COHESIVENESS IS THE BEST WAY TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS

             The maxim: Union is strength has been tested many a times. When we transact a job by putting our joint effort the job at hand would be accomplished surely. If not there is always a second chance.

            If the employees put their heads and hands together, unbiased and without consideration to their level of efficacy, then even any job at hand could be accomplished.  Right individual, at the right place and at the right time is a morale booster.  The expectation of good result  can generate to a job-at-hand is multiplied if concerned people with focused minds try solving a vexing puzzle. It has been seen in games like cricket, football, baseball etc that if all exert to their maximum potential then put together result is entirely positive and far reaching than different players playing for individual name and fame. Especially so, in the game of cricket where all have to chip in and play their natural game. Sachin Tendulkar makes difference but if other players also contribute their mite can make huge difference to the result has been shown many a times.


                 When we want to meet our demand(s), we have to seek somebody else’s help. We cannot work smoothly in isolation. Even natural phenomenon is possible with the association of different natural forces. Rain is possible with the help of photosynthesis, trees help us production of oxygen, and you name it and it happens with the association of different constituents of nature. A single atom cannot make much difference. Many atoms merge to make a matter of substance and utility.


               It is an axiomatic that everyone including our nears and dears, are selfish to a certain degree while fulfilling their various tasks even at the family level. But this selfishness is appropriate to a limit. Beyond that it becomes counter-productive. One cannot accomplish everything on his own. He has to rely on others for getting his job done satisfactorily. It is not virtually possible to be independent, except in self expression, of which one is his own master/free will.  It is paramount that we take the help of others in order to get things done in a systematic manner. It is well said that it takes two to a tango. We can hardly transact meaningfully single handedly. Wisdom, therefore, is to work in cohesion, in unison for a maximum results. A rolling stone gathers no moss should never be lost sight of. Aloofness creates physical and mental barriers, creating hurdles in optimizing our productivity in almost any field.


           At home or in the official job performance, it is paramount that we become an important constituent of organizational personage rather than beating our own trumpet. A single person, with or without perceptible ideas or ideals, can hardly make much impact, in big way, on the ongoing project in hand. Different ideas can merge to form a force to make the task of the organization easy. In this process, time consumed is also less. And it is also a fact that now-a-days, time factor counts a lot hence earlier a project comes to fruition the better for the organization. Union is strength is the best maxim in this scheme of things. Many a things could be accomplished differently, efficiently and with ease if many a heads merge to do a task. By this both the organization and the performers benefit immensely.  

India is a land of diversity.

We in India have various religions like Hindu; Muslims; Christian; Budhist; Jain; Zoroastrian. The religious places of every religion are visited by the people professing different religions and these unite all Indians. These values of unity weave us together like beads in the thread. Whenever there is any religious celebrations all the people without distinction celebrate with gaiety and enthusiasm. Celebration of every festival from start of the year to its end is fundamental to all Indians. The cultural and traditions are very dear to all. The religious prayers with prayers and end with evening prayers.


Unity of Purpose in the world Arena for Economic Recovery

            The world is now again sliding into a recession of worst order. The condition of Euro zone is the troubled one which has become a headache number one for every nation. The classic instance of economic slide down in all the fundamentals of economy are going awry. Now, for  economic recovery all countries have to put their heads together and confront the bull of economic impoverishment squarely. Economic prudence and austerity have been debunked by some. At this juncture, unity of purpose is the best option. Now, countries whose economic clout still prevails should forget their differences and forge a united stand for focusing on economic recovery of the world at large. It is possible only with cohesive contribution of countries which count. Divisive stance in economic recovery will not help.  Developed countries should just introspect ‘if the economies round the globe will slide to a limit then to which they will export their goods and service’. Globalized economics needs globalized mind set. And sooner these countries forge their head together the better for the world at large.


In spiritualism


            It is not merely for economic or other sundry prerequisites of our life where cohesiveness of different people having different potentialities – skilled; semi-skilled or unskilled are required but in ‘spiritualism’ too we have to have cohesiveness of mind; body and soul. It means for spiritualism to be of life changing for an individual; if we do not rein in our mind and arrest its wandering characteristics we will not be anywhere near spiritualism.  

         Concluding we can say that if we work cohesively we can solve our pestering problems. But one thing we have to be very cautious is not to let our ‘ego’ to play spoil with our smooth sailing. Divisiveness leads to deplition of energy and work efficacy.




           God be with us to give us cohesive mentality so as to solve our day to day vexing problems.  

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