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How can I control this feeling.?
please help me. i had sex with my boyfriend before. the problem is i always keep remembering and thinking about past thing with him. i think this is a desire. but why only to him? i now this thing is blocking my future, but its really hard to stop. i confuse what is happening to me. i thinks it getting worst because i’m being like this for 3 years now. what if it will be 4 and 6 and forever?? I don’t know this is wrong or no. what am i gonna do?

• 2 years ago
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by Harbans

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It is better for you to forget everything which transpired. This is a past happening and should be taken as such. It should not affect your today. We incidentally do so many things but do you think we should remain sticking to these. Whatever happened, it should be forgotten as a bad dream. If we remain stuck to that bad dream, it will adversely affect your today. And that would be a miserable thing. And by the same token is your bf remembering that incident. I doubt he is. Then why you. Just leave it and live a peaceful life, non-challantly.

• 2 years ago

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Dear, Problem is that You Really love him, it happens that you cant forget anyone whom you love but life never stops for anyone, best way is to keep yourself busy, it will help you lot, me too facing this situation.. and I had find this best…
You can control your feelings by doing meditation everyday…you can involve in some extra curricular activities too…
o 2 years ago

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