Apart from body hunger, hunger has many other forms and different methods for its appeasement. There are the moral paths and there are the immoral ones; which way we follow solely depends on our freewill and wisdom.

• Hunger of our Body. We eat food to sustain our energy in order to perform variety of body functions. If we do not eat proper and balanced diet, the mechanism /system of our body does not function properly. The hunger by our body is related to the contractions of our stomach muscles. The pangs of hunger is sometimes excessive due to the concentration of Ghrelin.

• Hunger for God Attention. God’s bounties for His creations are well known to everybody. How He created everything around us and the universe (which has been expanding) has been delved upon many a times. Theories abound. But His method of creation is laced in mysticism which sometimes makes us skeptical. All the religions of the world give us sound preaching as to why we should pursue certain principles in order to establish our connectivity with Him. This connection could only be cemented by having hunger for His attention and that can come only happen by showering our love to Him. If we do so, everything just happens in our lives. His love for us is always there even if we do not love Him. Bholenath loves Godheads, humans, demons and other creations just equally. But when we show extra hunger for His attention, He too just reciprocates in the same manner. Let’s imbibe this hunger in us for His reciprocity.

• Hunger for Power and Pelf. There are the people who have insatiable hunger for material possessions and for fulfilling their hunger these people could go to any length for quenching this hunger – adopting any shortcuts contrary to the moralistic norms of behavior where the concerned person gives more importance to worldly possessions over any other considerations – at the cost of even bosom relations or self respect. This hunger leads to moral degradation and takes us away from God connectivity.

• Hunger for Work. There are the people who have hunger for more work for a successful fructification of their projects/jobs in hand. They will burn mid-night oil for getting success. If this work is done with sincerity by following and observing good conduct certainly it will have a moral stamp on it. The fruits of this work would be delivered for long. Such a person partakes the fruits of his/her work with his/her fellow beings in need. Contrarily, if the hunger for work is only for gaining possessions for self or for exhibiting status then results too would be similar.


The most enduring need for our body’s sake
For satisfying our physical sensation, food we take
To sustain our energy of our body
To work for earning our day’s bread
For with belly unfilled
Nothing gets accomplished
Mind becomes unmindful of our needs
Wrong messages it will then feed
People eat to mitigate their hunger and remain fit and fine
Some overeat and put flab and diseases they thus earn.

Then there is a hunger for power and pelf
Some just forget everything including respecting self
To quench this hunger so insatiable
Overlooking even norms of behavior, applicable
For humans and other living things
Driven by greed for still ‘more’ they care not about any beings
This hunger breeds contempt from all quarters
Disliked by all including our Creator.

Thence, there is hunger of body – called cupidity
Arisen out of excessive fantasizing, bordering on stupidity
Tarnishing the very image as a responsible citizen
And finally losing respect of all those who count.

Hunger for success spurs us to put in sincere effort
Helps us surmount hurdle
That may befall our way
And ensure victory ultimately
With our Lord’s benevolent grace
Thus sincere hunger finally pays.

O our Lord increase our hunger
For Thy attention so that we are able to do little more
For our brethren who are less fortunate
Owing to their ill-fate.



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4 thoughts on “VARIETIES OF HUNGER”

  1. Fact remain we have to quench our hunger for our body development. For the development of our body and mind we have to feed our mind with new ideas in order to gain knowledge but that knowledge should not put us in groove but help us expand our outlook. Then there are people who have hunger for status and wealth but too much of attachment breeds greed besides keeping us away from our Creator. What is the use of this wealth when it is earned without His assistance.

  2. Fact remains that hunger for our Lord’s attention is more important than any other hunger that an individual can have. It is paying ultimately.

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