DIWALI is one of the most sought after and prominent festivals of India. After the burning of effigies of demon kind Ravana; Kumbkarna and Meghnath on Dussehra – associated with evils; people wait for Diwali. On this occasion all spruce up their houses; change the old household items and prepare themselves for the coveted day eagerly.


          Diwali or Deepavali (an array of light) is also called the festival of light. It is mainly associated with victory of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana. As per Hindu Calendar it falls in the mothers of October / November.


              People burst fire crackers; illuminate their houses and streets with earthen wicks and candles. There is light and happiness all around.


But main purpose of this festival ought to be to remove the darkness of our inner self permanently.


Message: Care to be taken that the crackers used should be of low intensity and should produce less no or less noise pollution.




Marks the return of Lord Rama

To his kingdom Ayodhya,

From his 14  years’ exile,

As ordained by his father,

The King Dhashratha of Ayodhya,

During exile full of toil and tribulations,

In the forests with no habitation

With Sita Mata and Sri Lakshmanji along,

He neutralized many a demons,

With his immense prowess,

Demons who desecrated the religious places,

Of worship of sadhus,

These demons respected no rules,

Of humanity and others,

Including Ravanas,

The demon King of Lanka,

And consequently decimated the wickedness,

From the Mother Earth,

The purpose for which Lord Vishu,

Had taken Ram Avtar.


The houses are spruced up,

To welcome the Lordess of Wealth and Wellbeing,

The Mother Lakshmi,

By fire-works and earthen wicks

The houses are illuminated

There is cooperative and happiness all around

Business people worship their books of accounts,

And pray for prosperity for the days to come,

People celebrate Diwali,

With traditional fervor and gaiety,

By praying at the temples,

With a pray for their welfare,

And those of their nears and dears

It is the festival of light.

Distributing sweets to relatives and friends,

Greetings and sweets are exchanged,

For each others’ prosperity.


O my dearest Lord,

And Mother Divine,

Bestow thy best wishes,

To one and all,

So that all ills are decimated,

Like the demons by Lord Rama.

And everyday may be a Diwali Day

For celebration with enthusiasm and gaiety.





                                                                                    COHESIVENESS IS THE BEST WAY TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS

             The maxim: Union is strength has been tested many a times. When we transact a job by putting our joint effort the job at hand would be accomplished surely. If not there is always a second chance.

            If the employees put their heads and hands together, unbiased and without consideration to their level of efficacy, then even any job at hand could be accomplished.  Right individual, at the right place and at the right time is a morale booster.  The expectation of good result  can generate to a job-at-hand is multiplied if concerned people with focused minds try solving a vexing puzzle. It has been seen in games like cricket, football, baseball etc that if all exert to their maximum potential then put together result is entirely positive and far reaching than different players playing for individual name and fame. Especially so, in the game of cricket where all have to chip in and play their natural game. Sachin Tendulkar makes difference but if other players also contribute their mite can make huge difference to the result has been shown many a times.


                 When we want to meet our demand(s), we have to seek somebody else’s help. We cannot work smoothly in isolation. Even natural phenomenon is possible with the association of different natural forces. Rain is possible with the help of photosynthesis, trees help us production of oxygen, and you name it and it happens with the association of different constituents of nature. A single atom cannot make much difference. Many atoms merge to make a matter of substance and utility.


               It is an axiomatic that everyone including our nears and dears, are selfish to a certain degree while fulfilling their various tasks even at the family level. But this selfishness is appropriate to a limit. Beyond that it becomes counter-productive. One cannot accomplish everything on his own. He has to rely on others for getting his job done satisfactorily. It is not virtually possible to be independent, except in self expression, of which one is his own master/free will.  It is paramount that we take the help of others in order to get things done in a systematic manner. It is well said that it takes two to a tango. We can hardly transact meaningfully single handedly. Wisdom, therefore, is to work in cohesion, in unison for a maximum results. A rolling stone gathers no moss should never be lost sight of. Aloofness creates physical and mental barriers, creating hurdles in optimizing our productivity in almost any field.


           At home or in the official job performance, it is paramount that we become an important constituent of organizational personage rather than beating our own trumpet. A single person, with or without perceptible ideas or ideals, can hardly make much impact, in big way, on the ongoing project in hand. Different ideas can merge to form a force to make the task of the organization easy. In this process, time consumed is also less. And it is also a fact that now-a-days, time factor counts a lot hence earlier a project comes to fruition the better for the organization. Union is strength is the best maxim in this scheme of things. Many a things could be accomplished differently, efficiently and with ease if many a heads merge to do a task. By this both the organization and the performers benefit immensely.  

