Apart from body hunger, hunger has many other forms and different methods for its appeasement. There are the moral paths and there are the immoral ones; which way we follow solely depends on our freewill and wisdom.

• Hunger of our Body. We eat food to sustain our energy in order to perform variety of body functions. If we do not eat proper and balanced diet, the mechanism /system of our body does not function properly. The hunger by our body is related to the contractions of our stomach muscles. The pangs of hunger is sometimes excessive due to the concentration of Ghrelin.

• Hunger for God Attention. God’s bounties for His creations are well known to everybody. How He created everything around us and the universe (which has been expanding) has been delved upon many a times. Theories abound. But His method of creation is laced in mysticism which sometimes makes us skeptical. All the religions of the world give us sound preaching as to why we should pursue certain principles in order to establish our connectivity with Him. This connection could only be cemented by having hunger for His attention and that can come only happen by showering our love to Him. If we do so, everything just happens in our lives. His love for us is always there even if we do not love Him. Bholenath loves Godheads, humans, demons and other creations just equally. But when we show extra hunger for His attention, He too just reciprocates in the same manner. Let’s imbibe this hunger in us for His reciprocity.

• Hunger for Power and Pelf. There are the people who have insatiable hunger for material possessions and for fulfilling their hunger these people could go to any length for quenching this hunger – adopting any shortcuts contrary to the moralistic norms of behavior where the concerned person gives more importance to worldly possessions over any other considerations – at the cost of even bosom relations or self respect. This hunger leads to moral degradation and takes us away from God connectivity.

• Hunger for Work. There are the people who have hunger for more work for a successful fructification of their projects/jobs in hand. They will burn mid-night oil for getting success. If this work is done with sincerity by following and observing good conduct certainly it will have a moral stamp on it. The fruits of this work would be delivered for long. Such a person partakes the fruits of his/her work with his/her fellow beings in need. Contrarily, if the hunger for work is only for gaining possessions for self or for exhibiting status then results too would be similar.


The most enduring need for our body’s sake
For satisfying our physical sensation, food we take
To sustain our energy of our body
To work for earning our day’s bread
For with belly unfilled
Nothing gets accomplished
Mind becomes unmindful of our needs
Wrong messages it will then feed
People eat to mitigate their hunger and remain fit and fine
Some overeat and put flab and diseases they thus earn.

Then there is a hunger for power and pelf
Some just forget everything including respecting self
To quench this hunger so insatiable
Overlooking even norms of behavior, applicable
For humans and other living things
Driven by greed for still ‘more’ they care not about any beings
This hunger breeds contempt from all quarters
Disliked by all including our Creator.

Thence, there is hunger of body – called cupidity
Arisen out of excessive fantasizing, bordering on stupidity
Tarnishing the very image as a responsible citizen
And finally losing respect of all those who count.

Hunger for success spurs us to put in sincere effort
Helps us surmount hurdle
That may befall our way
And ensure victory ultimately
With our Lord’s benevolent grace
Thus sincere hunger finally pays.

O our Lord increase our hunger
For Thy attention so that we are able to do little more
For our brethren who are less fortunate
Owing to their ill-fate.





Amongst the Trinity (Lord Barhma – responsible for creation, Lord Vishnu – responsible for preserving and then evolution), Lord Shiva is the most powerful and is responsible for dissolving / destruction in order to recreate. In this way, He has the power of destroyer and the creator. He is simplistic but is a bit difficult to understand. He is the embodiment of huge Shakti (Power).

Maha Shivratri is being celebrated on 27th February 2014 on Krishna Paksha (moonless night); with great enthusiasm and gaiety. Chanting of Aum Nimon Shivayaya and Maha Mantra Mahamritunaya Mantra are chanted / recited with utmost devotion and piety on this day. Lord Shiva is worshipped with Bel Patra, betel leaves, berries, ak datura and assorted other simple leaves. Those who worship Lord Shiva with oneness of purpose and with utmost devotion are blessed with all the bounties and ultimately Liberation (Moksha) –  for those who pray with pure body, mind and heart.  Bholenath is pleased with simple prayer.  

