Our mind is storage house – so strange
Houses not one but five senses
Controlling our inward and outward stimuli
By the apt bidding of our mind
Feeling of pleasure or pain are ingrained
From all parts of body to our brain
Through connecting signals so fine-tuned.

Everything is pure to the pure mind
It can even retard /stop the worries so befallen
Through fine fibres at the nerve ending
Messages are relayed to the mind unhindered.

Oversensitivity to pleasure abounding
Or incessant pain is felt by the mind
A controlled mind controls sense effects nicely
It is the key to eliminate pain permanently
Enslavery of our body to the heady mind being the key
To enhancing or alleviating severity of pain
By retarding or stopping the full train
Of the emergent message
From affected parts to the brain.

Our mind should always be trained vigorously
To resist onslaughts of ‘time’ with regularity
So that cool it feels when it is hot totally

Cooler thee feel when hottest are outside climes
Mind control is the answer to all pestering questions
This control is ensured by one pointed meditation

By a total surrender of ourselves to our Creator
Like Sri Ram Bhagat Hanumanji – the total surrendered one
Which typically is quoted by one and all
Whence pain just melts in a jiffy
With our Lord’s grace aplenty
That is the meaning of Eternal Happiness for me
And I pray deeply the same universally.


                         HARBANS KHAJURIA


The most fundamental fact of existence is that happiness is that it multiplies as we divide it with our people. It is ‘infectious’ in a sense of term without forgetting the truth that our soul is eternal in nature. Bhagwad Gita has rightly enunciated: “Know that the abstract entity that pervades the whole body is indestructible as no one is able to cause destruction of that unceasing and eternal soul.” Realsing this we should exert for those pursuits whose affects are far reaching and lasting.

While we seek happiness in acquiring more material prosperity, we just give more importance to external glamour. When pursuing this goal we just disregard internal and more enduring things. We remain obsessed / judgemental about our external wellbeing. Being judgemental is just the enemy of our happiness. We judge others by external pump and show and get obsessed to getting this fructified even at the cost of anything. In Holy Quran it has been said: “Then they (i.e. His servants) are returned to Allah their true Lord. Unquestionably; His is the JUDGEMENT and He is the swiftest of accountants.” This should always be borne in mind for acquiring the traits of eternal happiness.

We aspire for material prosperity which is the manifestation of the inferior energy of the Supreme Lord. But as a person gradually graduates himself on the spiritual plane, he experiences Brahman conception of the Supreme Lord – the manifestation of Superior Energy of our Supreme Lord.

Now it is important to understand the actual meaning of eternal – that which is imperishable, everlasting, having no end. Its immortality is established for all intends and purposes. Eternal happiness is the state of mind which is just lasting without any break.

In Bhagwat Gita it has been enunciated: The Yogi who is sinless; thus connecting his soul with the Almighty easily enjoys the highest stage of perfect happiness to the Lord. For this to happen first stage of happiness is Brahman is the realizing the transcental. Second stage is the realization of transdental and the Supreme personality of Godhead. Third stage is the realization of the Absolute Truth. For the eternal happiness to be more solidified, it is important that it is accompanied with devotional services with all the positive traits followed by removing all the slush of negativity. In the Vedic language it is said, “When one understands the personality of Godhead, the reservoir of pleasure, Kṛiṣhṇa, he actually becomes transcendentally blissful.”

The prime movers for a Jnani or a Karam Yogi should keep in mind following for eternal happiness:-

• An Atmosphere of Accommodation. It has been observed practically that an environment in which an individual is living affect his/her life. In other words it could be said that a man is embedded in social networks and that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the wellbeing of people living in that vicinity. A fellow feeling and feeling pain when others feel pain is also a form of eternal happiness. This happiness is acquired through division of happy and bad moments.

• Creativity and Happy People. It has been experienced that the people who are involved in some creative pursuit and draw out their potential energy by drawing out that energy and creative something unique. What a feeling one has when something extraordinary is created. It creates an eternal happiness. Thus creative people are happy people.

• No Pain no Gain. Those who exert with a singleness of purpose get positive results of their action or the people who more often than not exert without much care about the fruits of their action are the happy people. They are the Karma Yogis in real sense of term. According to Bhagwat Gita: One who performs action without being attached to its fruits is an ascetic and a religious performer of purification of mind (Karam Yogi).

• Goodness Leads to Eternal Happiness. A person should lead a moralistic life and aspire for right knowledge as it leads to positive traits and ultimately peace and tranquillity. While we are at it care ought to be exercised that all the delusions and confusion coming in the path should be shunned. Then only the fruits of our action could be result oriented. Acquiring right knowledge with a right attitude is the call. It has been said in Bhagwad Gita: Knowledge arises from the mode of goodness (sattva); greed arises from mode of passion (Rajas). Confusion and; distress and delusion arises from the mode of ignorance (Tamas).

