When was the last time you sat alone with the silence, traveling to the deepest part of your Being?

When was the last time you sat alone with the silence, traveling to the deepest part of your Being?

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago

You may not believe me, but it is a fact that I remain centred in myself daily both in the morning and evenings hours. But it is easy to say that doing. It is in fact acquired with greatest of efforts. Many a times I felt disgusted initially because concentration was not easy. There were several disturbances and I was ill at ease at that time.

Now that I have reached to a point after persistent effort where I can remain and delve inside me for hours on ends and do not feel any distraction even though there may be noise around. I go deep inside me by centring my whole attention between two eyes in the forehead. It provides me ecstasy and ultimate enjoyment which cannot be explained in words. The light produced is produces energy of highest order, whih otherwise I do not experience.


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Rightly said – thanks everyone!
God bless!


Anti-depressants and weight gaining?


I am 34 years old,164 cm height. from my age 31 to 33 i used anti-depressant.and i have gained 7 kgs.

So my weight was 49kgs and after pills 56kgs.so 1 year i went to gym and i was 50 kgs again but in 3 weeks i have gained 2 kgs so i am 52 now,i go to gym, I don’t eat much.
i am very sad what should I do?

Do you think antidepressants can change the system of metabolism even when you stop taking?
I don’t know what to do more?

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago

Just introspect why take antidepressant. If your reach to a firm conclusion, you may not require them in the first place. Everything is there in you. Understand yourself first before understanding others. Imbibe the positive qualities which may help you to take the life head-on. Do you think these antidepressants have helped you in a small degree. My answer is flat no. Try to cultivate meaningful hobbies and do workout regularly. Make it a habit to take morning stroll. Listen the chirpings of the birds, read between the lines what MOTHER NATURE is offering us daily from its vast treasure. If you do these simple things, I do not think you need to gallop these pills. Your metabolism is in consonant to your way you eat, act and finally your other factors in life. Eating wholesome diet and working out will also be a good solution. Pep up and live life king-size. God Bless.*

*Challenge the challenges itself then things would be in your favour.

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Thank you for your answer.
This sentence was great ”Understand yourself first before understanding others.”





India is a land where Mother Nature

And all that it contains in it are revered

These may be mountains or rivers

These have religious and cultural import

It may be Goverdhan Mount of Lord Krishna fame

Or Yamuna which majestically flows

From majestic Himalayas

During the early Vedic Age of Rigveda

Indus and Sarasvati were rivers sacred

Thence three Vedas gave top place to Ganges

It is here on the Gangetic plains

That Mauriya & Mughal empires ruled supreme

And gave birth to Ganga-Yamuni civilization.

Where many a races have perished

And many a races have flourished

Meghasthenes mentions about the rivers flowing

From the northern mountain ranges

And flowing into the southern plains.

Which helps enhance agriculture production

Besides absorbing populace’s filth on the way

Like a mother who brings up & feeds a small child

Looks after it from birth to the last day

Wipes their tears and absorbs its affluences

During its lifetime like a passionate & caring mother

And finally after death absorbs ashes – last remains Into its vast bosom.

Thus paying homage to their departed souls

She is the embodiment of sacredness.


Ganga Aarti offered at the Har-ki=poudi

Mesmerizes the devout

Every prayer chanted – touches pilgrims intensely

Connecting them to Mother Gangaji

Offer flowers and lighted wicks

After taking sacred baths

At the end of the pilgrimage

The devout take water – Ganga Jal

To their respective homes with love

For using the same in their religious rituals

According to Hindu Mythology

A dip into the sacred river water at any places

Where Maan Gaga flows

Haridwar or at Gangotri or Prayag or Varanasi

Rids and washes off their sins.

O Mother who cares us from birth to even death

We bow to Thee with our folded hands

To keep bestowing us Thy bounties

As Thee is doing so from times immemorial.