         There are a long queues  in all the Shiva temples in all the small and big temples everywhere. All the devotees offer their prayers with simple offerings which pleases Him the most.


            Legend has it that on this auspicious day of Maha Shivratri at midnight Lord Shiva revealed his Lingum Form and perform Rudra Abhshekham at midnight of this day. Linga symbolizes the energies required for life on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels – the world we live and the universe around. On this night Lord Shiva and Maan Parvati got married and thus became Sagun Brahman with the power of Maan Parvati. Legend also it that Lord Shiva drank a pot full of poison that came out during churning of ocean. He thus saved the humanity from being decimated with poison. Due to this the throat of Lord Shiva’s throat turned Neela (Blue) and that is why He also is called ‘Neelkantha’.


  • Lord Shiva is called variously like:-


  • Neelkanth
  • Mahadeva,
  • Mahayogi,
  • Pashupatinath,
  • Nataraja,
  • Bhairava,
  • Vishwanath,
  • Bhava,
  • Bhole Nath

To name a few.



The Godhead amongst the Trinity,

Lord Brahma – the Creator,

Remains absorbed in His domain of Creation,

Lord Vishnu – the Preserver,

Keeps His Lotus hand on preservation.

The Lord of all Lords,

The most powerful & benevolent of all,

Enjoys special place in His realm,

Of death and destruction,

Dissolving in the process of fresh creation,

Since death is a means for rebirth.

Known variously by 1000 names like;

Mahadeva, Maheshwara, Ardnarishwara,

Nine Avtaras, Natraja et al.

During churning of ocean by Gods & demons accompanying,

He drank whole pot of poison which came out from churning,

To save the living beings from poisonous effect,

And kept it in his throat (kantha),

And thus is called Neelkantha,

Known for providing soothing balm to troubled souls.

The Lord is too found in Phallic Symbol of Linga.

He is the Centrifugal Force of the Universe,

And is mix of the most simplest & complex amongst all deities.

Pile of curly hair, crescent tucked into it,

The Mighty Ganges flowing out from His piled hair.

With trident representing true virtues,

Coiled serpent signifying Kundalini,

The spiritual energy within,

Two sided drum (Damroo) drumming rhythmically,

The  hum of AUM – the core & initiation of all Mantras.

Simplest in His appearance,

But complex in understanding,

With ash smeared all over the body,

Wearing Ruthraksha beads round his neck and arms,

Immersed in His Yogic mystic meditation.

He is the Lord who could be appeased very easily,

And bestows boons to sages and demons alike whenever invoked,

With love and piety,

The Omniscient Yogi’s abode is Mount Kailasha,

Where He dwells with our Divine Mother Parvati,

And sons Ganesha & Kartikeya – the Greatest in their own right,

Lord Ganesha for His troube shooting,

And Lord Kartikeya for demon conquering,

His Cosmic Dance is second to none,

By this Cosmic Dance all the Gods & Demi-Gods get enthralled.

When immensely provoked by inhuman acts,

Opens His Third Eye,

And annihilates the evil doers / the ferocious demons.

MAHA SHIVRATRI is the day of prayer,

When we all pray the BHOLE SHANKAR,


May His Blessings remain on us all forever,

And may He fulfil all right desires of every being.








Is it okay to give up on dating and relationships?

Is it okay to give up on dating and relationships?

  • Mike asked 1 month ago

I’m 20 and I just don’t feel like it’s worth it. I feel like it’s too much risk for too little a reward.



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It is important that we decide what sort of life you want to have. For a meaningful life one will have to face the situations arising in life with courage. For courage to happen in our life we have to first think about what do we want in our life. What sort of a life partner we would like to have. For establishing and cementing our relationship it is a must that we should know a person thoroughly; his / her background – including the person concerned and family. 