• Love and Eternal Happiness. In the ultimate sense the one who is imbued with a feeling of love is pure at heart and is not sense-enslaved mind. A properly balanced spirit is the one who loves others as he loves himself. There is a dawn of equanimity /equal mindedness in him in all situations. Love generates fellow feelings and sympathy and enables the individual to adjust in any situation in which one is place. This love gradually enhances happiness quotient while exuding peace and goodness wherever one goes.

• Spirituality and Eternal Happiness.
“O Nanak – the Merciful Lord by His Grace uplifts and exalts them.”
A spiritual inclined mind develops universal sympathy. It goes to show that a person who lives in the superconscious state is always in bliss – full of sympathy and love for other in abundance. Deep /one pointed meditation is the answer for reaching that state and a person who could retain the affects of meditative state just remains in His realm and feels elation – an eternal happiness. This is the eternal joy which does not diminish with the passage of time at all.

• Avoidance of Gamble / Shortcuts for Eternal Happiness. Occasionally we are taken in by Shakunies (of Mahabharta fame) who lured Pandavas for a duet game (chosar). The lure of ‘one more time’ for winning back the lost possession made the mighty Pandavas wager everything including themselves besides their beloved consort Dropaupti. This epic of Mahabharta goes to prove that deception leads to destruction but the destruction of ours when caused due to our own attitude of short sighted ‘gains’ then it is our fault. It means our judgement gets clouded which leads us to unpredictable results. It goes to prove that when our mind is overshadowed with greed to gain with one more wager then we surely are leading ourselves to a position of no return. Thus mind control is a must. When we have to stop should be properly thought about. This should also be adopted in our business and interactions with others. No short-gains with short–sightedness.

• Sympathetic Heart and Eternal Happiness. Genuine feelings for others manifest in its wake a feeling of great conscious feeling which is answer to many of our problems. A kind heartedness leads to positivity which spreads to the environs and being ‘contagious’ in nature becomes universal in nature – and acts as a bulwark for the growth of eternal happiness! Sympathy helps expands our consciousness and also helps us in knowing everything which is to be known for our own benefit and others. This is a real happiness of all the things.

• Rationality and Eternal Happiness. Rational thinking leads us to perform our actions in a manner which are just in consonance with the laws of nature. It is also based upon scientifically proven methods of living – not entirely based on fate or destiny as a precursor to living. For this sort of living; if a person fails; he just thinks that he failed because his effort was not good enough. No hard feelings. This line of thinking: “No pain, no gain is the rule when it comes to gaining happiness from increasing our competence at something,” said Ryan Howell.

• Fixing the Satiety Level and Eternal Happiness. We come across with people who just go whole hog in gaining material possessions and are demonstrative in nature without even caring for their own health. They are not satisfied and aspire for still ‘more’ in the process contract diseases like hypertension and other stress related diseases. Sanity lies in fixing a satiety level and be totally contented with it brings its own reward ultimately.

In addition to what has been discussed following should also be taken into account for enternal happiness:-

• Heart and Mind should work in Cohesion.

• Success & Failure in Eternal Happiness. It is seen that success is a great motivator and spurs us for more efforts but failure hardly means just opposite. It calls for more efforts for reaching to the goal.

• Destiny and Eternal Happiness. Hard work accompanied with destiny are the harbinger of eternal happiness.









What is meant by the “Economic Problem”?

• OMG Che’s Gone till May…❀ asked 2 years ago
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Hi =)

I know it has to do with sacristy and operating and producing efficiently and such, but can you sum that up in more details please, so that I may understand it better.

Thank you so much =D
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• Harbans Lal answered 2 years ago

Before knowing what is economic problem, it is in a place to understand what is the scope of economic. When we think economic, it covers, goods and services, their marketability, supply and demand thereof, transportation of goods produced, infrastructural development, monetary policy, trade inside the country and abroad, barter system, industrial and agricultural production, etc. In other words, it covers everything under the sun which has got money as a unit.

When all the factors mentioned ibid are in consonance with economics of scale, then, we can construe that that economy is in best of health. On the other hand when there are some bottlenecks due to one reason or the other and that shortfall creates imbalance in the supply and demand or adversely affects the other factor(s) then that economy is deemed to face intractable problem and if not streamlined may have cascading affect thus resulting in Economic slow down or to borrow your term “Economic Problem”.

