When we use false nicknames in social sites, do you feel upset when anyone hurls very filthy words at you?

When we use false nicknames in social sites, do you feel upset when anyone hurls very filthy words at you?

No one knows our real identity. No one knows whom we interact, still there are people on internet who can write very slang and filthy words towards you, so do you feel bad when someone writes filthy language towards you? Do you, and should you feel upset for that?

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First of all, see the state of mind of the person concerned who uses false nicknames when other people are there or on internet. This is also to show off in social sites and also escapes consequences for such untowards utterances. Such person is either suffering psychologically and want to vent his negative emotions or / and also he is not having sociable mentality. That is, he is not liked in his social circle.

The best course of action is to ignore them as far as possible. You cannot change their mind set and the negative currents which are flowing in their beings. Sure enough, have sufficient patience and tolerance in sufficient measure and walk on in life. Think that while you walk, there are some stumbling blocks but these should not stop you from walking and transacting your day to day work. Their behaviour should not make you mental wreck.*


*Now – a – days it has become a fashion to feign what you are not – just a show off in order to attract attention. Electronic media is one amongst these. Through this media we tend to see people brow beat others; indulge to do jugglery with the words and phrases to attract others; be what you are not in real sense of term; et al. The best thing is to take what is best and leave what does not suit. In real life too we take for ourselves whatever suits us and discard what does not. Here too read on for self Knowle3dge (Jnana). If possible pl do not take internet friendship seriously – do not take anything seriously tell such time you have yourself known to the individual concerned lest you have to repent later on. Best way is to sieve and conceive whatever is good and discard whatever you think is beyond the realm of reality on the social media.


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4 thoughts on “When we use false nicknames in social sites, do you feel upset when anyone hurls very filthy words at you?”

  1. I have felt that people are finding it fun and stylish to abuse others who give their opinion online. But as you said, ignoring them is the only option. The internet stuff is becoming more and more fake.

    1. You are right. In internet people tend to over assert and over emphasise their status and question etc thus duping others.

      We ourselves have to keep our ear and eyes open in order to keep ourselves safe from the fraudsters.

      Thanks and regards

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