If you want that you do not want to date the fellow and establish relationship it is your freewill. Nobody can compel you in this. This is your life and you are free to decide which and what you want to get out of it. And why not?

And if you still want to date the fellow then for the dating and establishing relationship meaningfully following should be taken into account by the concerned person. 

1. The person concerned should be known to you. If not prior knowledge should be made known through different sources. 

2. Having known the fellow; it is a must that the fellow concerned is compatible with your educational background. You have to spend your life with the fellow not for a short spell and then uncertain future. 

3. It should be borne in mind that dating is for familiarization. It is not for the establishment of a body relationship. Why body relationship before marriage? May be after this happening the other party leaves. There are the people who want  this thing to happen and that is their purpose of dating! 

4. Dating means to know completely the concerned fellow and let him / her know about yourself. 

5. No show offs on dating. 

6. Be and act like a person you are. Never overact or exaggerate. This may boomerang on you. Ultimately it may lead to uncertainty. 

And finally it is person concerned decision. Nothing should be done which may lower the self respect of the person.


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? answered 1 month ago

Of course not!

Finwie answered 1 month ago

Do whatever you want with your life. Dating isn’t for everyone.



Fact remains happiness or prosperity of a nation is not due to material possession/development of a particular section of society but how the fruit of development of that nation percolates down to all the sections of society without discrimination for a balanced development. The balanced development ought to be systematized /institutionalized/regularized by democratically elected Government at the helm of affairs; chosen by the common masses within the rules enshrined in the Constitution of that country. It should also be ensured that in the federal structure of government all the states/regions get the centrally allocated assistance judiciously by the Planning Commission of that country. There should not be any bias on this score on the basis of different parties ruling different states/regions for overall development.

Economic development is essential for enhancing the per capita income of its citizens. Those countries which have economic clout are respected in the community of nations. A prosperous nation is the one which ensures balanced development in infrastructural development (including rail & roads)/industry/agriculture/small scale industries and all other traditional modes of income generating units are also given fillip besides taking care of imports and exports of goods and services.

A country could be termed as a happy and prosperous when human rights of all the sections of the society are protected. No discrimination is shown on the basis of region/caste/creed/language/colour. All people without any bias perform their duties and responsibilities without prejudice and with a sense of pride while enjoying their rights. Here the words of J F Kennedy’s, “Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” are the most relevant.

The words of wisdom of Gandhiji that a country could be called as happy and prosperous if that country respects the rights of animals too besides human rights of humans. It should never be forgotten that all the creations are dear to our Creator then why not to ensure their care and protection.

A country is happy and prosperous where social security of old and physically challenged is ensured besides (if required) special homes for these people should be earmarked for their safety and security – also providing them medi-care and fulfilling their mental and physical needs.

A country cannot be construed as happy and prosperous till its Human Resource Development (HRD) is world class. It is a country where the fruits of technological advancement reach to all the sections of the society and is in sync with the IT development of the world. The human developmental data on skilled and semi-skilled besides non-skilled people is index/pooled. Subsequently it should be ensured that all these HR is utilized for overall development of the country. Also where merit is given overall consideration but the weaker sections and economically backwards too are not ignored/left behind. Besides this; a nation to be prosperous has to make concerted effort in Research and Development for keeping abreast of the latest in science and technology.

A nation which has zero tolerance for corruption in all walks of life. Common people living in that sort of a nation can get their jobs done without let or hindrance.

A nation is happy and prosperous when internal and external defence/ security is ensured by the representative government. The nation ensures that its borders are protected by the strong army and internally by the para-military forces.

Now-a-days relationship with other countries is also of paramount important. Thus a country should have solid and sound policies on its relationships with other countries. Besides it works in tandem with policies and programmes of United Nation and its bodies for ensuring world peace / prosperity / progress besides harmony in the comities of nations.

