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It is my profoundest pray to our Creator that 2014 may bring in its wake fructification of hopes and aspirations of humanity. It may also eliminate trust deficit that persists amongst us all. 



Our grateful thanks to our Lord

Who has gifted us

One more year to live for

And added to our kitty of years

That we’ve enjoyed with His blessings

And endowed with it thoughts so virtuous

To introspect as to what

We have done in the year

Gone by and what He wants

Us humans to achieve in the year coming

With His active partnership

Upholding the principles of righteousness.



Let’s live this year

With our body brimming with

Love and let this immeasurable love

Ooze out of us all

Spreading far and wide

Like wild but soothing flood

Which removes dirt and filth

From the earth around

Mesmerizing and overpowering everybody

And everything that comes

In its sway by its mighty waves.


Let’s spread the message of benevolence

It cements the relations amongst humans.


Compassion for all without prejudice

It makes even the swine sublime.


Pity for those hapless

Who’re just down but not out

Giving something from your own to the needy.


Spread the message of truthfulness

Amongst those who are not blessed

With this Dharma.



Let 2014 year be bereft of hate

Hate brings more hate in its wake.



Let this year be an year free of greed

For greed is the enemy of self-restraint

And a breeding ground for dishonesty.


Let this year be without malice towards none

It spreads disquiet in the societies.


Let this year be free of jealousy towards none

Because jealousy brings hatred amongst our own.

Let this year be without anger towards none

For anger is the enemy of peace and harmony amongst every one.


Let this year be without hostility towards none

For it is the mother of gloom.

Let this year be minus distrust amongst us

It is the enemy of trust amongst humans.


That is the wish list of mine

For the year 2014 & beyond even.


O Creator of ours

Pray make this year more fruitful than ever

So that all rightful hopes get fructify

And new mindset dawns

Shedding off the old-narrow ones.










Tree with roots

Roots support tree’s body
Provide necessary foods
That its body needs
For sustaining
Strength for standing
Dead body tissues replacing
Themselves deep earth entrenching
Its tentacles still deeper spreading
Even rocky beds piercing
Sometimes getting
Severe down under beating
Sometimes small stones curling
As mother cuddling
Her most dearest sibling
Season after season supporting
Helping in flower sprouting flowering
And even for giving fruits so mouth watering!
But roots beneath never wavering
Never forget if any parts gets pounding
The roots gives emotional feeling.

What happens when branches
With leaves
Flowers and fruits
Just forget roots!
Leave poor ones
Which have exhausted
After giving her everything
So that other parts may live
And stand erect and breathe freely
Look upward in prayer mode
Feel currents of air around.

Just like a mother tends its sibling
As teacher teaches his pupil
As living things are created by Creator
As representatives are chosen by voters
As oceans are sustained by river flows
As earth inhabitants are looked after by Mother Earth

Should we ever forget these roots?


My boss hates me and treats me like ****?

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My boss hates me and treats me like ****?

My new boss (a woman in her late forties) treats me horribly. She wants me to be stick to my office chair all day long. If I want to get coffee or something.She keeps checking on me in the kitchen. I caught her a couple of time checking if I was in my office. It’s crazy!

I’m a hard working employee. I finish my tasks on time (if not before). I only leave my office when I need to. She does not treat other employees the same way though they don’t work as hard as me.

Once she called to her office asking me why did my backup didn’t take my tasks during my vacation!! shouldn’t she ask my backup?

I feel like she just want a find a reason not to give me a good evaluation to get the annual bonus.

What should I do?

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One thing positive about you is that you are very hard working and devoted to your task – the felicity with which you finish your job is really praiseworthy.

Dealing with a boss who does not trust you; one has to conduct one self with tact and diplomacy rather than feeling let down whenever she / he distrust you. The following should be kept in mind:-

1. Have Confidence on your Faculties. You should have confidence on your capabilities but please do not fall into the pitfalls of showing it to the public that are the one. They should know through your work culture and not through your tall talk. But have confidence and not over-confidence!

2. Never put off things. Procrastination just spoils every thing.

3. Speak out when required. If clarifications are to be given give them in the best manner required. Never over-speak. And while speaking please do not forget that you are speaking to your superior who can influence your promotion prospects.

4. Try Adjusting. Adapting in the adverse environment is the quality which you should adopt.

5. Challenge the challenges. Do not feel despondent when you are thrown a challenge. Fact it head on.

6. The one who dislikes you is disliked by someone else. It is axiomatic that one who detests you is detested by somebody at her / his home. And she/he want to take cudgels against others while they are burning from inside themselves! Do not curse them but take pity on them. Really. Just ask about the life of that LADY BOSS of yours she must be suffering some psy problems.

If you want to change change yourself rather than changing others then you’ll adjust in any environs you are put in. Understand it and find the difference.


