salary raises don’t seem to keep up with the rate of inflation. My teachers told me there paychecks were a lot less 10 years ago but they were able to buy more things with the same amount of hours they work. Now they work the same amount of hours with bigger numbers on their paychecks but have lower purchasing power and must lower there standard of living compared to 10 years ago. I know business owners adjust their prices with inflation but what about lawyers and doctors? are their salaries inflation adjusted? I know the President actually makes less money than the President in the early 1800-1900s when comparing to inflation….show more

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Now a days no career is immune to inflation. We in the society are inter-dependent. If you provide one service or goods to other(s), you also need some other one for meeting your need. So, I am of the view that we cannot remain unaffected by the rampant inflation, in whatever profession or trade we are, it is not safe from inflation.

It is also a fact that your your satisfaction level also counts for being ‘safe’. Previously, our salary was not that much. Our propensity to buy was very limited because of limited pay in our hands. Now it has increased manifolds. If we spend judiciously then sure enough we can make do with the resources we are having. Also there are many ways of earning for a person having the knowledge of 3Rs.

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  1. AK PANDEY says:

    Inflation eates away everything if finances are not taken care.

  2. Mélanie says:

    I guess Bill Gates could explain it to you better… 🙂

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