India is a land of diversity.

We in India have various religions like Hindu; Muslims; Christian; Budhist; Jain; Zoroastrian. The religious places of every religion are visited by the people professing different religions and these unite all Indians. These values of unity weave us together like beads in the thread. Whenever there is any religious celebrations all the people without distinction celebrate with gaiety and enthusiasm. Celebration of every festival from start of the year to its end is fundamental to all Indians. The cultural and traditions are very dear to all. The religious prayers with prayers and end with evening prayers.


Unity of Purpose in the world Arena for Economic Recovery

            The world is now again sliding into a recession of worst order. The condition of Euro zone is the troubled one which has become a headache number one for every nation. The classic instance of economic slide down in all the fundamentals of economy are going awry. Now, for  economic recovery all countries have to put their heads together and confront the bull of economic impoverishment squarely. Economic prudence and austerity have been debunked by some. At this juncture, unity of purpose is the best option. Now, countries whose economic clout still prevails should forget their differences and forge a united stand for focusing on economic recovery of the world at large. It is possible only with cohesive contribution of countries which count. Divisive stance in economic recovery will not help.  Developed countries should just introspect ‘if the economies round the globe will slide to a limit then to which they will export their goods and service’. Globalized economics needs globalized mind set. And sooner these countries forge their head together the better for the world at large.


In spiritualism


            It is not merely for economic or other sundry prerequisites of our life where cohesiveness of different people having different potentialities – skilled; semi-skilled or unskilled are required but in ‘spiritualism’ too we have to have cohesiveness of mind; body and soul. It means for spiritualism to be of life changing for an individual; if we do not rein in our mind and arrest its wandering characteristics we will not be anywhere near spiritualism.  

         Concluding we can say that if we work cohesively we can solve our pestering problems. But one thing we have to be very cautious is not to let our ‘ego’ to play spoil with our smooth sailing. Divisiveness leads to deplition of energy and work efficacy.




           God be with us to give us cohesive mentality so as to solve our day to day vexing problems.  



To live life peacefully and purposefully it is pertinent that we adopt those principles which give positive direction to our life. For this we should cultivate those cultural mores of behavior which are beneficial both for us and the society in which we are living. Healthy desire formation is thus one area where we have to look into for peaceful living. Our desires should not be in variance or in contravention with the norms set by the society otherwise these would give us pain even after its fulfillment.

Poverty of desires or lack of desires too means we are lacking either the resources or the will to work for fruition of our healthy desires. This sort of bahaviour pattern sets inertia in our life hence undesirable. Not having will leads us to poverty of thoughts not conducive to dynamism in our life.

There are people who would like to fulfill their desires by following corrupt practices. This sort of desire fulfillment is immoral by any yardstick that one can think of.

A desire which can be fulfilled with the active participation of our Creator is most desirable and fructifying of the same brings tranquility and prosperity in life. Such desire cannot be negative. Any litmus test could prove its utility at any time and space because this Healthy Desire is associated with our Lord!

Finally if we want to live peacefully and in accordance with His will; we should cultivate the desire of connecting with our Lord through sincere prayers by adopting positive traits. Having Him means having everything in life for which we have been born on this beautiful earth. It is also a fact that our Creator being benevolent knows our needs and aspirations. He will not let us down at any situation.

We can achieve the desire of having our Lord with our simple but Pure Love – nothing more and nothing less and nothing more. Our Lord does not want anything else from us. When our Desire for having Him is fulfilled; means we need not have any other desire. Having Him means having everything in this world and thereafter.


Healthy desires are desirable
Desires which could be discernible
Easily without too much strive.

Desires are at variance
As temperaments of humans are different
Fulfillment of which depends
On the money in the pocket
As well as intelligence quotient
To use these two for realization
Of desires for fruition
To change lifestyle direction
Suiting our ambition.

Desire to live longer
A natural instinct of every living being
But desire to live a life with a sound purpose
Beats everything else

Sometimes we may not be able
To meet our desired goals
By not meeting the parameters set
Forcing us to revise and reset.

Dearth of desires
Or poverty of desires
Means we lack will to meet desire
Or bereft of needed resources.

Nip thy evil desires in the bud
Desires like lust; anger; jealousy and immorality & greed
For these are oriented in negativity
Leading to soul’s impurity
Resulting in debit in the karmic account.