Yesterday I was fortunate enough to visit Haridwar to take a dip in sacred river Ganga. I was also fortunate to visit Rishikesh and other prominent places besides visiting Eastern and Western banks of river Ganga between Ram Joola and Lakshman Joola. The main attractions there being the Yoga Ashrams being run by different proponents. These people are keeping the Yoga tradition vibrant amongst the common people. Even foreigners are flocking these Yoga centres for getting a peep of Indian tradition and culture.


It is mentioned in religious texts of Hindus; Ramayana; Mahabharata besides Puranas that while Sage named Kapila was meditating he was disturbed by sixty thousands son of king Sagara. Angered by this disturbance; Sage Kapila reduces them all to ashes with his power and sends their ashes into the netherwards. It was later found that these sons could get salvation if Ganga descends from the heaven.


Subsequently a descendant of the sons; King Bhagiratha intensively did intense penance for the waters of Ganga. However it was difficult to withstand the surge and force of Ganga’s water current. Lord Shiva agreed to tame Ganga in His tangled locks. Bhagiratha then leads the Ganga waters to Haridwar plains and subsequently to the confluence of Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayaga and flows to Varanasi and finally to Ganga Sagar and lastly meets the ocean. In this way the sons of King Sagara were liberated. As it was due to the intense penance of Bhagiratha the source of the river Ganga is also termed as Bhagiratha.

Haridwar is an ancient religious and cultural besides being a pilgrimage place. It is located on the foothill of Himalayas. This place is held in high esteem since times immemorial. The most famous Kumb Mela is held every 12 years here. That is really much awaited event by all devouts. The famous ancient temples of Ganga Maan is also a place most venerated by all.


Har Ki Pauri is one of the most popular ghats where people a take sacred dip. This ghat was constructed by a famous King Vikramaditya in the fond memory of Bhartihari who came to Haridwar for mediation and died.

Sitting at night at the Ghat we can see the reflection of wicks and other lights falling on the water.
Chanda-Munda, the chief of the local demon king, Shumbha-Nishumbha, was killed by Goddess Chandi here.

The other places to visit are:

  1. Mansa Devi Temple.
  2. Bharat Mata Temple.
  3. Maya Devi Temple.
  4. Rishkesh. It is 28 Kms away from Haridwar.
  5. The Daksh Mahadev Temple
  6. Sapt Rishi Temple.
  7. The Neelkanth Mahadev Temple
  8. Ancient Lakshman Temple.
  9. Lord Vishnu Temple.

When we use false nicknames in social sites, do you feel upset when anyone hurls very filthy words at you?

When we use false nicknames in social sites, do you feel upset when anyone hurls very filthy words at you?

No one knows our real identity. No one knows whom we interact, still there are people on internet who can write very slang and filthy words towards you, so do you feel bad when someone writes filthy language towards you? Do you, and should you feel upset for that?

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First of all, see the state of mind of the person concerned who uses false nicknames when other people are there or on internet. This is also to show off in social sites and also escapes consequences for such untowards utterances. Such person is either suffering psychologically and want to vent his negative emotions or / and also he is not having sociable mentality. That is, he is not liked in his social circle.

The best course of action is to ignore them as far as possible. You cannot change their mind set and the negative currents which are flowing in their beings. Sure enough, have sufficient patience and tolerance in sufficient measure and walk on in life. Think that while you walk, there are some stumbling blocks but these should not stop you from walking and transacting your day to day work. Their behaviour should not make you mental wreck.*


*Now – a – days it has become a fashion to feign what you are not – just a show off in order to attract attention. Electronic media is one amongst these. Through this media we tend to see people brow beat others; indulge to do jugglery with the words and phrases to attract others; be what you are not in real sense of term; et al. The best thing is to take what is best and leave what does not suit. In real life too we take for ourselves whatever suits us and discard what does not. Here too read on for self Knowle3dge (Jnana). If possible pl do not take internet friendship seriously – do not take anything seriously tell such time you have yourself known to the individual concerned lest you have to repent later on. Best way is to sieve and conceive whatever is good and discard whatever you think is beyond the realm of reality on the social media.


