To live life peacefully and purposefully it is pertinent that we adopt those principles which give positive direction to our life. For this we should cultivate those cultural mores of behavior which are beneficial both for us and the society in which we are living. Healthy desire formation is thus one area where we have to look into for peaceful living. Our desires should not be in variance or in contravention with the norms set by the society otherwise these would give us pain even after its fulfillment.

Poverty of desires or lack of desires too means we are lacking either the resources or the will to work for fruition of our healthy desires. This sort of bahaviour pattern sets inertia in our life hence undesirable. Not having will leads us to poverty of thoughts not conducive to dynamism in our life.

There are people who would like to fulfill their desires by following corrupt practices. This sort of desire fulfillment is immoral by any yardstick that one can think of.

A desire which can be fulfilled with the active participation of our Creator is most desirable and fructifying of the same brings tranquility and prosperity in life. Such desire cannot be negative. Any litmus test could prove its utility at any time and space because this Healthy Desire is associated with our Lord!

Finally if we want to live peacefully and in accordance with His will; we should cultivate the desire of connecting with our Lord through sincere prayers by adopting positive traits. Having Him means having everything in life for which we have been born on this beautiful earth. It is also a fact that our Creator being benevolent knows our needs and aspirations. He will not let us down at any situation.

We can achieve the desire of having our Lord with our simple but Pure Love – nothing more and nothing less and nothing more. Our Lord does not want anything else from us. When our Desire for having Him is fulfilled; means we need not have any other desire. Having Him means having everything in this world and thereafter.


Healthy desires are desirable
Desires which could be discernible
Easily without too much strive.

Desires are at variance
As temperaments of humans are different
Fulfillment of which depends
On the money in the pocket
As well as intelligence quotient
To use these two for realization
Of desires for fruition
To change lifestyle direction
Suiting our ambition.

Desire to live longer
A natural instinct of every living being
But desire to live a life with a sound purpose
Beats everything else

Sometimes we may not be able
To meet our desired goals
By not meeting the parameters set
Forcing us to revise and reset.

Dearth of desires
Or poverty of desires
Means we lack will to meet desire
Or bereft of needed resources.

Nip thy evil desires in the bud
Desires like lust; anger; jealousy and immorality & greed
For these are oriented in negativity
Leading to soul’s impurity
Resulting in debit in the karmic account.

Imbibe desires with positive traits
Like compassion; kindness and piousness
Leading to purity of soul
And adding to credit account of karma.

Cultivate the most desirable desire
Of praying to our Creator
So that He remains with us always
And remains guiding us
Rather than having obsessions
For material possessions


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5 thoughts on “HEALTHY DESIRES”

  1. Looking at the world at large and reading their bent of mind; I feel we ought to choose our desires with discretion. Those desires which are fulfilled with ulterior motive bring negative results in the bargain.

    While selecting our desires only Healthy Desires should be chosen. Desire to possess Moon is really a fancy ride to the Moon realization of which will not be possible.

    Kindly comment on the write up. I love your comments since these provide me fodder for more thought.

    Desire to have Him should be our best pursuiit. Having Him means having everything under the sun.


  2. I agree that we must pick and choose the desires we pursue. When we find ourselves off course, it’s often because we’ve stopped looking to God for guidance and instead, have been led by our own sinful nature.

  3. Thanks a lot for appraising the writeup in its proper perpective. When we follow good desires it means its results would be wholesome. These would also be in association with our Lord and whatsoever is done with His partnership is always very enchanting.

    With warm regards

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