Whilst consciousness means
Being aware of everything
That thy think of doing
Which is laced in much ego
Because it is biased towards ‘I’
The doer of everything possessed
An awareness just gone awry
Impure in its tone & tenor.

In this state of self awareness
And what we do or do not do
We are responsible for this all
Because our mind is also associated
With everything that we transacted
This consciousness could meaningfully be altered
With sincere and one pointed meditation
And imbuing it all with spiritualization
Consequently changing tainted consciousness
Into pure consciousness
Of highest order
Bringing into its sacred fold our Creator
Thus infusing His life force/energy.



Bhagvad Geeta has rightly said:

Muktir hitvanyatha rupam svarupena vyavasthitih [SB 2.10.6]. Svarupena vyavasthitih.

Liberation from the impure consciousness of this material world and to become situated in pure consciousness.

Consciousness is more loaded towards “I am.” Meaning it is biased towards ego and while it is so the individual’s consciousness is polluted/impure. Meaning ‘whatever I possess is due to me’. There is a psychological tinge in all this because one who thinks himself as ‘creator’ seemingly is psychic.

John Locke defined consciousness as “the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind”

We are conscious (mindful/awake/aware) whenever we do any function assigned to us. In this kind of self-awareness, whatever we transact, we are ourselves responsible/accountable. In other words, we have to face the music of our deeds or misdeeds. It is a deliberate effort with concomitant results the individual concerned have to be ready for. No escape route could be there; excuses like circumstances were such that an acted /not act in a manner required or being pressured by somebody to act that way or mind acted otherwise. All these petty excuses will hardly cut any ice since the individual concerned has acted with full awareness.

Consciousness is the state of mindfulness. It means our mind (with all its senses) participated in the act committed with full awareness that he/she will have to withstand the results of it all – with full control over self while performing that act.

There are times when we act in anger or in haste or in disgust or situation warranted such act then can we escape from the consequences of our action. Certainly not? Now question arises can this consciousness be quantified or can this be altered as situation demands. Or is this a mechanical process for our action or inaction. But consciousness cannot be without the participation of mind and body.

Bhagavad Gita stresses the importance of purification of consciousness.
Purified consciousness is to act according to the direction of our Creator. With purified consciousness we can imbibe all the positive qualities after having discarded all the negative ones like anger; greed; covetousness etc.

It has been experienced that we can alter/transform our self-wareness/consciousness through meditations. Right attitude and sincere efforts are the important pre-requisites of deriving optimum results from meditations. It has also been seen that we can rein in /restrain our mind by focusing on concentrated prayers. When our mind, with its five senses, work in tandem then our consciousness/awareness too gets huge fillip. Controlled mind means working of mind and body as a cohesive unit – having gradual shift awareness. Here transformation is such that which can differentiate between right and wrong. Working on the dictates of our moral high ground – according to our conscience. An act in which our inner self is also a party. An act in which there is association of heart and mind. Whenever there is symmetry between the two, the act performed cannot be unethical. When head and heart are combined in our thought percepts then the results are also positive.

Our consciousness is divided into three parts. Conscious; semi-conscious and non-conscious; which perform different functions for us.

Emotions, attitude, decisions, or thoughts in the widest sense undergo change from one stage of our life to another.

Life force or energy flows in our body through various channels at seven major points – from the bottom of our spine to the top of our head. Moving from spine upwards thus increasing the level up of consciousness which is a journey of spirit. These are termed as CHAKRAS. The movement from base chakra to another is a spiritual journey depending upon the awareness level. The seven chakras are given as under:-
1. Base Chakra. It is at the base of the spine. It is represented by blood red. Its aura could be observed by somebody with vision. Its function is to ensure basic survival of our body like breathing; hunger and thirst besides taking care of its basic needs. It is at this chakra point from where initial step in awareness starts but this awareness is merely a starting point – early childhood period. The child does know about his past and future.

2. Second Chakra. It is located around the genital area and controls our sexuality and emotions. The colour changes from red to orange. Our gut reactions like fear; anger; joy etc are controlled here. At this stage an individual child is aware that he is separate from its environs. Ego starts functioning and creates images what the world is like. Likes and dislikes besides learning of language etc are done and children start asserting themselves. Parents are the centre of attraction and especially mother takes control over the life of the child.
3. Third Chakra. It is coloured yellow and is centred in solar plexus – around the stomach. This starts at the age of six. This portion provides opportunity for higher mental growth/abilities. It is the stage when thoughts and ideas take birth besides imagining things and also start building a self awareness. The child starts recognizing others of his relatives and also language skills are also learnt thus improving it further.

4. Fourth Chakra. It is also called heart chakra. Its colour is green. This portion controls the logical thinking and also solve problem. Here the child starts to have its own identity. It is the beginning of adulthood.

5. Fifth Chakra. Fifth chakra is located at the base of the throat. Its colour is blue. Here the dormant energy gets activated still more. At this stage the individuals are known for their fairplay and justice besides taking responsibility for their action or inaction. Also the communication technology is the buzz word at this stage.

6. Sixth Chakra. This chakra is between the two eye brows and its colour is indigo. Here the individual aspires for more progress while establishing harmony with universe/nature.

7. Seventh Chakra. It is situation at the crown of head with violet colour. It has the potential of increased energy than the other chakras. Here the harmony is established between the dualities of humans behavior and nature. There are personages who have even gone beyond 7th chakra.

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  1. It goes to show that if we want to train our conscious self and turn it from impure to pure one we have to adopt spiritual methods.


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