Where all religions are considered as different paths with oneness of purpose and lead to a Single Source (God- call Him any name) and no religion is considered as superior/inferior besides all religions should develop and pursue their religious/spiritual march forward without fear or coercion. Besides a nation where the cultural and traditional values are respected and all the formal and informal institutions (such as universities/colleges/schools/temples/mosques/churches) pursue and upkeep the traditional modes of behaviour.

A country whose people respect the unity and integrity of country and are even ready for supreme sacrifice if need be.

I shall call a nation happy and prosperous if a country considers to unify breaking the wall of partition as has been the case of Germany.

Above all; a country could be called a happy and prosperous one if there is no racial discrimination. This discrimination prevails where there are multi-cultural and multi-lingual people reside. Despite being multi-cultural and multi-lingual society the concerned nation enjoys harmony between different sections of the society. It should never be forgotten that the racial discrimination that prevailed in South Africa under the garb of apartheid system from 1950 to 1990 has now been stopped because of its futility. Hence a country with no bias on narrow parochial considerations is considered a happy and prosperous nation.


A nation whose inhabitants share their weal & woes
As a responsible citizen with zeal & jest utmost.
A nation which cares for all creations of Creator without bias
And does everything discernible for upholding their rights.
Whose citizens defend its borders with all power at their command
With inhibitions thrown to the winds at all costs.
A nation which respects other nations’ rights
As it respects its own one without even an iota of fright.
A nation which does not resort to racial prejudices
Based basically on caste; creed; colour or languages.
A nation which has a strong economic basis
With development of industrial and agricultural produces.
A nation which helps its old and enfeebles
With emotional support and protection when needed.
A nation which respects its constitution as a sacred document
And follows it to the book for meeting its requirements.
A nation which prides its old cultural values
And passes the same to its new generation without fail.
A nation which respects others’ religious principles
And considers it a path to reach the Ultimate Source.
A nation while safeguarding its own mother land in distress
Provides succor to the needy ones in the events of natural calamities.
A nation which has zero tolerance on corruption
And for being free from it teaches lesson to corrupts for their correction.


How Do You Socialize With People?

How Do You Socialize With People?

Was originally asked on Yahoo Answers United States

I’m not really good at socializing on a normal level. Can someone give me and idea of what that’s like?



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  • Harbans answered 1 year ago

The following things ought to be taken into account in order to become normal:socialized person:-

1.  Just act normal.
2.  Do not beat about the bush while introducing your status or position. If the other party understands it is better if not just think that that person is not fit for you.
3. Your standing in the eyes of others depends upon your own credibility – your position, your knowledge, your own attitude and sincerity of purpose.
4.  Socializing is mostly dependent upon give-and-take. Sometime you have to withstand slides and intimidation’s but take it with a pinch of salt and go on.
5.  Time is a great healer. It should never be forgotten that with time everything heals. Relationships change with time. But patients is the key.
6.  Socialisation is a two way traffic. If you want to make friendship with somebody and that person is not concerned and not serious, then it cannot go on. Just change tag and seek alternatives.
7. Be adaptive to the change. Never have ill-conceived ideas or ideals.

It should never be forgotten that everything starts with you and ends with you. If nothings works despite your best efforts. Just be satisfied with your own company. You have your own internal source in yourself. Just explore it and see the difference.


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reyna answered 1 year ago

Don’t try to be normal be yourself people like weird people more then they do normal people

Alex answered 1 year ago

Wear a smile and just be a nice person. There is not one person on this planet that will sincerely say they hate nice people.




Promises not kept,  broken so brazenly

With an aim to embarrass thy buddy intently

Losing one more friend all weather one held so dearly

And many more to lose,  are in the pipeline

After knowing thy thinking line

Would lose everybody thenceforth

Till sincere heartfelt apologies are not offered.


