Life is a weird and wonderful paradox. Weird because so many events take place without any prior warning. Wonderful because some of the most favourable events take place which you least expect.

Many of the happenings /incidences / events just take place in our lives which may or may not be of our liking – happen when we least expect those to happen! Sometimes we remain stuck to those happenings though we ought to have forgotten them as bad dreams. These may be in connection with your own dear ones to whom you have helped but now ditched when you required them the most.

Even your friends, your own possessions earned earnestly, your own body tended with care and caution, et al could fail you any time. If anybody or anything you hold indispensable, just does not come to your assistance when you require the most, you should not lament – JUST FORGET IT Care Not Even Two Hoots about these and start life afresh with vigour.

Why care about anything or anybody becaue our own Creator is always there to provide and meet our demands if and when we want Him in our life. Anytime we need His assistance we can fall back on this UNFAILING FRIEND. Yes! He is more near to us than we are near to our own body. Just seek His help and it will be provided straightaway.
Nothing happens without a purpose. If a job in hand is done with a missionary zeal and positive frame of mind, end result will surely be positive. Dynamism pays in the long run. Attitude counts and positive one brings highest dividends.

Let’s take the example of a student who attends all the lectures in school, pays special attention to the instructions imparted in school, makes concerted efforts in repeating the whole lot of the curriculum taught in school. He does not leave anything to chance. That student’s result will surely be outstanding. Thence forth, if he is obedient to his parents and teachers, acts upon their sagacious advice, he will grow up to be a successful person – a person who will be adaptive to any situation in which he is put in.

Take another example of a hard working farmer; who takes care of tilling his fields, sowing high yielding seeds, puts manure / fertilizers to the plants, waters his crops at appropriate time, guards the crops from rodents / birds, harvests his crop with utmost care, et al He will surely get a bumper crop as a reward of his hard labour. He, thus, leaves no stone unturned in farming and consequently gets optimum results. If the nature too is pleased with him, his crops may get rain and that is an extra icing on his cake! Thus he feels at the Seventh Heaven at the bountiful results. And why not, he has worked for it all.

Now, take the case of the student. If despite hard work and utmost sincerity, if his luck brings him to a situation from where it is difficult to come out then what? Like there has occurred an incident (natural or manmade) at his home front from where it is difficult to pull out. Now options left for are:-

• Fall prey to the beggaries of time and perish with it.

• Let go / forget it all and start afresh.

In the second instance, notwithstanding the hard work put in by the famer and complying with all the requisites of farming, if unexpected blizzard ruins his ripe crops then what? He too has two options:-

• Fall prey to the beggaries of natural elements and perish with it.

• Let go / forget it all and start afresh.


Who told forgetting is NOT BAD?
Forgetting the loved ones,
Ye tendered with utmost care once,
Sheltering him while withstanding more,
The sun’s glare of the summer noon without demure.
A friend who banked on you,
In thick and thin every now and then,
Thee met his needs when called for,
Whence ye need him the most,
He shows ye his back,

A weapon which you oiled much,
For your safety from agents inimical,
Out of the blue it failed,
When ye needed it the most,

Your earnings in the bank,
Bankrolled in the account book,
But when needed in crisis,
Failed thy want test.

Thy own bodily reflexes,
On cues of which you prided the most,
Fail you,
When situation demanded utmost,

A bad dream coming true,
Badly impacts thy day’s routine,

A stranger who shows ye,
The way amidst thy bad patch,
Just embrace him,
With all his baggage.


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10 thoughts on “JUST FORGET IT!”

  1. Many events do happen which you least expect – these may be good or bad. If these are to your taste it is OK and if inappropriate then you feel. But to what extent you have to feel and
    adversely affect your being depends on you only.

  2. Thanks for liking my post.

    Your poem is how we should all approach life but so many of us are caught in the day to day existence that we don’t see the good. Also, people are so very different and some not kind that your poem suggests and ideal way to live. Sadly, many cannot reach those standards.

  3. Thanks so very much for gracing my blog by your visit and appraising the same. My intention is to make us aware of the pitfalls of sticking to the bad incidents in life just remaining thinking about it all; not coming out of predicament and clearing the way for taking life head on.

    My personal experience with life and people around me amply makes it clear that those who remain etched in past never can make good today or the coming tomorrow. So yesterday bad events have to be given good bye and live life as it comes with the active association of our CREATOR; with firm belief that beginning of today will bring forth a better tomorrow. And why not? It it with His partnership.

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