We should offer prayer in the early hours of the morning for our Lord, thanking Him for the privilege of affording an opportunity to offer prayer. Pray that Thy limitless strength may flow within us and around us. Though there could be done anytime and anywhere. No formal place is required for prayer.

Whenever and wherever you have little time use that to cultivate friendship with Him. Your thoughts may wander here and there because your mind is a greater wanderer. Constantly bring back your thoughts. Never let your thoughts go astray. A lot of time can be devoted to Him in this way. Even in the midst of constant activity you can have intimate relationship with our Lord. We are having idea that God is in the far away temple but I want my Lord my Creator near me right not, that is my yearning. And nobody can stop me from doing so.

In peace and calmness we must acquaint with Him. You are the one who could call Him. You should give yourself totally. Realization is only got through inner calmness. meditationis the way out and nothing else. Be continuous in your prayer time without number. Seek for His attention. Be fervent. See that your free moments are utilized in meditation and to cultivate with God.

Prayers, if handled properly, give birth to confidence to face the facts in life. In that state, it is not you alone who handles daily life activities but in partnership with our Lord. Do everything honestly as if you are doing that act under His ablest guidance. Partnership with Him is watertight and above reproach. Here the ultimate outcome of everything that you transact, with His participation is cent percent success. Without doubt, by doing so, you will not face any daily stresses or strains because His presence and His name is associated with you and your deeds. You are doing anything and everything under His Umbrella. It should also be borne in mind that those activities are our stress busters and not stress creator for they are with active help of our Lord. Stress comes when an outcome or a result is not as you anticipated. Here, in this case, when you pray for His participation in what you want to do, if the results are negative, then you should rest assured that He does not want the results of your action otherwise. In other words these are good for you ultimately. Bear this in mind that He may have other thinking for you. God with you always.

Perseverance is the key in meditation. You should meditate in all the periods in your life. Whenever you get any moment, do not waste that moment. See that He is always there to answer your call if you have determination. Drive all the unnecessary thoughts from your system. Say unto yourself. “I want to feel your presence, be with me always. I want an answer to my question. Please.” Mere chanting of mantra mechanically is not sufficient. Be involved in your prayer thoroughly. By continuously meditation you will feel His presence. It will bring you peace. Pray to Him to manifest in the form of peace, Love, calmness. Engender the spark of love in your hear. Love of Lord will come and go. But be glued to the meditation. Stay determined. Your prayers will certainly be answered by my Lord.

Prayers & Its Benefits

The prayer fine-tunes the baser thoughts,
Into thought sublime with bountiful blessings of our Lord,
And creates restful alertness,
To our body and mind in its eternal stillness,
And profoundly balances mind, body and spirit.

When fear of unpredictable future and dead past stalks at every step in life,
The Omnipotent Spirit, dwelling in thee will generate will
And dissipates ominous fear and replaces with courage to face thy today.

When invaded by days of disharmony
Then Divine Grace bestows harmony
And harmonies our life to face it squarely.

When the wells of alternatives have parched
Deep prayer will give forth sweet joyous opportune moments
And floodgates of alternatives will open ajar.

When life is bereft of any hope
Remember Him sincerely and He provides hope
For every hopeless hope.

When calmness and wisdom replace nervous unease
His Omnipresence will transform the same with ease
And fragrance of calmness and sagacity y will prevail in ample measure.

When engulfed with restless thoughts with no perceptible solution
With His grace presence
Solutions will be aplenty.

My earnest prayer to the Lord Supreme
Always dwell in us and guide us every time
To remove hunger, want and misery from our midst
So that our country’s today is safe & sound for better tomorrow.

Harbans Khajuria

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