An appointment with somebody not met

Thus closing the door before it is even opened

Impacting important career opportunity in the bargain

A honest heartfelt apology,  the situation may be salvaged.


A duty assigned woefully just forgotten

Losing confidence of those who count

A genuine heartfelt apology may work finally.


Word given for fulfillment not respected of thy love one

Losing sanctity of thy words given

Seeds of discontent are conveniently thus sown

Leaving heart so broken

A passionate heartfelt apology may heal the heart torn

And potential hug finally earned.










Lord Krishna was kind enough to bestow us the opportunity of visiting the lanes and by-lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan / Gokul and other places a few days back where we found to our big surprise that whatever we had heard or read through other mediums proved to be hundred percent on dot. In every nook and corner we felt as if some elusive hands were guiding us to explore further into the realm of Lord Krishna. In every bit of living and non-living things including the Yamuna flowing majestically are laced in mysticism and historical reality. We became a part of that reality!

I was really mesmerized by the Lord Krishna’s idol in BANKE BEHARI TEMPLE. Its image is etched indelibly in my heart. It will I am sanguine remain guiding me in the days to come. What a visit it was. I shall not barter this visit with anything in this material world. I visited many of the temples for the first time but it seemed I had seen those places many a times. I was obviously surprised when one of the temple priests told that he had seen me before also! That is the surprise of all surprises.


Shri Krishna was born in Dwapara Yuga is the eighth son of Yadava Prince Vasudev and mother Devki. The Yadu dynasty belongs to the family descending from Som – the god in the moon planet. Lord Krishna’s task was to establish the principles of religion or to establish the principles of righteousness. In order to save the infant child from his maternal uncle Kansa (ruler of Mathura) he was taken away to Gokul – the village of gopas in Braj under the able care of Nand and Yashoda. Krishna as a child grew to manhood with gipis and gopas to play with.

Mathura is a part of Brajbhoomi now in Uttar Pradsesh. It covers an area of 3800 Sq. Kms. Brajbhoomi is divided into two distinct units. Eastern part which include trans-Yamuna with places like Gokul; Mahavan; Baldeo; and Bajna. The western side of the Yamuna include: Vrindavan; Govardhan; Kusum Sarovar; Barsana and Nandgaon.

 Mathura is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. This is the place where Shri Krishna was born and spent his youth. His presence could be felt if one cares to feel. This place has a sanctity of its own. There is a special sort of attraction in the air. If one cares to feel one can imagine the sweet melody of Krishna’s flute. This place has a special fragrance.

Mathura is eternally connected with Lord Krishna and not merely a material city. It still is a transcendental abode of Lord Krishna. He remained intimately connected with Vrindavan. Wosoever goes there becomes a part of this transience hence is purified. One who goes there with purity at heart feels himself/herself to part and parcel of this place. When that person leaves this place after having seen/heard all the Leela of Lalaa that person goes back to his / her home after an overall change; mental and spiritual.

Lord Krishna had spent His childhood and thereafter to in Mathura and Vrindavan hence these places could be termed as the abode of the Lord where He engaged in pastimes; that is why this place is the most sacred one. It is also a sacred place because there are numerous sacred places in Mathura and Vrindavan – amongst these the birth place of Krishna and Banke Behari Temple among others. It also signifies the importance of nature which Lord Krishna espoused.


Gokul is the place where Nand Baba with the members of his family settled down at Mahavan.              Gokul (Go – associated with cows) is called so because all the cows; gopis; gopas along with the members of their families resided there. Nand Baba had his own herd of cows.


The majestic / mystic Yamuna and the most important Ghat from where our Lord Krishana as a infant was spirited away from His birthplace Mathura while all the guards of the prison were sleeping. There is also a temple of Shri Gangaji   opposite the Ghat.