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Sometimes I hate myself because of my frustration in life…Why do I feel this way? How will I cope up with these.I hate it…

Sometimes I hate myself because of my frustration in life…Why do I feel this way?

How will I cope up with these.I hate it…

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago

In our day to day lives, we sometimes feel that we are not getting what we want. And it is not always that you get everything of your choice. When such a situation arises, the conflict comes in our mind. This is felt, not only by you, but many of us. You should not think that you are the only one who faces such situations. Always think that if it is a common pattern in our life then why fret and affect our today. In order to maintain equanimity in happiness or sadness, have a balanced thinking. If bad tidings are felt, always think that good ones will also come. *


*When we face difficult situation it is natural that we feel dejected. Even if we try our utmost we cannot totally put a veil on that difficult situation. Merely closing our eyes a mountain does not disappear. It just remains there where it exists. But difference is how we face that counts. Just face the fact and never not flight from any situation that comes. Never ‘hate’ yourself if some failure knocks at the door initially. No problem; face the fact and always introspect our God is always there to provide us His succor.



We bow to Thee O Lord the loved One
For creating everything on this planet and beyond
Births & deaths are Thy domain
Strangely mystical these remain
Some embrace eternal sleep
Due to accidents or usual oldage
Taking present birth on the worth of one’s karma
Or the dharma
Of the unknown past – births
And future births depends
On the karma & dharma of present
Fact remains hugely laced in mysticism currently
Known only to One Supreme Being.
Our Creator is the destroyer of unreasonable wants
Which increase our earthy attachments.

Ye is the giver of intelligence
Which helps us to differentiate
Between good & bad deeds indeed
Thee incarnate
Whenever evil increases in all proportionate
And thus decimate
The evil and its doers with iron hand
Or showering compassion when & where needed.
Our Lord has the splendor of million suns
Which helps lessen
The misery and ignorance
Enlightening us in the process
He is the Transcendent Being
The supreme One
One who loves Him becomes a part of our Lord
And attains eternal salvation lastly.

Thus mystic are Thy creations!
And mystic are Thy deeds O our Creator!
We bow to Thee with profoundest reverence
For Thee is the embodiment of benevolence.



Nature and its surroundings, cosmos and various other creations of our Supreme Lord are all surrounded in mysticism. How these came into being and how each one of these creations function according to the Laws of Supreme baffles us? Our present day science has not been able to unravel the mysteries of many of these creations so far. It is just like a child playing with pebbles on the beach while the ocean of mysteries just stair him in his eyes in askance. Even our body and also its functioning besides the soul of ours have been a big mysticism. According to Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 18) The five factors for actions are the place of action (by our body), the doer, the sense organs, numerous kinds of efforts and finally the Divine Laws governing all these (The Law of Supreme).
We humans have through three gunas (characteristics) Satva, Rajo and Tamo.

A person with Sattvic guna possesses pure heart, acts in synch with the Natural Laws and loves others as he/she loves himself/herself. A person with Rajosvic Guna is always busy in worldly possessions and always has egotistical tendencies. Person with Tamsic Guna are ignorant and do not try to come out of this nirgunas which is the main cause of delusion and distress.
We have then indestructible/immortal soul with the characteristics of all pervasive and all invisible and indivisible, in relation to our body. In fact we confine ourselves to our body, keep sprucing it up but ignore our mystic eternal soul just unattended!

In Bhagwad Gita Sri Krishna proclaims: The soul is never born nor dies at any time. Soul has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. Soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. Soul is not slain when the body is slain besides being without size or colour.