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The conventional interpretation of practicing what we preach is that what we tell others to follow should be made applicable by us in our lives. Care ought to be paid if we follow more effectively what we exhort others to follow becomes an example for others to follow – without any finger being pointed towards us. For this interpretation, we ought to understand fully what we want conveying and also what are the principles on which our interpretation stands. Care should also be taken that our telling others may not become mere rhetoric but should have positive impact on the lives of people in general.  

The easiest thing is to give advice to gullible on variety of subjects under the sun. Before dishing out sermons, we ought to reflect in the first instance, are we following the preaching in our lives or these are for others’ consumption? Also clarity of a message to be conveyed with its intrinsic attribute which a person giving discourses should have with an open and discerning mind can have far reaching effect on the parties concerned. Right attitude and sincerity of the discourser is a must.

Sometimes we remain thinking as to how others would come to know whether we ourselves follow what we preach others? But the concerned person is alive to it besides our All Knowing Being knows it fully well whether you are consuming it yourself what you are dishing out to others in the platter amply? It should never be construed that people will blindly follow our tirades just blindly as due to the strong currents of information revolution that is sweeping the world due to internet and electronic media popularity.  It is in fact a shallow mentality to tell others follow your preaching while you yourself are not following the same.  If we do it; it is a feeling driven by self aggrandizement and appeasement for short benefits /publicity

In Holy Quran it has been ordained:  ’Whether you reveal a thing or conceal it indeed Allaha is ever; of all things; Knowing’


  • Ego Propitiation while preaching others to be egoless?

It has rightly been said in Shri Grangth Sahib: ‘O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego’.


 It is seen that we usually appreciate to be egoless in our words and deeds but when gaunt falls on us or when we acquire some status we just brag about it all. It is wisely said that we should never let our environment and sensory desires control us. It should never be forgotten that worldly possessions including our including sense indulgence will end with the end of our life. Living a virtuous and spiritual life based on temptation for our Lord’s love would be everlasting and eternal treasure of our life – not the propitiation of our ego.

  • Feeling at the Workplace. It has been observed; those offices where there is cooperation and fellow feelings between the management and the workforce there is improvement in productivity. When boss bosses around even when workers under him are performing at the peak is seen as a dismal byproduct of our thinking that over-control could deliver more. A leader in any organization has to keep his control over the people that is a axiomatic. But the same thing could be done by adopting kindhearted approach or when need be on the basis of reward and punishment approach and not entirely on the basis of mere punishment or unhealthy criticism. Need is to formulate habits based on compassionate thinking and discarding dictatorial tendencies.
  • Preaching of Religious Discourses. Those Dharama Gurus who preach us the religious discourses would have lasting impression on us if these learned ones following the religious commandments themselves in their lives. For instance if we preach others to adopt the qualities of pity; piety; compassion; etc and adopt temptation; greed; attachment to relations and possessions; slavery to senses and living just mechanically being the enemies of ours then we ourselves have to adopt these positive qualities in our lives before preaching others. Otherwise we’ll have to face music when our true state is found out by the concerned people.
  • Jealousy. Then jealousy is a bad trait which should be eradicated from our life.

—Bhagavad-Gita 1.39-43 “O Arjuna! You are anasuya (one who don’t know what jealous is) hence I am preaching you the Gita. Jealousy is the foremost bad quality amongst all of us……………his heart only. Arjuna’s Shoka (grief) became his yoga (path), but why does our shoka (grief) lead us to Roga (disease)? It is because Arjuna grieved for the society and we grieve only for our selfishness.’  Hence jealousy should be removed from our system totally.

  • Parents and Habits (Good / bad). Parents want their offspring to imbibe all the good values/habits besides all the mores of behavior which are in sync with sociatical norms. Parenting is a tricky exercise. While we want our children to follow good path in their lives for this to happen it is necessary that parents adopt and follow those good habits ourselves first and then try preaching to our children. For instance if we want our children not to smoke then we should not smoke ourselves. Otherwise it is possible that our own children may point a finger at us. Then what?


  • Avoiding Various Temptations. We tend to preach others not to be tempted by or fall prey to  lust/power/greed for material prosperity because temptation is the dilution (maya) which engulfs us totally. We have to rid off this maya and replace it with God ordained ineffable bliss based on reason and conscience with our will power.  We have to be unwilling to imbibe those temptations that are detrimental to the peace and harmony. It should be kept in mind that when a habit makes a residency in our brain and commands us to indulge in that it is difficult to desist from that path. It is through strong determined efforts to eradicate that habit from our system lest we become victim to our wrong habits.

It has rightly been mentioned: For because He Himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

 In Bhagwad Gita it has been mentioned: Fearlessness;  purification of one’s existence; cultivation of spiritual knowledge; charity; self-control……non-violence; truthfulness; freedom from anger; renunciation; tranquility; aversion to faultfinding; compassion……….steady determination; vigour; forgiveness; fortitude and freedom from envy and passion for honour are the qualities endowed with divine nature.


