana/gyan from Her Limitless Ocean / Treasure to a person who SHARES GYAN with the fellow beings.


o  One has to shoulder his / her SHARE of responsibilities at home, in the workplace, in the society et al. The one who performs it with aplomb is assigned more responsibilities and status and with it one garners admiration for same. 


With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled SHARE. Kindly go through and comment to increase my knowledge base.   I, if truth be told, love your comments.




Share what you have in abundance,

Your good fortunes with unfortunates,

Who could have been there where you stand today perchance.


Aspire for more than your fair share,

Means resorting to means so shady,

Undue share is tainted and dishonesty laced,

Moral-fiber is tarnished with acts stained,

Resulting in night sleep spoiled.


Amount of hard work you put in,

Decides the amount of your share in the pie,

Reward is in consonance with your try,

Lower your efforts,

Lesser the returns.


Enlightened ones give their share of votes,

To the honest representatives,

Who meet their aspirations,

Door is shown to selfish and self-seekers.


Sharing knowledge makes us wiser in return,

Gives us knack of differentiation,

Resulting in sharpened intuition,

Preventing sinister animal in us to act with caution.


Happy moments ought to be shared,

Partaken with open hands the ones so sad,

Sharing moments good and bad,

Also sharing equally happiness and pains,

Creating zest for life for each in the bargains.


Our share will not spare us even after our death,

Good karmic deeds will reward us Heaven,

And bad ones the hell dungeon,

Reward of good deeds is bed of roses,

Bed of thorns for evil deeds,

This way even our soul will have to endure,

The affects of good or bad Karma.





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