Mystic means supernatural. Natural means that which can be reasonably observed and also explained. Supernatural is beyond the realm of nature which is not easily observable or explained coherently. It means, it is connected with a all encompassing power – Supreme Being (thus connected with spiritualism). Mysticism is the science or art of spiritual life. It is the innate tendency of human beings for complete harmony with transcendental order. It includes the study of religious scriptures, meditation, spiritualism besides practices related to any religious discourses. All the practices leading to union of human beings with God are inclined towards mysticism, providing a sense of release from ordinary self-awareness. This may also include all those visions and miracles that cannot be otherwise conclusively explained scientifically. Miraculous cure is also a part of this aspect. Intuitive considerations are given primacy in mystic thought percepts.
It is a feeling that there is a hand of our Creator in all the creations. It goes to show to us humans the hand of God as the Architect-in-Chief in His many manifestations in this world of ours and beyond. All the creations of His and its actions is laced in mysticism. We can give some explanation about His creations scientifically to certain degree but it is difficult to give conclusive factual explanation for all.

Can we explain which came first an egg or chick? It is a little hard for us humans. How can we explain the most complex of His creations, earth, universe, galaxies, etc? All these are shrouded in mysticism.

It goes to show that mystic understanding and realization are main motivating factors. Here psychological and behavioural processes come into play. It goes to show that innate and insight perception count a lot in mysticism.

In mysticism, we establish our relationship with Omniscient one in an everlasting and mystical tradition. All the major religions of the world tend to follow mysticism – connecting /union/communion our inner self with the Absolute.

The resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ after crucification is mystical in nature which only our Supreme Lord can fathom. This crucification has a crucial lesson for us humans.

Mysticism, as we understand today, is the intuitive experience wherein the mystic forces come to play their part. These experiences can hardly be explained in words easily.

There is a case in point of a religious place (Baba Guru Temple) at my native village named Barwal, Tehsil & Dustrict Kathua (J&K). This temple is considered sacred by the devout of area around and beyond. The Baba Guru was a spiritual personage, known for his benevolence and healing powers for the hapless. He was famous for his Sattvic Guna and used to do intense penance of Supreme Lord for achieving full connectivity with the Absolute – in fact a complete surrender to the Creator. For this purpose, he had a separate enclosure which was closed from outer world. He had passed strict strictures to his disciples not to disturb or see him while he was absorbed in his meditative pursuits and on some inescapable emergent contingency, needy could knock the door first before entry.

While he was intensely communing with God, one of his disciples, out of mere curiosity peeped through a hole and saw the Baba in prayers mode – a very complex yoga posture. After witnessing the Baba in that posture, the person concerned was awestruck at the Mystic powers of the Baba. Thereafter, he knocked at the door of the hermitage. All knowing Baba told the insidious person that he had broken the rule so he (Baba) cannot now live on the earth because his true supernatural spiritual powers have been found out/unraveled.

He expressed his intention of taking live Samadhi and told his disciples to dig out a pit for the purpose and that was completed on the same day itself.

On the coming day of his burial alive, he was found by one of the villagers, (who was not knowing about Baba’s live Samadhi) at Harkipauri at Haridwar (the bank of sacred river Ganges). The Baba told the villager that some implements used for digging the pit were kept at a particular place and instructed him to give the same to the owner. He also told that person that he will always bless those who worship at the place of his Samadhi with sincerity and right attitude.

It is indeed mystical how the Baba; taken Samadhi alive was found at a far flung place! This mysticism is the realm of the Absolute and we humans cannot decipher in its entirety. We can only make conjectures.

Conclusively it could rightly be inferred that all the creations of our Creator are enveloped in mysticism and cannot be totally unraveled. Let’s thank Him for all He blesses us with.



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• Harbans
• answered 2 years ago

Good and bad are there in the world is well known fact. Everybody cannot be bad and vice versa. Negative and positive are the two sides of the same coin. You cannot wish them away always. But effort ought and can be made to adopt ways and means to choose positive ways and shun the negative things in life.

