We bow to Thee O Lord the loved One
For creating everything on this planet and beyond
Births & deaths are Thy domain
Strangely mystical these remain
Some embrace eternal sleep
Due to accidents or usual oldage
Taking present birth on the worth of one’s karma
Or the dharma
Of the unknown past – births
And future births depends
On the karma & dharma of present
Fact remains hugely laced in mysticism currently
Known only to One Supreme Being.
Our Creator is the destroyer of unreasonable wants
Which increase our earthy attachments.

Ye is the giver of intelligence
Which helps us to differentiate
Between good & bad deeds indeed
Thee incarnate
Whenever evil increases in all proportionate
And thus decimate
The evil and its doers with iron hand
Or showering compassion when & where needed.
Our Lord has the splendor of million suns
Which helps lessen
The misery and ignorance
Enlightening us in the process
He is the Transcendent Being
The supreme One
One who loves Him becomes a part of our Lord
And attains eternal salvation lastly.

Thus mystic are Thy creations!
And mystic are Thy deeds O our Creator!
We bow to Thee with profoundest reverence
For Thee is the embodiment of benevolence.



Nature and its surroundings, cosmos and various other creations of our Supreme Lord are all surrounded in mysticism. How these came into being and how each one of these creations function according to the Laws of Supreme baffles us? Our present day science has not been able to unravel the mysteries of many of these creations so far. It is just like a child playing with pebbles on the beach while the ocean of mysteries just stair him in his eyes in askance. Even our body and also its functioning besides the soul of ours have been a big mysticism. According to Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 18) The five factors for actions are the place of action (by our body), the doer, the sense organs, numerous kinds of efforts and finally the Divine Laws governing all these (The Law of Supreme).
We humans have through three gunas (characteristics) Satva, Rajo and Tamo.

A person with Sattvic guna possesses pure heart, acts in synch with the Natural Laws and loves others as he/she loves himself/herself. A person with Rajosvic Guna is always busy in worldly possessions and always has egotistical tendencies. Person with Tamsic Guna are ignorant and do not try to come out of this nirgunas which is the main cause of delusion and distress.
We have then indestructible/immortal soul with the characteristics of all pervasive and all invisible and indivisible, in relation to our body. In fact we confine ourselves to our body, keep sprucing it up but ignore our mystic eternal soul just unattended!

In Bhagwad Gita Sri Krishna proclaims: The soul is never born nor dies at any time. Soul has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. Soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. Soul is not slain when the body is slain besides being without size or colour.

Mystic means supernatural. Natural means that which can be reasonably observed and also explained. Supernatural is beyond the realm of nature which is not easily observable or explained coherently. It means, it is connected with a all encompassing power – Supreme Being (thus connected with spiritualism). Mysticism is the science or art of spiritual life. It is the innate tendency of human beings for complete harmony with transcendental order. It includes the study of religious scriptures, meditation, spiritualism besides practices related to any religious discourses. All the practices leading to union of human beings with God are inclined towards mysticism, providing a sense of release from ordinary self-awareness. This may also include all those visions and miracles that cannot be otherwise conclusively explained scientifically. Miraculous cure is also a part of this aspect. Intuitive considerations are given primacy in mystic thought percepts.
It is a feeling that there is a hand of our Creator in all the creations. It goes to show to us humans the hand of God as the Architect-in-Chief in His many manifestations in this world of ours and beyond. All the creations of His and its actions is laced in mysticism. We can give some explanation about His creations scientifically to certain degree but it is difficult to give conclusive factual explanation for all.

Can we explain which came first an egg or chick? It is a little hard for us humans. How can we explain the most complex of His creations, earth, universe, galaxies, etc? All these are shrouded in mysticism.

It goes to show that mystic understanding and realization are main motivating factors. Here psychological and behavioural processes come into play. It goes to show that innate and insight perception count a lot in mysticism.

In mysticism, we establish our relationship with Omniscient one in an everlasting and mystical tradition. All the major religions of the world tend to follow mysticism – connecting /union/communion our inner self with the Absolute.

The resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ after crucification is mystical in nature which only our Supreme Lord can fathom. This crucification has a crucial lesson for us humans.

Mysticism, as we understand today, is the intuitive experience wherein the mystic forces come to play their part. These experiences can hardly be explained in words easily.

There is a case in point of a religious place (Baba Guru Temple) at my native village named Barwal, Tehsil & Dustrict Kathua (J&K). This temple is considered sacred by the devout of area around and beyond. The Baba Guru was a spiritual personage, known for his benevolence and healing powers for the hapless. He was famous for his Sattvic Guna and used to do intense penance of Supreme Lord for achieving full connectivity with the Absolute – in fact a complete surrender to the Creator. For this purpose, he had a separate enclosure which was closed from outer world. He had passed strict strictures to his disciples not to disturb or see him while he was absorbed in his meditative pursuits and on some inescapable emergent contingency, needy could knock the door first before entry.

While he was intensely communing with God, one of his disciples, out of mere curiosity peeped through a hole and saw the Baba in prayers mode – a very complex yoga posture. After witnessing the Baba in that posture, the person concerned was awestruck at the Mystic powers of the Baba. Thereafter, he knocked at the door of the hermitage. All knowing Baba told the insidious person that he had broken the rule so he (Baba) cannot now live on the earth because his true supernatural spiritual powers have been found out/unraveled.

He expressed his intention of taking live Samadhi and told his disciples to dig out a pit for the purpose and that was completed on the same day itself.

On the coming day of his burial alive, he was found by one of the villagers, (who was not knowing about Baba’s live Samadhi) at Harkipauri at Haridwar (the bank of sacred river Ganges). The Baba told the villager that some implements used for digging the pit were kept at a particular place and instructed him to give the same to the owner. He also told that person that he will always bless those who worship at the place of his Samadhi with sincerity and right attitude.

It is indeed mystical how the Baba; taken Samadhi alive was found at a far flung place! This mysticism is the realm of the Absolute and we humans cannot decipher in its entirety. We can only make conjectures.

Conclusively it could rightly be inferred that all the creations of our Creator are enveloped in mysticism and cannot be totally unraveled. Let’s thank Him for all He blesses us with.

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  1. We have to thank our Creator for the all the creations He has created including humans and the natural marvels around. The mysticism of these creations are really known to our CREATOR.

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