This is the main ghat in Gokul and the place where Shri Vallabhacharya received darshan of Shri Yamuna Maharani. He began to give initiation (diksa) at this place. This Ghat is thus a place of great significance to the Vaishnavas of theVallabha Sampradaya. There are so many places situated in Gokul; amongst these following are the important ones:-

  • Ø Temple of Shri Vitthalnath,
  • Ø Shri Madan Mohan Temple,
  • Ø Shri Madhavray Temple,
  • Ø Shri Gokulnath Temple,
  • Ø Shri Dvarkanath Temple,
  • Ø Shri Navanitapriya Temple
  • Ø Shri Gokul Chandrama Temple
  • Ø Place where He killed Demoness Putana
  • Ø The place where Shri Nand Maharaj kept his cart
  • Ø The place where Krishna as a child ate mitti (earth)
  • Ø Yashoda Ghat, ,


This place is situated 15 km from Mathura. It is also a sacred place where Krishna as a child exhibited his playfulness and his association with gopas and gopis are very famous. It is a place where He wooed Radha Rani. Now we can see quite a number of temples there – new and the ancient ones.

Vrindavan is a village famous for groves of fragrant plants – cleansing the environs around. We can feel enchantment of Lord Krishna in every elements present there. Even the earth on which Krishna journeyed/walked  is considered sacred.


Govardhan, a very famous place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is located 26 km west of Mathura.  Govardhan is located on a narrow sandstone hill known as Giriraj (King of mountains) which is about 8 km in length. It can better be said that Lord loved nature and the people who take parikrama of Govardhan Hill (circumambulation) do not dissociate the two.  What a sight to see when the children; old men and women circumambulation just barefooted weathering all sort of climates or time – night or day no inhibition at all! Here only belief and indomitable faith wins ultimately. Govardhan Hill at its highest point is 80 feet with a length of 8 km.



Legent has it that there was a huge deluge; due to persistent rains owing to anger of rain God Indra. The incessant rain was so severe that all the people were in danger of losing their livestock’s and properties  including their own lives. In order to save these hapless people Lord Krishna picked up the Govardhan Hill with his little finger for seven days continuously! That is the reason Lord Krishna is also called Govardhandhri. All the cow herds; gopas; gopis and other things were saved by our Lord Krishna. Even Govadhan Hill is pleased by the touch of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. In order to convince His followers that both He and Govardhan Hill are not separate He Himself conveyed this. In this way the rain God Indra got a sweet lesson for his anger. He realized the prowess of Lord Krishna.

Thus in this way the inhabitants of Vrindavan were saved from the deluge. Lord Krishna advised the inhabitants to worship Govardhan Hill and take circumambulation around as a matter of respect to it. Govardan Puja is also done one day after Diwali every year by the devout. After the ceremony the people distribute Prasada to the devotees.


Parikrama of Govardhana starts at the Manasi-Ganga Kund (lake) and then after having darsan of Lord Harideva, from Radha-kunda village, where the Vrindavan road meets the parikrama path. After parikrama of 38 km, covering important tanks, shilas and shrines such as Radha Kunda, Syama Kunda, Dan Ghati, Mukharavinda, Rinamochana Kunda, Kusuma Sarovara and Punchari, it ends at Mansi Ganga Kund only.

Govardhan Temple which is being a new look now. There are innumerable deities in the precincts of this temple.  It is a place which is highly revered by the people. Bhajan and pooja is done with religious fervor and vigour.


There is a saying most sagacious

Whenever there is prevalence of demonic forces

Posing distortion in world order

Thence our Creator takes Avtar

And to establish principles most dear for Dharma

With all the innate potencies so powerful.

There appeared Supreme Godhead as son of Vasudeva

In the kashatriya dynasty of Yaduva

The pious one  of all

As a small baby killed gigantic demoness Putana

And other demons including the most ferocious & vindictive Kamsa

Giving our love and remembering Him is Krishna consciousness

Which becomes a part and parcel of our life in true sense

Rids us of impending dangers for us and our love ones

The transcendental realm of Krishna is Vrindavana

There He is held high by Gopis and Gopas

For they want to remain near the Lotus Feet of beloved Krishna their own Sakha

They had the highest innate attachment to shower Him love so eternal

They had at heart Krishna Supreme Love

Eternal source purest linkage which binds them together

And rid themselves from the maya’s fetters

And gain transcendental consciousness eternally

With His pastimes loved by the souls liberated

And purifies us of our deceased mentality so prevalent.