Also, do not hate the doer but hate his/her sins. As we have to live in the society, we have to have sufficient reserve of will power and determination to live amidst all types of situations positives and negatives. Embrace the positivism and distance yourself from negativism. Life becomes worth living then.*

*Equanimity both in happy and sad occasions could be ascertained in our life if we associate our Lord as a partner in our daily Karma. Action and leave the result on Him. He will take care of the results. No problems we can remain positive when everything around us is negative.



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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Affirmative. On two conditions, firstly, the other party may not be that much attracted or secondly, it may be an infatuation and not love based. The border line between the love and infactuation, if construed wrongly can be blurred.

In such situation, it is rational to be frank with the other party and know about the other side of the story. One sided anything is bad. It can create difficulties in later part of the life. *

*Hence one sided love is one sided affair. It had no past, present and therefore cannot have any future and not enduring.

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Purity in thought is not sufficient

Pray, raise it from theoretical standpoint

By thy solid acts of generosity

Of giving

A part of thy possessions

Held dear by thee with obsession

And earned

Because thee were bestowed chance

By our Lord’s benevolence

To those who didn’t had chance

So ill-fated they were!

Giving brings smiles on recipients’ faces

And a glow on the face of the giver the most

For this act is liked by our Lord manifold.



The root word for charity in Latin is ‘caritas’ meaning preciousness, dearness, of high price. This goes to show the inherent importance of giving. This costly thing could be in the form of material possessions or anything which a person holds dear, dispensing of which is a bit difficult. Charity is our generosity in giving to spread the message of love, wellness and kindness. It also purifies our soul because of sanctity involved in giving that indispensable thing.

Bhagwad Gita emphatically declares that acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; these must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance; purify even the great souls. All these acts should be performed without any expectation of any results.

Man being a social animal cannot live in isolation. Material prosperity notwithstanding, a person concerned cannot be considered complete – with satiety in one and dissatisfaction in other aspects. Indeed there are so many occasions when we require somebody’s assistance for a peaceful co-existence. We are in fact interwoven. If I meet somebody’s need at this moment others will meet mine too at some other time(s). This goes on not only in individual plane but in international relationships as well. In this way the affairs of world go – a quid pro quo.
Holy Quran is very clear on this when It professes: The Zakat is an obligatory payment on all believers who have an income. This payment is to be paid to in accordance to God’s instructions.

Humans are different in their temperaments and style of functioning. Different people having different ideas, some professing one school of thought while others are having just tangentially opposite. One who realizes the true goal of life, knows fully well, the exact meaning of life and our dependence on each others. What essentially one needs for leading a peaceful life not only dependents on an individual’s satisfaction but also the satisfaction of the society in which that person is living but without any exhibition/show offs. There are people who feel concerned for others’ needs and aspirations and go all out in meeting those. This is what our Creator wants from us all.
Holy Bible is very emphatic on this: Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.
Dependability on each other for meeting our various needs is the name of the game – which is called life. If I meet somebody’s need, others may be meeting those of mine. Those who pride their indispensability are living in fools paradise.

One incidence highlights the interdependence we humans should have and this like incident could happen any time anywhere with anybody. It so happened that the vehicle on which we were travelling met with an accident with a car. The car engine and the front glass of the car were totally shattered due to the impact. Fault was that of the car driver – driving in the wrong direction and also in drunken state! I took that person to the nearby hospital while he was bleeding profousely. Any loss of time would have proved fatal. Doctors attended on him instantly and thus the person was saved. To our utter surprise, after his recovery, he started exhibiting his position in the society just forgetting that just a while ago he was just a helpless accident victim/in vegetable state! He may have material prosperity but that did not help him anyway if timely assistance was not rendered/forthcoming from a fellow being – a total stranger. There is a lesson in this, the true meaning of meeting the need of the needy is felt when an individual concerned himself/herself feels the pinch.

While method of giving/donation/funding may differ but the purity of act of giving/rendering help is gratuitous. The person to whom the help is rendered gets succor while the giver gets the reward of his pious act from our Lord – just manifold.

