child and old man
The child and the oldman have similarities.
A child when born; from the confines of womb to the birth relies totally on his dear ones especially his mother. All his emotional needs and wants are attended to by his mother from attending to his nature’s calls to feeding etc. In other words it can be said that the child is totally dependent on others. But one thing stands out is the 24 crates purity of his heart. His mind is a clean slate; no ill-will for others; no envy; no jealousy for others et al. His life is a total surrender to others. From walking to talking; from feeding to attending to his needs are met by his nears and dears.

Time tells upon the health of every living beings. It is more so for humans who require more care especially at the fag end of their lives when he requires the services of somebody who could care him; meets his physical and emotional needs. His reflexes has gone bust. His legs fail to carry his weight. His hands with which he had done so many good and bad things do not obey his orders now. Such is his condition that he is totally dependent on others for his daily requirements.

Fortunate are those who are taken care of at the fag end of their lives. But those whose dear ones ditch; really lead a life which is pathetic and hence pitiable. I pray at this critical stage of life it is not money which can help these old and hapless people but emotional support and some good words here and there can give them the leeway to push on till their final destination.

I am of the firm view that we should pool our resources and provide succour for those who are forsaken by their own people at this most crucial period of life. May God take away to His Abode such hapless souls.

A Child and an Oldman

A child when born requires our attention
Totally depends on dear ones
For every small needs
From feeding,
To nature’s call answering,
To change the diaper
To keep him neater
And keeping him germ free
Reliance on mother
Who showed him the dawn of the day is just total
He hardly knows where his bread would be buttered
But with only difference he is pure at heart
Mind being a cleanest slate
Knows not which is good or bad
Cries at his loudest when no attention paid
Knows only the language of love
Loves the one who showers him the love
Reciprocates anybody’s smile to a total stranger with love
A solemn love similar to that of our Mother Divine.

An old man,
Who, withstanding the life’s hot and colds,
Have seen the ups and downs
In his life span,
From childhood to his old age,
Pushed on without care when he was young
Middle age too is very exiting
Till oldage catches on
When he is pulled on by someone else
When his hands get numb easily
The hands which had handled much during life time
And his legs can hardly carry his own weight
Get immensely tired
On even a smallest effort made
He has a trembling gait
His reflexes has gotten degraded
Cheeks shriveled
His thinking cap tottered
Is unable to earn his a living
And is totally dependent on others
For his needs
Including, sometimes for meeting,
Nature’s calling
He, now and again, is spoon fed like a child!
If somebody is there to care for
Or endures
Without slightest murmur
A hapless state just like a helpless little child
If somebody dear cared
He is grateful for the one who provides him succour.
Fortunate are the ones who are helped by his dear ones
Provide him shelter and other needy provisions
Necessary for survival
Then God bestows the person mercy
And gives him a final and eternal call,
For living in His abode
Till the another innings of life to come
According to his karmic deeds or misdeeds.


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      1. Aajayaoji you are the most courageous person I have ever known.

        God is very kind to have given you such an extraordinary talents.

        God bless

      2. Brother; you can take it anything. It is really not a blessing from me. I am a very small fry. You are eligible for blessing of Mother Divine.


      3. OMG thank you so much only an elder person can give a blessing like this 🙂

        thnaks brother

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