Imbibe desires with positive traits
Like compassion; kindness and piousness
Leading to purity of soul
And adding to credit account of karma.

Cultivate the most desirable desire
Of praying to our Creator
So that He remains with us always
And remains guiding us
Rather than having obsessions
For material possessions



child and old man
The child and the oldman have similarities.
A child when born; from the confines of womb to the birth relies totally on his dear ones especially his mother. All his emotional needs and wants are attended to by his mother from attending to his nature’s calls to feeding etc. In other words it can be said that the child is totally dependent on others. But one thing stands out is the 24 crates purity of his heart. His mind is a clean slate; no ill-will for others; no envy; no jealousy for others et al. His life is a total surrender to others. From walking to talking; from feeding to attending to his needs are met by his nears and dears.

Time tells upon the health of every living beings. It is more so for humans who require more care especially at the fag end of their lives when he requires the services of somebody who could care him; meets his physical and emotional needs. His reflexes has gone bust. His legs fail to carry his weight. His hands with which he had done so many good and bad things do not obey his orders now. Such is his condition that he is totally dependent on others for his daily requirements.

Fortunate are those who are taken care of at the fag end of their lives. But those whose dear ones ditch; really lead a life which is pathetic and hence pitiable. I pray at this critical stage of life it is not money which can help these old and hapless people but emotional support and some good words here and there can give them the leeway to push on till their final destination.

I am of the firm view that we should pool our resources and provide succour for those who are forsaken by their own people at this most crucial period of life. May God take away to His Abode such hapless souls.

A Child and an Oldman

A child when born requires our attention
Totally depends on dear ones
For every small needs
From feeding,
To nature’s call answering,
To change the diaper
To keep him neater
And keeping him germ free
Reliance on mother
Who showed him the dawn of the day is just total
He hardly knows where his bread would be buttered
But with only difference he is pure at heart
Mind being a cleanest slate
Knows not which is good or bad
Cries at his loudest when no attention paid
Knows only the language of love
Loves the one who showers him the love
Reciprocates anybody’s smile to a total stranger with love
A solemn love similar to that of our Mother Divine.

An old man,
Who, withstanding the life’s hot and colds,
Have seen the ups and downs
In his life span,
From childhood to his old age,
Pushed on without care when he was young
Middle age too is very exiting
Till oldage catches on
When he is pulled on by someone else
When his hands get numb easily
The hands which had handled much during life time
And his legs can hardly carry his own weight
Get immensely tired
On even a smallest effort made
He has a trembling gait
His reflexes has gotten degraded
Cheeks shriveled
His thinking cap tottered
Is unable to earn his a living
And is totally dependent on others
For his needs
Including, sometimes for meeting,
Nature’s calling
He, now and again, is spoon fed like a child!
If somebody is there to care for
Or endures
Without slightest murmur
A hapless state just like a helpless little child
If somebody dear cared
He is grateful for the one who provides him succour.
Fortunate are the ones who are helped by his dear ones
Provide him shelter and other needy provisions
Necessary for survival
Then God bestows the person mercy
And gives him a final and eternal call,
For living in His abode
Till the another innings of life to come
According to his karmic deeds or misdeeds.





          After Nine Days of fasting and worshipping SHAKTI in its varied manifestations / forms which she represents; a day of reckoning comes ultimately when She helps annihilate the evil from our midst and shows that Truth always wins in the end. The evil which demon kings Ravna or Meheshasura represented may have field day for sometimes but it cannot go unchallenged; their evil designs cannot be allowed to last for more than tolerable.  The Gods in the Heaven cannot allow these evil forces to go on and exhibit their evil design to take toll of lives of the masses and ruin the rules established by our Creator.


           Be that as it may; the evil of king Ravana met its doom by not only killing him but also killing many of his evil forces which enabled him to kill and maim the hapless sadhus and common people who differed from his views. It also shows that those who pride over their prowess and material possession will end up losers. Similar was the case with Meheshasura.


           Dussehra represents giving the message that good always wins finally. It cannot go uncheked and unchallenged for good. There comes a day when it meets its waterloo.  Let this be the message; clear and unimbiguous one at that.  


          Every year effigies of Ravana; Kumbkaran and Meghnath are put to flames just to exhibit that everybody should take this message that consequence of evil  would be its annihilation in all its forms and dimentions. Good symbolised by Lord Rama wins finally. Victory to the Truth. Defeat to the evil. Injustices committed have to be nipped for the good of the society so that the principle of justice and fairplay are established.


