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We see free fall of the rain drops traversing the sky. It brings with all the dirt and other harmful particles from the sky and in the process makes the environment above clean.

Rain drops fall on the parched Mother Earth. She thanks God for this precious gift. Some of the water is absorbed by the earth and stored as underground water. The underground water helps in meeting the requirement of the living beings differently.

Subsequently excess water makes its own path in the form of rivulets; rivers and sometimes is stored in the form of lakes. The flowing water takes away the dirt etc and cleanses it thoroughly.

Finally the water after having endured all the hurdles reaches the same source from which it had originated.

All the stages which the water drop faces is also faced by all the living beings in different stages of their lives. Ultimately all living beings merge into the Eternal Source. Then wait for the next journey.





Orginating from Heaven

At times accompanied with huge thunder

Other time with simple calmness

Small droplets seen like pearls shine

Indeed mesmerizing!


Whilest touching the earth’s crust

Rain droplets bring with it the atmospheric dirt

Refreshing & cleansing it altogether

Quenches the thirst of the parched earth

Mother Earth then keeps some water in its huge belly

For use by the living world for the days to come by

For all living beings

Without any bias!


Besides on the earth surface

Water takes with it everthing unwanted

Clear it off all garbage and filth dumped

And makes Mother Earth to be lived.


After having traversed far and wide

Mountain tops dales / vales

Enduring hits on the way

To the final journey

The Eternal Source

From where it had its origin

And got merged in the deep ocean

And wait for the journey next.


In the same way

Living beings too see the dawn of the day

Live the stages of their lives differently

From early days to later life

And then the prime of life

Thence finally the body merges with elements

Yet soul being immortal

Merges into the Eternal Source

And wait for the journey next.


Harbans Khajuria

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  1. Harbans

    October 12, 2013 at 3:33 am

    Kindly accept my sincerest thanks for your gracious visit to my blog. I shall visit yours and add to my knowledge.

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