The recent concluded elections and its results are indicative of a good augury for further cementing democratic credentials of our country. It has also shown to the world at large that India’s institution of democracy is strengthening day by day. This has been established beyond doubt by following ground realities:-

  • Govern Well or Face Being Voted out.  The voters without exception have made it clear to the contesting parties to show good results in governance or face being voted out.


  • General Awareness of People about their Democratic Rights. People in general are now aware about how they can tilt the power indices from non-performers or those who do not deliver their promises made to the electorates.
  • Deliverance of the Goals by the Political Parties. Now the parties also have realized that if they do not realize the promises made to the electorates they are sure to be voted out of power by the awakened people.
  • Secular Credentials are Cemented. This is one of the best outcomes of current elections. Now the people without any consideration to caste etc have voted for the person who is eligible in every way rather than any other considerations – like muscle power / money power /caste factor etc.
  • Corrupts are voted out. People have shown their zero tolerance for corruption and now use their democratic rights in the best possible manner. Corrupts and unscrupulous are being voted out. Now the parties are giving tickets to the people with clean image. This is really a good achievement of our democratic institution.
  • Inflationary Pressure / Policy Paralysis & Voting Pattern .  The inflationary pressure on the people has also made people vote against the ruling parties and tilted the balance. Policy paralysis resulting in non-implementation of major decisions with regard to monetary control; keep a tab on imports / export; enhancement in agricultural and industrial sectors and other sectors of economy too has impacted voting pattern.
  • A Word of Praise for Election Commission of India.  Election Commission has transacted its task commendably well. This has given a further boost to our democratic institutions.

The result in three States of Madhya Pradesh; Chhatisgarh and Rajasthan is quite laudable. It is not which party has won or lost but how the people voted that matters. They were influenced more by ground realities and not merely by promises which the parties concerned made to the electorates.


Unfortunately the results for Delhi have thrown a real challenge to parties BJP; AAM ADMI and Congress. No party has won 36 seats to form Government. BJP has expressed its inability to form Government because they are 4 seats short.  The Congress has only 8 which cannot even think of forming a Government. The invitation to AAM ADMI with 28 members by Lt. Governor has also not been taken in right spirit by this party. Though Congress has given assurance that they will support them in forming Government and BJP has assured their constructive support yet of no consequence.

Now ball is in the court of AAM ADMI party. But instead of giving positive response its convener has written letters to BJP and Congress putting forth their 18 point agenda as a pre-condition for forming their Government. This is really baffling. If Congress with 8 members agrees to support AAM ADMI party with 28 members; it will have more than required number of members (36) to form the Government and if at any point of time Congress withdraws their support it will not be taken kindly by the people. Also AAM ADMI party has flatly refused to support BJP to form Government. BJP is not able to cobble home the required number.  Now onus remains on AAM ADMI party.


In the present scenario the re-election is the other possible option. In this sort of situation what about the financial burden on the tax payers? What about the promises made by the AAM ADMI party in its manifesto to the AAM LOGS? They should explore possibilities of forming Government otherwise they will lose the goodwill they have earned so assiduously. By running away from forming Government the party will lose chance of delivering goods when it was given a golden chance. And who knows what happens in the re-election if it were held! People cannot be hoodwinked now. They are now more awakened than before. Mere promises with no deliverables will earn them their wrath rather than goodwill.


God may bestow them sagacity to act now and govern when they are called to do so.



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  1. events are proving that democracy is failing to solve the basic issues, giving rise to innumerable problems, since leaders are elected by illiterates/ignorant too, whereas the nation needs the best capable rulers, not the mediocre

    1. Really a sad commentary on your diction. Democracy means the Government of the people, for the people and by the people. Here the connotation of ‘people’ is not the literates only, it is all the people including those who could not get chance for educating themselves due to some reason. Now that they are empowered to choose their own Government, I think is their highest qualification; to be a citizen of a democratic set up. What a great thing in my view. Nation need every body not only the literates. My fore-fathers were not so literate!

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