           This is the message of VIJAYDASHMI.  May people in general realise the import of this message and act accordingly. This is more relevant today than ever in the past because of the evil forces which are raising their heads. LET THERE BE VICTORY OF THE GOOD OVER THE EVIL.


                         � �                             � �                             � �             DUSSEHRA


Dussehra – the annual sacred event,

Devout remember the winning of goodness,

Over wickedness.


Lord Shri Ram,

The embodiment of love, righteousness,

Tolerance, harmony and reverence,

That a son should have,

In immense measure,

For the parents.


He left his everything in Ayodhya,

When Shri Ram’s father Shri Dashratha’,

Acts on the promise given,

To his wife Kakai,

The step mother of Shri Ram,

Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life,

Consequently extracting a promise,

To be redressed at a time appropriate,

Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,

In making Kakai realize the promise,

Crown for her son Shri Bharat and exile for Shri Ramji,

Shri Ram sacrificed his everything for fourteen years.

And without a demur,

Upon losing his everthing,

He embraced the life simplest in the jungles,

Subsisting on the herbs,

That is the crux of a lesson for offspring of today.



The Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka,

Representing design with evil intent,

With deception took away Sita Mata,

The consort of Shri Ram,

Kept her in his garden – Ashok Bhatika,

Exhorting her to marry him,

Sita Mata, a ideal wife,

Of an ideal husband,

Spurned his unethical wish.


There was a colossal battle,

Between Lord Shri Ram,

Embodiment of rightoutness,

And Ravana,

Representing evil,

In which Ravana lost his everything,

His nears and dears and his forces,

Including himself at end.


There is eternal lesson for all of us,

Remove the evil from our midst,

Burn it out,

As you burn the effigy of Ravana,

As a religious and yearly ritual,

And establish a kingdom of love,

Peace, full of tolerance, goodwill,

Establish kingdom of love for everybody,

Without any discrimination.


                     � �                     Harbans Khajuria




We see free fall of the rain drops traversing the sky. It brings with all the dirt and other harmful particles from the sky and in the process makes the environment above clean.

Rain drops fall on the parched Mother Earth. She thanks God for this precious gift. Some of the water is absorbed by the earth and stored as underground water. The underground water helps in meeting the requirement of the living beings differently.

Subsequently excess water makes its own path in the form of rivulets; rivers and sometimes is stored in the form of lakes. The flowing water takes away the dirt etc and cleanses it thoroughly.

Finally the water after having endured all the hurdles reaches the same source from which it had originated.

All the stages which the water drop faces is also faced by all the living beings in different stages of their lives. Ultimately all living beings merge into the Eternal Source. Then wait for the next journey.





Orginating from Heaven

At times accompanied with huge thunder

Other time with simple calmness

Small droplets seen like pearls shine

Indeed mesmerizing!


Whilest touching the earth’s crust

Rain droplets bring with it the atmospheric dirt

Refreshing & cleansing it altogether

Quenches the thirst of the parched earth

Mother Earth then keeps some water in its huge belly

For use by the living world for the days to come by

For all living beings

Without any bias!


Besides on the earth surface

Water takes with it everthing unwanted

Clear it off all garbage and filth dumped

And makes Mother Earth to be lived.


After having traversed far and wide

Mountain tops dales / vales

Enduring hits on the way

To the final journey

The Eternal Source

From where it had its origin

And got merged in the deep ocean

And wait for the journey next.


In the same way

Living beings too see the dawn of the day

Live the stages of their lives differently

From early days to later life

And then the prime of life

Thence finally the body merges with elements

Yet soul being immortal

Merges into the Eternal Source

And wait for the journey next.


Harbans Khajuria


In our childhood we are taken care by our parents. They make concerted efforts so that we learn the art of living. But that is not all; something more is required for the life to be learnt for making us perfect.
We come in contact with our peer groups. Here we have got freedom to choose from different pesons if we are lucky. There are a fews with whom you can bank on and share your experiences; get his / her part of experiences and offer advice or receive something productive which you can make applicable in your life too. Here too choosing your friend circle depends upon the environs and situations you are in. If the environ is conducive it can afford an opportunity for growth of your knowledge and wellbeing. It can have far reaching impact on your next phase of life. In another scenario if you do not get a good friend then you may lose the opportunity of some experiences which otherwise you ought to have had. Not having good friend is not the end of self growth in itself.

Our teachers can also make difference in our life. The instructions imparted by them can contribute in imbibing positivities like compassion/pity/piety/kindness and shun negativities like anger/telling lies/stealing /rancour. Adopting positive traits gives soldify our character with which we can face the intricacies in our life head on.