Krishna is Godhead because He is all attractive

The one who possesses all the six opulences

With unlimited imaginable degrees

Of wealth/power/famous/beauty/wisdom and unattachment

Whilst performing His duty as a human with traits unparalleled

Maintaining  the Supreme Personality of Godhead

With knowledge & memory without a boundry

A supreme master/friend/child/love all mixed together










(14 FEBRUARY 2014)

Frugal and Fun Valentine's Day Gift & Date Ideas :: Southern Savers 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentinus performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.

Legend have it that before he was to be executed he wrote a letter finally signing as: YOUR VALETINE to bid adieu.

May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases.



A love which dies not,
A love which sprouts without bias
A love which gives strength to all.

A love which cares not for caste, color or creed

A love which surpasses in every way we feel.

A love which paints everyone with humane brush

A love which gives a sublime love a gentle push

A love which is eternal and magical

A love which is not theatrical.

A love which asks nothing in return

A love which burns all suspicions in turn.

A love which knows only giving

A love which teaches all the true ways of living.

A love which cares not, even if the ultimate result is supreme sacrifice

A love which showers only fragrance.

Thus cleansing the polluted air around,
Spreading goodwill for all without doubt.

Which remains unchanged as time passes doubtlessly
Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.

Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.
Like the Love of Saint Valentine,
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted his imprisonment,
And earned ultimately martyrdom.

While in the condemned cell of a prison,
With his miraculous touch he cured the daughter of the warden,
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter,
With words eternal,
“From your Valentine”,
These words have become a brand,
Now for us all to express our love with a huge sprinkle of pride,
Lasting till eternity.

Harbans Khajuria




Whilst God is very merciful
Bestows us everything needed basketful
Many a times without even asking
At times little effort gives more than we are expecting
Amply proves there is a hidden hand making
Our efforts fructifying.

Sowing seeds is really in our hands
But how the seeds will get soaked in the land
For germination is beyond the sphere of our clout
It requires rain besides ample sun rays
For this, Mother Nature decides the days.

In the similar section
For any deed to see the glowing dawn of completion,
All must chip in for its fructification,
A single person makes no difference
It is the one and one making eleven that counts
With our Lord’s mercies and bounties.

Success should never go to our head
Be humble and level headed,
For it is not your head alone which made it happen
All the heads and elements so essential
Have so joyously united to make it possible
In fact with the overall blessings of our Lord.



Fact remains, societies of ours believe in competition and respect individuality. There is nothing wrong in this. Every society wants to excel in this environment of cut throat competition. Success is a great motivator. It spurs us to try for more successes even losing focus on some important imponderables which we woefully ignore causing irreparable damage to relationship between the workforce and the organizational heads. The new heights in success, sometimes makes the people at the helms of affairs haughty, rude, filled with pride et al. Sometimes thinking comes, the queue starts from where ‘I’ stand. Thence egocentric tendencies take charge of our actions and reactions. The clear victim in this sort of scenario is humility. The negative traits like arrogance, rudeness, discourtesy, degradation, pretentiousness, pompousness, fastidiousness, etc just set in.

“It is hard to be humble”. It also is in consonance with wisdom filled dictum; keep your head while others are losing theirs. We, therefore, should never lose sight of being humble despite torrents of successes otherwise the end result would be torrents of failures – who knows what happens next moment!

