Fact remains happiness or prosperity of a nation is not due to material possession/development of a particular section of society but how the fruit of development of that nation percolates down to all the sections of society without discrimination for a balanced development. The balanced development ought to be systematized /institutionalized/regularized by democratically elected Government at the helm of affairs; chosen by the common masses within the rules enshrined in the Constitution of that country. It should also be ensured that in the federal structure of government all the states/regions get the centrally allocated assistance judiciously by the Planning Commission of that country. There should not be any bias on this score on the basis of different parties ruling different states/regions for overall development.

Economic development is essential for enhancing the per capita income of its citizens. Those countries which have economic clout are respected in the community of nations. A prosperous nation is the one which ensures balanced development in infrastructural development (including rail & roads)/industry/agriculture/small scale industries and all other traditional modes of income generating units are also given fillip besides taking care of imports and exports of goods and services.

A country could be termed as a happy and prosperous when human rights of all the sections of the society are protected. No discrimination is shown on the basis of region/caste/creed/language/colour. All people without any bias perform their duties and responsibilities without prejudice and with a sense of pride while enjoying their rights. Here the words of J F Kennedy’s, “Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” are the most relevant.

The words of wisdom of Gandhiji that a country could be called as happy and prosperous if that country respects the rights of animals too besides human rights of humans. It should never be forgotten that all the creations are dear to our Creator then why not to ensure their care and protection.

A country is happy and prosperous where social security of old and physically challenged is ensured besides (if required) special homes for these people should be earmarked for their safety and security – also providing them medi-care and fulfilling their mental and physical needs.

A country cannot be construed as happy and prosperous till its Human Resource Development (HRD) is world class. It is a country where the fruits of technological advancement reach to all the sections of the society and is in sync with the IT development of the world. The human developmental data on skilled and semi-skilled besides non-skilled people is index/pooled. Subsequently it should be ensured that all these HR is utilized for overall development of the country. Also where merit is given overall consideration but the weaker sections and economically backwards too are not ignored/left behind. Besides this; a nation to be prosperous has to make concerted effort in Research and Development for keeping abreast of the latest in science and technology.

A nation which has zero tolerance for corruption in all walks of life. Common people living in that sort of a nation can get their jobs done without let or hindrance.

A nation is happy and prosperous when internal and external defence/ security is ensured by the representative government. The nation ensures that its borders are protected by the strong army and internally by the para-military forces.

Now-a-days relationship with other countries is also of paramount important. Thus a country should have solid and sound policies on its relationships with other countries. Besides it works in tandem with policies and programmes of United Nation and its bodies for ensuring world peace / prosperity / progress besides harmony in the comities of nations.

Where all religions are considered as different paths with oneness of purpose and lead to a Single Source (God- call Him any name) and no religion is considered as superior/inferior besides all religions should develop and pursue their religious/spiritual march forward without fear or coercion. Besides a nation where the cultural and traditional values are respected and all the formal and informal institutions (such as universities/colleges/schools/temples/mosques/churches) pursue and upkeep the traditional modes of behaviour.

A country whose people respect the unity and integrity of country and are even ready for supreme sacrifice if need be.

I shall call a nation happy and prosperous if a country considers to unify breaking the wall of partition as has been the case of Germany.

Above all; a country could be called a happy and prosperous one if there is no racial discrimination. This discrimination prevails where there are multi-cultural and multi-lingual people reside. Despite being multi-cultural and multi-lingual society the concerned nation enjoys harmony between different sections of the society. It should never be forgotten that the racial discrimination that prevailed in South Africa under the garb of apartheid system from 1950 to 1990 has now been stopped because of its futility. Hence a country with no bias on narrow parochial considerations is considered a happy and prosperous nation.


A nation whose inhabitants share their weal & woes
As a responsible citizen with zeal & jest utmost.
A nation which cares for all creations of Creator without bias
And does everything discernible for upholding their rights.
Whose citizens defend its borders with all power at their command
With inhibitions thrown to the winds at all costs.
A nation which respects other nations’ rights
As it respects its own one without even an iota of fright.
A nation which does not resort to racial prejudices
Based basically on caste; creed; colour or languages.
A nation which has a strong economic basis
With development of industrial and agricultural produces.
A nation which helps its old and enfeebles
With emotional support and protection when needed.
A nation which respects its constitution as a sacred document
And follows it to the book for meeting its requirements.
A nation which prides its old cultural values
And passes the same to its new generation without fail.
A nation which respects others’ religious principles
And considers it a path to reach the Ultimate Source.
A nation while safeguarding its own mother land in distress
Provides succor to the needy ones in the events of natural calamities.
A nation which has zero tolerance on corruption
And for being free from it teaches lesson to corrupts for their correction.


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