Anti-depressants and weight gaining?


I am 34 years old,164 cm height. from my age 31 to 33 i used anti-depressant.and i have gained 7 kgs.

So my weight was 49kgs and after pills 1 year i went to gym and i was 50 kgs again but in 3 weeks i have gained 2 kgs so i am 52 now,i go to gym, I don’t eat much.
i am very sad what should I do?

Do you think antidepressants can change the system of metabolism even when you stop taking?
I don’t know what to do more?

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago

Just introspect why take antidepressant. If your reach to a firm conclusion, you may not require them in the first place. Everything is there in you. Understand yourself first before understanding others. Imbibe the positive qualities which may help you to take the life head-on. Do you think these antidepressants have helped you in a small degree. My answer is flat no. Try to cultivate meaningful hobbies and do workout regularly. Make it a habit to take morning stroll. Listen the chirpings of the birds, read between the lines what MOTHER NATURE is offering us daily from its vast treasure. If you do these simple things, I do not think you need to gallop these pills. Your metabolism is in consonant to your way you eat, act and finally your other factors in life. Eating wholesome diet and working out will also be a good solution. Pep up and live life king-size. God Bless.*

*Challenge the challenges itself then things would be in your favour.

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Thank you for your answer.
This sentence was great ”Understand yourself first before understanding others.”


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  1. Committing your innermost thoughts to a daily journal can be like unleashing a burden from your mind.

    Walking in the early hours and thinking of one, two or three good things that happened the day before, or walking at sunset and remembering something good that happened during the day, can be a positive experience.

    1. Our innermost thoughts are the potential thoughts which can transform not only this life that we are living but also the ones which may follow. And the thoughts which come out of this inner most ‘self’ are eternal in nature and hence enduring in nature.

      When we draw out something from our inner most being we also imbibe the sixth sense of intuition.

      Thanks and reegardsit

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