Love can make huge difference in our life

Whilst hate can make huge dent in our life.



Spouse seeing off her partner

Going to work in the morning hours

Gives a sweet departing smile

And receives back with a huge grin

With a cup of coffee steaming

Washes off all the grimness

Generated during day’s work

What it is – if not love?



At mid-night stroke

Disturbed my sleep due to noisy snores

Of my better-half

Pecked her neck with love

Resultantly earned noise free sleep

And a lovely filled hug to reminisce

Till next night for a lovely repeat

That is the love of a spouse

Even the disturbance is held high

What it is – if not love?



Whilst coming out of thy home for a morning stroll

Street dogs just come in horde and wag their tails

Dance and grunt with joy abound

Keep pace with thee till final walk is finished

Guard ye as though protecting thee

From imminent dangers lurking at the nook and corner

What it is – if not love!



In the morning hours while watering plants

The leaves just flutter – without any wind

As though giving thanks

For taking care

What it is – if not love!



Sitting in the chair

Seemingly bored and forlorn

Then the grand-child makes entry grand

Takes charge of mine just complete

A peaceful voice just emanates from within

Which washes off everything

As if it existed not ever

What it is – if not love?



While taking a bus ride

Everything was just nice

Till the driver puts sudden brakes

To save the dog that comes on the road

Fellow passenger being off guard

Receives injury in the forehead

A kerchief held tight holds the oozing blood

Then dressing and stitching of wound fellow  got healed

What it is – if not love?



Seeing the skidding of the two wheeler

Due to losing control so sudden

The lady at the pillion falls down

Receives head injury and resultant concussion

Taken to hospital and provided medical attention

Doctor proclaim the patient brought on time

Otherwise must have consequences worst

What it is – if not love?



Umpteen times thee render help

To thy fellows in distress

Or the ones who need your support

What makes difference is the timely assistance.

What is this if not love?


Finally Divine Love for all His creations

Without doubt is without any comparison

He meets our demands without asking

For He is All Knowing Being.

What it is – if not His love for us all?






Love of our Supreme Lord is for all His creations. It is seemingly more for humans because with the endowment of the special powers of differentiation, the power of discrimination between good and bad besides eternal (soul) and non-eternal (our physical body).


Humans should reciprocate His Love by showering  love to the ones who are less fortunate souls (due to one reason or the other) with a fond notion that whatever material potency we have here on this earth is due to His eternal love. We did not bring anything from our previous birth –  if there was any at all? The Lord is the rescuer of the fallen and descends into our material world through infinite manifestations in which He reveals Himself, out of His infinite love for us and to emancipate the conditioned souls. It is out of His Infinite Love and mercy for us humans that He descends in countless forms suited to annihilate the demoniac and deliver us of their evil designs besides establishing the commandments dear to Him. Supreme Lord  is love personified and He thus could be attained through unquestionable Love and not by challenges for He is unquestionable and unchallengeable Supreme Truth – brimming with Love. Recognize it and we can have His Love, question Him, He will not be understood by us.




This love of the Infinite Absolute Lord facilitates us humans to serve others in a manner suited to our faculties and capabilities. To attain the Infinite Love of the Infinite Supreme for our supreme bliss, we have to come out of our reveries and grasp the opportunity with both hands – now itself lest it may be too late. Let the love of the Supreme One rule our hearts.

Also, a showing pure love for His creations, in words and deeds,  makes it possible to get the answers of our pestering questions without asking Him for He is All Knowing Super Being. This love too helps in self emancipation, self realization and finally liberation (Moksh). Thus fact remains, He understands the language of LOVE the most.




Between Husband & Wife. As love is a strong positive emotional bond with its two components being regard and affection for each other. I shall not go into how the two souls were united in nuptial alliance (it may be through some inter-mediatory or a love marriage – love at first sight type!). But the marriage to be successful, it is a must that the edifice of a delightful relationship is only possible:


  • When we have a total belief in the dictum ‘love begets love’ and hate begets even more hate.


  • When love bond between the spouses is strong and withstands any upheaval.


  • While being in love and practicing it during the lifetime, it is also a must that spouses should pounder what the opposite of love (hate) could do to their lives! A total chaos / collapse of everything we have – indeed?


  • When ample mutual confidence and trust is there. This is possible when we share our high and low tidings with fortitude.


  • ·Respect each others’ privacy, if and when required but not at the cost of losing confidence on each other.


  • Just forget and forgive each others’ past mistakes – bury these where nobody is able to unravel.


  • Enjoy every moment (good or bad) fully. Bad moments can be enjoyed with each others’ participation – thinking that no problem is intractable with each others’ assistance. If the problem cannot be solved, just forget about the problem itself, time will solve it eventually.


  • Love each others’ drawbacks/weaknesses! But never make fun and belittle your partner for this petty thing. 


  • Never forget that we all are infallible in one way or the other. One who considers himself / herself flawless, amply shows there is something loose in that person’s system. That person cannot love others except self – can call that person conceited / eccentric.
  • If nothing works despite hard efforts, just turn to spirituality. It has mystic power of setting right any relationship.

·       Defending your spouse at all costs.


Love for the Offspring


It is commonly seen fact that parents who has a lasting love for each other, their children also grow in a positive frame of mind. Parents should imbibe the following characteristics:-

·       Received the initial love and affection in the early stages of childhood thus solidifying their base.


·       If possible, spiritual knowledge should also be taught. Children brought up in the lap of spirituality can never turn violent.


·       True meaning of love should be taught to them. Not the one which is connected with lust only.


  • Cultural and civic sense imbibed.


  • Strong sense of responsibility.


  • Value system taught to the children.


  • Power to distinguish between right and wrong.


  • Any other important point(s) which the parents would like to enlighten the young minds; suited to the family requirement.


Grand Parents.


Then there are some families in which the grant parents are also living as a family unit. We should shower special love and affection to these aged people who have seen the ups and downs in their lifetime.


  • Their lifetime experience should be taped properly for the benefit of the family as a whole.


·       They should have say in the family affairs as far as possible.


·       They should never think that they are being neglected in any manner.


  • Their blessings can make difference should never be forgotten.




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  1. Every times we come across people who need our help. We sometimes render help but at other times just take our way and do not buzz. Actually whenever somebody requires our attention we should render such help because it may be we ourselves be requiring such in near future.


    1. Thanks Sharmishtha ma’m for appraising the writeup in its proper perspective. To understand what a blog conveys actually requires a similar or above par understanding.

      Thanks and regards

    1. Melanie madam

      My sincere thanks for appraising the writeup and your most valuable comments. Really encouraging.

      I take love as the most potent conduit which binds us with our Creator; with all the humans besides with birds and animal worlds. If such is the magnetic affectation of this enchanting word then why not to give more credence to it.

      Thanks also to give a link : “Love – the only LIFE in this world…”(Anne Hébert) and benefit from the same.

      With thanks and regards


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