My own thoughts: P)lease go through https://emulateme.wordpress.com
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Am I depressed?what should I do?

My personality has changed completely.last time when i laughed was 6 months back.these days i only smile to show others that i m happy.there s no use of telling my family bcoz they think i m just actingn i want to hurt them.i wanted to commit suicide bcoz i hv no hope for future.

• 4 days ago
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Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

First of all the way you have asked question shows that you yourself are skeptical whether you are depressed or not – this shows that really you are not but the situation in which you are placed is not allowing you to come out of this ‘depressed’ rut. This also gives the solution in your question itself!

Secondly smile is good. But this smile should emanate from your inner being not a showy one which we see almost everywhere. For this to happen we should take into account the following points.

1. Know yourself. First and foremost thing is to know our ‘self’. To know self we have to know our positive characteristics like compassion; pity; piety; kindness towards others et al. Also we ought to know our negative traits like anger; greed; vanity; jealousy et al. These negative traits are to be changed to positive ones by auto suggestion to our mind. It’ll not be a easy task initially but what you repeat a number of times it becomes a habit. Having transformed your negativity to positivity we can just know our ‘self’ fully.

2. Everything Starts with you & ends with you. This should never be forgotten. You are the centre of gravity. Your own self esteem is a must. For this to happen; it is a must that you should respect others. It is based on give and take. If you give respect; you will get in the same manner. It is based on the theory of ‘action and reaction equal and opposite’.

3. Love Yourself. One who loves himself/herself loves others in the same manner. Loving just comes back to you it is reciprocated.

4. Just control your Satiety Level. You should not be swayed by the demonstrative effect of others. Just be satisfied with what you have. Never compare yourself with others at all. Compete with yourself not with others. Others have many things which they have got with other means other than the honest ways. Whatever you have be satisfied.

5. Remember your Creator. Be ever thankful to your Creator. Whatever religion you follow just remember that religion is a pathway to connect with our Lord. If confronted with problem; just discuss with your LORD and you’ll get the answer. But that question to HIM should be based on sincerity. Just leave your problems with your CREATOR and see how they get solved.

6. Just think of People who are not having bounties less than your own. At least you can express yourself think of people who cannot do so still are pulling with their lives. They are not the weak kneed people. They are sturdy willed persons.

Be thankful to our LORD and live just the moment and not the past or future. Nobody has seen tomorrow ever since and nobody will live the past which is dead. This moment is yours for asking. Enjoy it and see the difference.

MY OWN THOUGHTS; Please see my blog: https://emulateme.wordpress.com
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Born to virgin Mary

The loveliest Son of Holiest Spirits of our Lord,

At Bethlehem, the city of David,

A saviour of humanity,

And to spread the fragrance,

Of His message of peace.


Men of wisdom came from places afar,

Mesmerized by this Shining Star,

To witness a holiest event,

Which only sometimes happen,

Angels sing songs so melodious,

Shepherds pay their utmost reverence.


Old in years the two,

 Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified,

As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One,

Brought up in rural town of Nazareth,

His adaptive father Joseph,

Taught Him the art of using,

Tools of a carpenter,

A labour so arduous by any standard,

Resulting in sweating,

By the rays of sun so searing.


The revered God’s Son,

Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!

Thence as he cometh,

From the waters of Jordan,

A voice so invigorating,

Cometh from Heaven,

‘This is my beloved Son

In whom I am very pleased’. 

Thereafter Jesus went to the backwoods,

Surprise of surprises of all!

To allow Satan to temp Him

To break the back of Satan.


He fasted for days forty,

And vanquished the Satan thence forth,

With eternal will of God in the heaven,

Then brimming with the Holy Sprit,

He lived with the commons,

For three long years.


John recorded Jesus as the Son of God,

Who raised the dead to live again,

Made the blinds to see again,

Lames to walk again,

Demons not to appear again,

Came to the succour of hapless,

During mighty storms. 

With a few loaves and fish,

Made food sufficient for five thousands!

Believe – we have to!

Since He is sent by Him,

As a Saviour,

As His Incarnate,

The All Knowing,

The All Powerful Being.


Then on a Thursday Night,

He meets his followers,

In the city of Jerusalem,

On an occasion so solemn,

He announced,

It is ordained that He may die,

For those He loved so dearly,

And told them to remember,

His association with them,

And also promised,

To come back,

For their sake!


He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane,

Prayed to the Divine Providence.


No case was found against Jesus,

By those who tried Him,

Yet was crucified on Friday,

He departed this life,

For He loved us all,

After when He was dead,

His power was proclaimed,

By happening most unexplained,

On the morn of Sunday,

He rose from the dead,

Appeared to Mary,

And apostles and a huge gathering,

And gave the message of love

Goes to prove

He remains invincible in both the states.