Today I was immensely surprised on seeing the indomitable spirit of a small ant. It was carrying a piece of grain and trudging on relentlessly. The weight of grain seemingly was more than its own weight.  Every time the grain fell it picked it up and this continued for sometime till finally she was able to reach its destination. I was really surprised on seeing its determination. There were quite a number of grains collected at the destined place where it was collecting the grains for future use. May be it and its mates had kept for tiding over the coming winter.

           It gave me a very sweet  lesson. With strong will power / determination we can surmount any hurdle and transact even the most daunting  tasks imaginable.


            When we talk of self confidence; it is a balanced self confidence and not an exaggerated sense bordering on audaciousness. For infusion of self confidence our vision and mission and how these are to be attained is a must.Determination is byproduct of self confidence and for self confidence we have to have the following:-


  • Self Worth. When we have chosen our goal with care and caution – taking into consideration all the relevant but legitimate points that we have to surmount on our  onward journey to attain our mission / goal. We have also to carefully chalk out   pluses and minuses.  Make honest efforts how to enhance credit account of our pluses and reduce the shortfall in debit account of our minuses. Overdraft has to be avoided. These pluses may be in the form of augmentation of personal skills and be in sync with the advancement / strides made in managerial and technological fields. By being on the same page as technological advances and other fields of significance, one can confront any challenge that may come on our forward journey for reaching our goal. In this we have to take into cognizance the following:-


  • Solid Belief on our Lord. First and foremost thing that we have to have in sufficient measure is rock solid belief that we are working in 100% partnership with our Lord nothing less may be more. Possess forbearance like a tree and have inner peace weathering strong storms and sunny days. Never bending its head after weathering elements without subjecting itself into vanity!


  • Self Belief. On our forward march to our journey, we ought to have self-belief that what we are doing is the only course and should not tarry by the way by ‘what others’ say’ about you.


  • Staying Power. When goal is set / fixed, be ready to take calculated risks and sometimes just taking unexpected risks believing that He is there with us to bank on.


  • Challenge the Challenges. If challenges are on the path to the destined destination just challenge these taking into consideration that your path is righteous one hence no hurdle can stop our march ahead.


  • Hurry Results in worry Ultimately. It should never be forgotten that attaining goal set is a must. Having set the goal we should endeavour to make our strides with care and caution. Every stride should be a confident one that the step we take should not entangle us in quagmire of our own making. Hasty steps result in unpredictable results should never be forgotten.


  • Self-esteem. On our march ahead, we have to acknowledge the appreciations of concerned people and also thank our Lord for removing all the hurdles without giving air to our EGO. It should never be forgotten that there is a very thin border line between SELF ESTEEM and EGO.


  • Positive Attitude. While traversing our path to journey ahead, we have to adopt positive attitude only analyzing before hand everything and not groping in the dark. This positivity in attitude includes: kindness, pity, piety, righteousness, et al. If we are engulfed with negativity in any form like; corrupt practices, anger, covetousness et al we have to remove this dirt from our midst and move on with the notion that negativity leads to negative results. These are also enemies of our self belief and self confidence.




Child is born with a cleanest slate

Knows not where the fate will take

Tender love of mother

Who shows us the light

And caressing of our father with care

Gives us the inkling that we are dearly cared.


Thence our Guru’s wisest sermons

Make us realize our own self justly

Organizes our inner instincts decisively.


Thus starts our efforts to follow the right direction

For realization of our true intentions

Without falling into the trap of unreasonable temptations

Apathy at work place

Laziness at house

Be very revengeful to these

Remove these enemies with thy efforts

Before these put brakes on thy further march

And further obliterate the feel of success

If pressure gives thee the backward pull

Motivation bestows thee forward push

And enthuses thee for march ahead

Just start it now and do the right

Procratinate and it’ll be thy undoing

The ones who start earnestly

They only make marry

The goal they set for themselves

Remember the ones who start now

Will face certain hurdles on the way

And not defeatists

Who never ventured at all

When thee start forward movement

These movements are watched by our Lord

He will pull us out of hurdles

If any thee face.






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  1. interesting post and approach… I strongly believe that our life is based upon choices and decisions, motivation and determination… that we have to assume! 🙂 nobody will ever do anything in our place… passivity, resignation and fatalism have always been negative and non-constructive…
    * * *
    my very best, thanx for dropping by my playground and friendly thoughts from Toulouse, France… Mélanie

    1. Thanks really for most inspiring words. Fact remains we have to make determined bids for ridding us of the negativity that nags us in our life. Sometimes we may face failure but ultimately a win win situation comes – a sweet one because it is due to shedding your own sweat.

      And finally our LORD – the Love One is with us always to accompany us on our further march.

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