  • Tax Payment when you have propensity to pay. Everybody knows that our Government runs with the taxes it collects from the people who have the propensity to pay. Despite this there are some people who do not pay. Is not it bad!
    • Not Performing our Duties/Responsibilities Notwithstanding Capacity. In our offices sometimes we procrastinate the things we have the capacity and wherewithal to do instantly. This is really bad. Let it be known that we ought to carry out our responsibilities / assigned duties sincerely.
    • Difference in right and wrong. We know that we should always follow the right course and shun the wrong one. But do we follow this right course always?


  • Dharma and Adharma.  We usually aspire for following dharma but still many a times lead a life of  Adharma thus continue falling into the ocean of adharma despite knowing its ill-effects


  • Never feel lowly despite being born in our Lord’s mould. Despite knowing that we are born with the the grace of God yet we designate others according to our own yardsticks. This is really bad.


  •  Waning Confidence in over-confidence. While confidence is good yet audaciousness  bordering on over-confidence could lead to disastrous results.

Conclusively it could be inferred that we should first of all practice what we want others to follow – than and then only we sould be effective in our endeavour.














































































salary raises don’t seem to keep up with the rate of inflation. My teachers told me there paychecks were a lot less 10 years ago but they were able to buy more things with the same amount of hours they work. Now they work the same amount of hours with bigger numbers on their paychecks but have lower purchasing power and must lower there standard of living compared to 10 years ago. I know business owners adjust their prices with inflation but what about lawyers and doctors? are their salaries inflation adjusted? I know the President actually makes less money than the President in the early 1800-1900s when comparing to inflation….show more

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Now a days no career is immune to inflation. We in the society are inter-dependent. If you provide one service or goods to other(s), you also need some other one for meeting your need. So, I am of the view that we cannot remain unaffected by the rampant inflation, in whatever profession or trade we are, it is not safe from inflation.

It is also a fact that your your satisfaction level also counts for being ‘safe’. Previously, our salary was not that much. Our propensity to buy was very limited because of limited pay in our hands. Now it has increased manifolds. If we spend judiciously then sure enough we can make do with the resources we are having. Also there are many ways of earning for a person having the knowledge of 3Rs.

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I told my cousin that she needs to eat more since looks too anorexic, her mom and relatives didn’t appreciate my comment.

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• Harbans Lal answered 2 years ago

You have not told anything wrong to your cousin since, I suppose, you had no ill intention. But it was not construed in good spirit. In this instant case, in future, please bear in mind advice should not be handed out to a person who may not heed taking that one. To the contrary, think, before giving to others your piece of suggestion. Otherwise, you are sure to be landed in unnecessary controversaries, like the one you are in.

Give your advice to the one who acts and appreciates you for that and not the other way around.
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There is a super rich woman who lives in a mansion and she drives a brand new Porsche 911, a Mercedes Benz convertible, owns lots of nice leather and latex coats, jackets, pants, skirts, boots, dresses, catsuits and gloves, she also gets to go on lots of nice vacations around the world and loves to get together with her super rich friends, she also owns a vacation house located on the beach

I really hope that her life in Heaven will be a trillion times better than what it is here on Earth cause that’s what I want Heaven to be, I’d love to live a life similar to this woman here on Earth and I hope I’ll get to live her earthly lifestyle in Heaven along with so much more…show more

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• Harbans Lal answered 2 years ago
Everyone reaps the harvest which he / she sows, You cannot get what you have not done for as a Karna (your action) in your previous life (if you believe in reincarnation and by extension karma philosophy). If she is enjoying her life style here, she must have done very good karma that is why she is having this lifestyle.

Heaven is a place where we are near to our Creator and that can hardly be compared with any place anywhere. Here on this earth, heaven or hell depends on you. You can set the satisfaction standard and enjoy the given fruits with that satisfaction. Contentment is a relative term. The lifestyle apart, there may be something lacking in her which you are having in abundance. It is because our Lord knows how to equate every individual.

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thank you for your answer
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Am I depressed?what should I do?

My personality has changed completely.last time when i laughed was 6 months back.these days i only smile to show others that i m happy.there s no use of telling my family bcoz they think i m just actingn i want to hurt them.i wanted to commit suicide bcoz i hv no hope for future.

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First of all the way you have asked question shows that you yourself are skeptical whether you are depressed or not – this shows that really you are not but the situation in which you are placed is not allowing you to come out of this ‘depressed’ rut. This also gives the solution in your question itself!

Secondly smile is good. But this smile should emanate from your inner being not a…

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