Although charity is given to the needy to meet their day to day needs, not connected or related to us yet the maxim ‘The charity begins at home’ is coined for hermits who make no distinction between their own relatives or strangers. Thus obliterating this distinction they start taking alms from their own home as though taking alms from a total strangers.

The charity could be in the form of food items, clothing items, medicines for meeting health requirements, etc. While we meet the requirement of others, the one who receives the same gets hunger satiety or may get protection from cold and sun or may meet his/her health needs.
This sort of piety or compassion is liked by our Creator. It has rightly been said that while we meet the need of a needy, our Creator grants us even more in the form of His benevolence. Also, the sigh of relief from the hapless whose need has been met too may pray to God for the benefactor. This is also termed as alms giving. In many religions, it is customary to feast the poor on the demise of their departed relatives for bestowing peace to the departed souls. In Hinduism, it is termed as Shradha.

The deed of charity stems from the righteous deed to which it entails and every righteous deed could be construed as a service to humanity. Service to humanity is next to Godliness. The one who cares for the needy and oppressed is indeed cared by our Lord. His bounties flow to such person without asking.
Care ought to be exercised that we incentivize disadvantaged classes who need our help the most. Otherwise, we may be giving doles to strong bodied people who could otherwise earn and thus rewarding their laziness which may have negative effects ultimately.



Still water of stream makes friendship with its banks
Its banks enjoy every gentle kiss of water that daily flows
There is then peaceful coexistence & liking between all
Two banks, surface and above all the flowing water.

But when there is violent-floods, due to torrential rains
Gentle kisses of water thus then changes
Into violent beating giving severe pains
Resulting into bleeding of banks
Poor ground surface too gets bruises
Without its fault, in the process!

Likeable qualities dawn with our internal churning
In the way, impure thoughts we remain shunning
And imbibing likeable transcendental qualities so beneficial
And make this a life’s mission so crucial.


It is the loving aspiration of every human being to be liked by others but for this to happen in real sense, one has to imbue oneself in such traits which have magnetic pull. This change has to come about not in outer appearance but reflected from within ourselves – all because things which are coming from our heart are never negatively oriented. Doubtlessly, positive orientations have charm of their own. In our day to day life, if we care to know about spiritually awakened personages like Guru Nanak Dev, Lord Budha, Mother Taresa, Mohtama Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Sri Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna amongst so many others who had magnetic pull in them that even their adversaries, if any, hated to hate them! They had their inner potentials flowing from their beings. Outer appearance hardly made any dent on their charisma. Can we possess a modicum of likeable qualities, yes, we can (may be we cannot be like them) but we can at least tread the path shown to us and make ourselves sublime. May be, we should, at least try.

We are the makers of our destiny is an undisputed reality. We can make or unmake ourselves. In the same way, we are also responsible for being liked or disliked by others – be it in our family, workplace or in formal or informal institutions. We shape our character ourselves thus making ourselves likeable or dislikeable with our action and reaction thereof. There are some people who are of the view that God is accountable for our bad tendencies but I slightly differ. Some of our worst tendencies may be due to our previous Karma but these could be rectified through disciplined self effort. When gold is hammered, then only, it is transformed into glittering and priceless ornaments. We also think that our bad qualities are due to the environment in which we are brought up. But we should not forget the growth of a Lotus plant which gives charming flowers while being in mud / slush and these lotus flowers are offered at the Lotus Feet of Lord Vishnu as a mark of immense reverence! We should, therefore, never think about our lowly births or not born with silver spoon in our mouth, etc. These are petty considerations. It should never be forgotten that material prosperity is a momentary phenomenon. Alexander the Great is the best example for this. What remains eternal is good deeds– even after death. Our actions coupled with the grace of God make huge difference.

Nothing in the universe is accidental. As Qur’an tells us: “… He doth regulate all affairs, explaining the signs in detail,…” (AL-RAD 2).

