In our childhood we are taken care by our parents. They make concerted efforts so that we learn the art of living. But that is not all; something more is required for the life to be learnt for making us perfect.
We come in contact with our peer groups. Here we have got freedom to choose from different pesons if we are lucky. There are a fews with whom you can bank on and share your experiences; get his / her part of experiences and offer advice or receive something productive which you can make applicable in your life too. Here too choosing your friend circle depends upon the environs and situations you are in. If the environ is conducive it can afford an opportunity for growth of your knowledge and wellbeing. It can have far reaching impact on your next phase of life. In another scenario if you do not get a good friend then you may lose the opportunity of some experiences which otherwise you ought to have had. Not having good friend is not the end of self growth in itself.

Our teachers can also make difference in our life. The instructions imparted by them can contribute in imbibing positivities like compassion/pity/piety/kindness and shun negativities like anger/telling lies/stealing /rancour. Adopting positive traits gives soldify our character with which we can face the intricacies in our life head on.

Then there is the crucial phase. The requirement of choosing our manfriday or suitable lady as as a partner for life. Here we have to traverse on a tight rope in choosing him/her. It is not based on pick and choose. It is a process which has to be chosen with care and caution. The person you are choosing should be of your liking; the one who understands you fully and in return you understands him / her.

The maxim ‘Marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on earth’ has lost some sheen because of the adjustment problems which the couples are facing after marriage. Marriages are falling apart due to adjustment problems.
Mal-adjustment may be due to the following:-

• Not settling petty differences at the time when these creep up and letting the same to become cancerous and may take a heavy toll.

• Cultural differences and not making efforts to learning each other’s traditional mores.

• Due to change in environs after marriage and failure to imbibe in that environ.

• Non adjustment with the parents or other members of of the spouse.

• Financial stringencies after marriage especially after birth of offspirngs.

• Not able to understand the needs and aspiration of spouses concerned.

Differences with respect to Gender related problems.

• Temperamental adaptability. Not tolerating other’s point of view.


Life is a sweet & sour journey
All of us are destined to travel necessarily
First single by compulsion
Then if fortunate to have attraction
And findING a person of thy liking
Who understands thee with all thy likings and dislikings
With thy successes and failings

Here ye have to be a little cautious
Choose someone who loves thy imperfections
As that person loves thy perfections

That person supports thee equally
When thee are both in low and high
Provides thee succour all the times
Happy & sad moments

Adjusting in life is a two way traffic
If one is at fault
The other partner ought to correct that
Without taxing other’s psy self
Just fathom
Is there any possiblility of reproduction
Without each other’s association.

Finding such a person is not a difficult one
For adjusting in life is the name of the game
If one partner fails and falls
Other ought to pick up
With a big hug and love
Soothing pent up emotions
Which naturally cures
All hurts inflicted from every sides.

O! our Creator
This is my earnest prayer
The Benevolent of all
Provide each a suitable partner
Who is our partner
In wheel or woes alike
Thee love that person
And Ye return his / her love without reservation
And life becomth lovely full of compassion.


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8 thoughts on “OUR PARTNER FOR LIFE”

  1. As we live; we cannot do anything meaningful alone. We require the assistance of our partner for living a life. This is more important when the question of reproduction arises. Here opposite sex pertnership is a must. I pray everbody gets his / her partner.

  2. For a partner for life to be lasting it is a must that both treat each other just equally. If one of them is at fault the other should just forget and forgive. Keeping in mind the other’s shortcomings in mind and remain in glum mood will not mend matters will be a precursor to a bigger troubles in days to come. It should never be forgottn that if misunderstanding is not sorted out then and there then these may pile on with a disasterous repercussions ultimately.

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