Then there is the crucial phase. The requirement of choosing our manfriday or suitable lady as as a partner for life. Here we have to traverse on a tight rope in choosing him/her. It is not based on pick and choose. It is a process which has to be chosen with care and caution. The person you are choosing should be of your liking; the one who understands you fully and in return you understands him / her.

The maxim ‘Marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on earth’ has lost some sheen because of the adjustment problems which the couples are facing after marriage. Marriages are falling apart due to adjustment problems.
Mal-adjustment may be due to the following:-

• Not settling petty differences at the time when these creep up and letting the same to become cancerous and may take a heavy toll.

• Cultural differences and not making efforts to learning each other’s traditional mores.

• Due to change in environs after marriage and failure to imbibe in that environ.

• Non adjustment with the parents or other members of of the spouse.

• Financial stringencies after marriage especially after birth of offspirngs.

• Not able to understand the needs and aspiration of spouses concerned.

Differences with respect to Gender related problems.

• Temperamental adaptability. Not tolerating other’s point of view.


Life is a sweet & sour journey
All of us are destined to travel necessarily
First single by compulsion
Then if fortunate to have attraction
And findING a person of thy liking
Who understands thee with all thy likings and dislikings
With thy successes and failings

Here ye have to be a little cautious
Choose someone who loves thy imperfections
As that person loves thy perfections

That person supports thee equally
When thee are both in low and high
Provides thee succour all the times
Happy & sad moments

Adjusting in life is a two way traffic
If one is at fault
The other partner ought to correct that
Without taxing other’s psy self
Just fathom
Is there any possiblility of reproduction
Without each other’s association.

Finding such a person is not a difficult one
For adjusting in life is the name of the game
If one partner fails and falls
Other ought to pick up
With a big hug and love
Soothing pent up emotions
Which naturally cures
All hurts inflicted from every sides.

O! our Creator
This is my earnest prayer
The Benevolent of all
Provide each a suitable partner
Who is our partner
In wheel or woes alike
Thee love that person
And Ye return his / her love without reservation
And life becomth lovely full of compassion.




India is a land of festivals. She has got diverse history with its diverse cultural mores. These festivals are occasioned on change of certain seasons or based on certain historical events. People may call the same festival differently in different regions but spirit behind all these remains the same. Whenever there is any festival; people celebrate the same with gaiety and enthusiasm forgetting their worries even. It may be dussehra; diwali; holi; lohri; Eid; Good Friday; Guru Purabh or any other festival of any religion the spirit of celebration is not dampened. It remains the unchanged.

Similar is the case with Navratri – a festival lasting for nine days. In these nine days devouts observe strick fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

With this intention in view I have penned down a poem titled : NAVRATRI kindly appraise and comment. I love your comments immensely.


India is a land rich in cultural mores
Here the festivals are galore
Commemorated on certain seasons or occasions
Amongst the venerated festivals in Hindu traditions
Navratri attracts all shades of people for celebrations
Celebrated two times in a year
March-April – as Chaitra Navratri,
October-November – as the Shradha Navratri.
Nav-ratri is the created from two Hindi expressions
‘Nav’ meaning nine
And ‘ratri’ meaning night
Related to Goddess Durga – the Warrior
Attired in mesmerizing dress in red colour
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
Folks observe the fitness of earth
By testing seeds germination in pots earthen
Folks also observe fasting rigidly
And keep themselves chaste
In words and in deeds indeed.

Legends abound about Navratri.

Meheshsura the demon king worshipped Lord Shiva
Who grants him the boon of invincibility even from Gods
Starts killing people most innocent
And even acquired the Seven Lokas by force
Including the thrown of Indra.
To annihilate the powerful Maheshsura
The Trinity & other Gods confabulated
For creating a power supreme for defeating the demon
Created Ma Shakti – Mother the most powerful one
Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess.
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Lasted for days nine
On day tenth She killed him
Navratri thus symbolizes the victory of good over evil

On (9th day) Mahanavami nine young girls are worshiped
As Nine Forms of Durga Goddess
And gifted food and new dresses.