In another verse: “… Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge:…” (AL-ANAAM, 59).

We face multifarious challenges in our lives. These challenges bestow us opportunities as to how we should face these and realize our potentials besides learning varied lessons for future use. Reincarnation affects of present behavior too are important pointers to our current behaviour. Law of Karma determines our present state even our reincarnation is dependent on the past deeds or misdeeds.

There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man (John 1:9)

By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; (John 4:2) proves our contention on reincarnation and its affects.


It has rightly been said; outer appearance is deceptive. Wrong actions are reflected in our facial expressions/demeanor. How hard we may endeavour to hide this, it cannot totally be hidden. One who is internally chaste attracts more of people around him/her. Just happy for a moment and sad the other moment will also not attract people towards us. Our good or bad qualities besides our adjustment with the environment and the people around too determine our likeableness or otherwise.


Every individual is unique creation of our Creator – meaning every individual is having exclusive trait which others of his/her ilk does not possess. We have to experience this and imbibe this unique quality from that person ourselves. For this, co-operative attitude is needed. Also, how we conduct ourselves determines our relationship with the people around. If we are interested in the interests of others then they would likewise be interested in our interests. Absent mindedness or being disinterested solves nothing and attracts nothing. Raw earth containing too little or too much of water will not help making earthen pots! Right proportion of water and earth is needed for this. In the similar way, right attitude and sincerity (which is soul quality) are the principles on which our attractiveness toward others stands. Humbleness will pay in the long run really. I have found this in my life at least.

Bhagwad Gita enunciates in Chapter 16, about the good behavior as:
Fearlessness, purification of one’s existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, performance of sacrifice, study of the Vedas, austerity and simplicity; nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger; renunciation, tranquility……………..freedom from covetousness; gentleness, modesty and steady determination; vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor–these transcendental qualities which a person should possess in make him/her likeable by others.

It is, therefore, necessary that we should charm others with our inner strength in order to attract others. We should have internal magnetism to attract others. Self-centredness hardly is answer to this. Being compassionate towards others first too attracts others towards us. Wonderful feelings create wonderful atmosphere around us an aura of goodness – just soothing and peaceful feel. Kindness generates kindness from our Lord. Also, a wonderful feeling emanates from our inner being when we act with kindness with others.

‘Be kind to each other, sympathetic, forgiving each other as God has forgiven you through Christ.’


Thoughtful attitude brings in its wake reward from our Creator. Even if we lose much for following this path yet we should not leave this parth of righteousness. It is because while following this path, we have to come across some pitfalls. We have to surmount these and keep our journey ahead. Right behavior and attitude are the best qualities which make us likeable. It is best that in speech and action we show calmness and patience. If any truth has to be spoken, it should be done tactfully which do not puncture others’ self esteem. While dealing with others, it is paramount that we do not show our shallowness but broad mindedness. Even when a truth has to be spoken, it has to be spoken with calmness and composture. No excited demeanour. That makes difference.


Many a times, we face opposition from our own people. A time comes when one feels totally isolated which may lead to frustration and losing confidence in one’s life. This happens. Then only our dearest God is the One on which we can bank on. There is no alternative but to seek Him at that moment. Doubts about His existence will generate the feeling of more doubts about our own existence. When His grace is there, we need not fear anything, no doubt can engulf us, no enigmas of our existence can overpower us, in other words, there is nothing which can impact our being in the forward march of our journey of life.

We should always be thankful to our CREATOR for everything that He has given us and for future too that He will surely bestow us but we have to keep our intentions pure and honest. Just above board. His ineffable bliss will prevail in us always and that is the fortune which cannot be bargained for anything in this world and beyond.

When we seek God with fullest sincerity, He will surely connect with us and provide answers to our vexing problems. In the similar vein, we shall be open to others’ needs and thus liked by the people we come across in our day to day activities. AMEN