What is the limit of the evil that humans can take recourse to. As things stand an evil doer just does not desist following this obnoxious course – just infinitum! The way the people are following this course now-a- days goes to prove that. Take for example the rape and murder cases of hapless girls in Badaun Village in UP state in the recent past and the response of the authorities that be – also not less criminal. And what about the criminal neglect on the part of the law enforcement agencies to hand out justice to the criminals? Just cruel – nothing else. Where has our conscience gone and whereto we are heading to?

Evil doer transforms and graduates to be a hardened criminal from petty crime. This chain of crimes just goes unhindered. That person gets a sinister satisfaction when he gives pains to others. His goal in life is to inflict pain to others by all means. In this he adopts any strategy that is possible to garner false satisfaction. His evil design goads him to go to any limit for he does not have total control over his senses and his evil acts just goes on. Such person(s) should actually be identified and punishment meted to him/them commensurate with the criminal act(s) perpetrated.

Inspite of being scorned the person concerned ought to be pitied and if possible should be coaxed and forced so that he adopts and follows correct path.

We have the example of Sant Valmiki – the writer of Ramayana who was a wicked robber – with no pity for pity for his victims. While robbing one of his victims; a man of wisdom himself; the person in question asked him two questions:

  1. For whom do you commit this henious crimes?
  2. Will your family members share the consequence part of the crime you commit or have committed till date?

He was very curious to know the answer from his wife. He immediately went to his home and asked his wife the two questions. She replied pointblank that to support her and his familial life was the responsibility of Valmiki as such he was himself liable to suffer the pangs of his unethical acts of omissions and commissions. If he commits thievery or robs from others to support the family it was his bad karma not their!

Hearing these answers he felt dismayed and went straight to the person concerned. Valmiki prayed him for redeeming him from the predicament/critical situation. The saint anyhow wanted to get rid of this man and told to chant maran maran….thinking that it will not be easy for criminal to concentrate on God. Straight away Valmiki started chanting these MARAN MARAN……and the mantra straightened into RAM..RAM…RAM after repeated chants and thus surrendered himself to LORD RAMA. By doing so he transformed himself to be the lovable Shri Rama’s Bhakata and then authored Ramayana which is his gift to us all! It goes to show how a wicked person could transform into pious one if intention springs from heart.

Demon King Ravana was one of the most popular Lord Shiva’s Bhakta besides being known for his mastery in Vedas. Despite all the good qualities he was possessing; Ravana had his dark side too which was amply made clear many a times. Firstly he antagonized Lord Shiva by asking for Golden Lanka (which He had got constructed for His family’s habitation) and had received boons for increasing his prowess. He wanted to be immortal and wanted to increase the powers of his demon race. He did everything to subjugate other kings and in the process his wickedness went from bad to worst so much so that he abducted Maan Sitajee! That was the saturation point of the wickedness. The battle that followed is known to us all. In this battle wicked king Ravana along with his brothers and others too lost their lives.

The wickedness of Dharyodana in Mahabharta is also a stark reality. To what limit/degree our wickedness and greed can go on is amply made clear in Mahabharta. When the evil reached its zenith there was a battle between the armies of Kauravas and Pandavas in which all the hundred sons of Dhrithrashtra met their end and also the evil with them. It also goes to show that when evil is heightened to its maximum limits God incarnates. Here Lord Krishna (incarnate of Lord Vishnu) sided with Pandavas and established truth.

Even now also there are the people who excel in evil and they take pride in following this path. In order to get their desires fructified these Adharmi perform inhuman act and could go to any length. Their evil designs do not end but take an upward movement and in the process many people get victimized for no fault of theirs.

Evils Design


Limitless are the acts of criminals

They graduate from petty crimes

It’s not merely their conscious mind

Their inner self is too coloured dark; we find

Their daily record of greed

Goes upwards

For name and fame

Status and attachment

Can go to any limit

God deliver us from criminal designs

From our midst so that Thy rule is held supreme.



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  1. God has assigned humans with the responsibility of acting in a manner which is good for the wellbeing of not merely his fellow beings but also with all the living beings including the surroundings in which he is living.

    God help us so that humans behave in a manner which is good for all.


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