I told my cousin that she needs to eat more since looks too anorexic, her mom and relatives didn’t appreciate my comment.

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• Harbans Lal answered 2 years ago

You have not told anything wrong to your cousin since, I suppose, you had no ill intention. But it was not construed in good spirit. In this instant case, in future, please bear in mind advice should not be handed out to a person who may not heed taking that one. To the contrary, think, before giving to others your piece of suggestion. Otherwise, you are sure to be landed in unnecessary controversaries, like the one you are in.

Give your advice to the one who acts and appreciates you for that and not the other way around.
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6 thoughts on “DID I SAY SOMETHING WRONG?”

  1. in French we say “le ton fait la musique…” = tone always does make the music… so, I presume the way(or manner) you told or suggested to your cousin to feed herself more(better) was not the one she’d expected from you – at that particular moment… remember that anxiety and/or stress are often “contagious”… in fact, I guess you do care for her health, but next time, try to avoid being too “overzealous”… 🙂

    1. Fact remains stress and/or anxiety are ‘contagious’ because of spread effect these have. Yet we have to fight these with will power and with grace of God. Also we have to avoid becoming ‘overzealous’ because of its negative tone. Though in real life it is easy said than done yet we can eradicate the negativity from our system and if it comes then we have not to allow it over-power us but to fight it out.

      Kindly accept my sincere thanks for your most appropriate comments.


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