To pronounce from the rooftop that ‘I am humble’ is good thing but when some pointers suggest I am otherwise is to say the least – a worse thing? Children ought to be taught spiritual education for it preaches them the virtue of humility/unassuming nature despite efficiency at the peak level because everything that has been ours is due to Him – even wisdom we are endowed with. We are merely cogs/instruments of change but not change as such. God is the Motivator-in-Chief should never be lost sight of.

It has been seen that a tree which is laden with fruit bends itself towards the Mother Earth. It also withstands the natural furry – storms or blizzards yet never abdicates from its duty bestowed to it by the Mother Nature. Contrarily, the tree which does not yield any flower or fruit stands erect, skyward – it does not provide even shelter to anyone! It is neither beneficial to itself nor to others. Similar is the case with the individuals who do not have humility. Those who possess wisdom are amenable to situations and respect others’ viewpoints. In return, society in general appreciates such personages. It may take sometimes to establish his / her credentials, but it will happen nonetheless.

To be humble, it is paramount that we should contemplate on the following aspects:-

•Meet others’ Needs. A person, while meeting his / her own demands, meets the demands of others, is a person loved by our Lord and the persons with whom he / she works with.

•Patience in meeting our demands. If our demands are not met at times, we have to be patient. If it takes sometimes, hardly matters. As and when our turn comes we shall get. If not, that too hardly matters, it is not the end of the world!

•Losing Head. Do not lose your head on small things. – if somebody crosses our way, we tend to get offended. Alright. We should keep your head while others are losing.

•Believe tradition but be innovational. It is an age when technology has made difference to our lives. We have to be in sync with the new innovations. Hence without losing sight of traditions, we have to be innovational and imbibe those in our day to day functioning.

•Motivate others. It have to take a leaf from those examples wherein the organization head motivates the employees under him/her for putting in their best for taking the same to new heights. A few words of appreciation makes a huge difference.

•Doing small things efficiently/differently counts. Small things contribute and add up to make it a big one which makes big difference ultimately. It should never be forgotten.

•Harnessing inner potential. All of us are having inner potential of highest order. Need is to explore that potential and exploit the same for optimum results. A visionary and motivator can do it efficiently without feeling of self-important about it all.” title=”SELF IMPROVEMENT”>




 Vasant Panchami – Basant Panjami 2012 SMS, text message, wishes ...

Our land is a land of festivals and fairs

We celebrate various events to get together

And mutually be a part of celebrations

With overwhelming brimming of emotions

To commemorate start of a season

Or in connection with a religious occasions.

Basant Panchami has religio-seasonal connotations.

A carpet of yellow mustard plants is one of the best attractions

People put on their yellow attires

And imbue themselves in natural colour

Even the food taken is coloured yellow

with saffron

Giving lively fragrance.

There is a legend attached to this festival

Brahma who is the Creator-in-Chief

Happened to see earthwards

He felt very sad on seeing the bare trees

Barren land bereft of greenery

He sprinkled some water from His enchanting jar

Lo and behold all

There appeared Goddess Sarswati

The giver of wisdom and learning

Music, art and craft and knowledge

Also termed as the goddess of Vasant Panchmi!

Lord Barahma too gifted greener to the plants in abundance

Bringing in its wake brilliance in natural sight

And verve and vigor in everybody’s life.


Yellow flowers are offered to Gods

Even our food items exhibit yellowness

With saffron strands giving yellow colour

Emitting fragrance everywhere.


People worship the musical instruments

Art, craft and all the learning mediums

For these are the gifts of Goddess Saraswati

Processions in the honour of the Goddess is taken

To implore Her to bestow us humans the wisdom

And power to find the difference between truth and falsehood

Her four hands symbolize ego, intellect, alertness and the mind

Her white dress is the symbol of purity

And loves truth of all forms

Her postures of sitting too has vast meaning.


Our humble prayers to Thee O Goddess Sarasvati

The embodiment of learning

We implore Thee to remove illiteracy

Remove ego as You are the giver of wisdom

And do imbue us all in Thy colour.