Another legend has it
King Daksha the King of Himalayan Kingdom
Was blessed with a daughter
He named her Uma – a most beautiful one
She worshipped Lord Shiva immeasurably
So that He may accept her in marriage easily
Having pleased Lord Shiva
Thus marries Uma
Against the wishes of King Dhaksha
One day King Dhaksha held a grand Yagna
All Gods except Shiva were invited
Uma wanted to attend
Yagna with Lord Shiva’s reservation even
And against His wishes
King Daksha reprimanded her for coming uninvited
In rage she jumps into Agni Kund (Fire-grate) and perished
And was termed as Sati
Madev as Virbadhara took King Daksha task for this
On rebirth (as Parbati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to Her parents to stay for Nine Days
And thus we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.

Legend also has it that Lord Rama
Worshipped Goddess Durga’s
Nine Forms for nine days
On day tenth He was able to kill powerful demon king Ravana
Thus day tenth is celebrated as Vijaydakshmi or Dussehra
First three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga
In the form of child; young girl and mature woman
The three varied stages of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three days are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity
Her name is Goddess Lakshmi
She symbolizes wealth; peace and prosperity
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge
In snowy white dress
Mounted on a white swan.




We should offer prayer in the early hours of the morning for our Lord, thanking Him for the privilege of affording an opportunity to offer prayer. Pray that Thy limitless strength may flow within us and around us. Though there could be done anytime and anywhere. No formal place is required for prayer.

Whenever and wherever you have little time use that to cultivate friendship with Him. Your thoughts may wander here and there because your mind is a greater wanderer. Constantly bring back your thoughts. Never let your thoughts go astray. A lot of time can be devoted to Him in this way. Even in the midst of constant activity you can have intimate relationship with our Lord. We are having idea that God is in the far away temple but I want my Lord my Creator near me right not, that is my yearning. And nobody can stop me from doing so.

In peace and calmness we must acquaint with Him. You are the one who could call Him. You should give yourself totally. Realization is only got through inner calmness. meditationis the way out and nothing else. Be continuous in your prayer time without number. Seek for His attention. Be fervent. See that your free moments are utilized in meditation and to cultivate with God.

Prayers, if handled properly, give birth to confidence to face the facts in life. In that state, it is not you alone who handles daily life activities but in partnership with our Lord. Do everything honestly as if you are doing that act under His ablest guidance. Partnership with Him is watertight and above reproach. Here the ultimate outcome of everything that you transact, with His participation is cent percent success. Without doubt, by doing so, you will not face any daily stresses or strains because His presence and His name is associated with you and your deeds. You are doing anything and everything under His Umbrella. It should also be borne in mind that those activities are our stress busters and not stress creator for they are with active help of our Lord. Stress comes when an outcome or a result is not as you anticipated. Here, in this case, when you pray for His participation in what you want to do, if the results are negative, then you should rest assured that He does not want the results of your action otherwise. In other words these are good for you ultimately. Bear this in mind that He may have other thinking for you. God with you always.

Perseverance is the key in meditation. You should meditate in all the periods in your life. Whenever you get any moment, do not waste that moment. See that He is always there to answer your call if you have determination. Drive all the unnecessary thoughts from your system. Say unto yourself. “I want to feel your presence, be with me always. I want an answer to my question. Please.” Mere chanting of mantra mechanically is not sufficient. Be involved in your prayer thoroughly. By continuously meditation you will feel His presence. It will bring you peace. Pray to Him to manifest in the form of peace, Love, calmness. Engender the spark of love in your hear. Love of Lord will come and go. But be glued to the meditation. Stay determined. Your prayers will certainly be answered by my Lord.

Prayers & Its Benefits

The prayer fine-tunes the baser thoughts,
Into thought sublime with bountiful blessings of our Lord,
And creates restful alertness,
To our body and mind in its eternal stillness,
And profoundly balances mind, body and spirit.

When fear of unpredictable future and dead past stalks at every step in life,
The Omnipotent Spirit, dwelling in thee will generate will
And dissipates ominous fear and replaces with courage to face thy today.

When invaded by days of disharmony
Then Divine Grace bestows harmony
And harmonies our life to face it squarely.

When the wells of alternatives have parched
Deep prayer will give forth sweet joyous opportune moments
And floodgates of alternatives will open ajar.

When life is bereft of any hope
Remember Him sincerely and He provides hope
For every hopeless hope.

When calmness and wisdom replace nervous unease
His Omnipresence will transform the same with ease
And fragrance of calmness and sagacity y will prevail in ample measure.

When engulfed with restless thoughts with no perceptible solution
With His grace presence
Solutions will be aplenty.

My earnest prayer to the Lord Supreme
Always dwell in us and guide us every time
To remove hunger, want and misery from our midst
So that our country’s today is safe & sound for better tomorrow.

Harbans Khajuria