Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Marie Curie

Fear is a specter which could only be won with calmness. It is a deadly disease with far reaching consequences. With fear engulfing us, we are not able to concentrate on anything. Constant thought of unpredictable future, the fear of negative results, failure, etc create still more unpredictable apprehensions resulting in breaking our will to fight the coming events; robbing the serenity of our Soul thus making our life virtual hell. It should never be forgotten that our fears are the result of our own faults of not understanding the cause(s) of our fears. We are swayed more by the external factors rather than listen to our inner voice. Different contingencies in our life have to be understood threadbare and solution found for tackling them.

When we take fear as a cautionary device to keep us on guard against any impending event it is fine. It is just to keep us on our toes to face and fight it out. We take preventive measures to keep away from particular course of action simply to avoid its consequences. For instance, we do not overeat simply because it may cause indigestion. But unreasonable or unfounded fears are the cause of many a problems. Just over indulgence in fears results in germination of the seeds of more apprehensions.


An appropriate and conducive atmosphere is required for a person who is mental wreck due to fear psychosis. Too much association with a person of negative mindset brings forth negative atmospheric – a mine of unexpected fears. Excessive dwelling on the fear talk by those who lack will power and are steeped in negativities bring in its wake unwholesome conditions. Hence positive thoughts have much to contribute to remove the specter of fear from our midst and for that good company and conducive environs are a must.

We all will get old. It is a natural corollary. There are some who associate old age with diminishing vitality and losing ground in every aspect as one ages. It should never be forgotten that the one who is born dies one day – now or any other time. Fear of death, therefore, should not stalk us. Man is a mortal and hence has to die one day. Our soul is immortal should never be forgotten. No fire can burn it, no water can take it along and air cannot harm it. Then why fear? We should always be thankful to our Creator for bestowing us with good health and all the bounties including will to fight the fears. Dudley Nichols has rightly said that ‘fear is the highest fence’. We ourselves are responsible for erecting this fence and we have to remove this fence for a smooth living.</p

Then the fear of hell or heaven after death remains etched on the memories of those who believe in the theory of reincarnation. One thing good in it is that this fear has its positive aspects too – it compels us to lead a sattvic lifestyle (having positive traits) and consequently we earn Karma credit due to this.


It is found that when we are in calm and quiet mindset, our intuitive power starts functioning – by which we can know the feelings of others. Calm mind can penetrate into others’ feelings. Mind is the origin of thoughts. With calm mind we can surmount any unpredictable fears. </p

The origin of fear is from our heart. Whenever we are confronted with fear of unpredictable, relaxation after inhalation and exhalation is the answer. Fear may be due to some past incident and we do not want that to happen which triggers fear. Apprehension of impending incident produces fear psychosis. In such contingencies, we lose vital strength and in the process our defence system takes a worst beating.

It has been observed that the students fear their examinations the most. Despite their best preparation, there is always a lurking fear. Competition too fuels fear, especially in the minds of the students or those who have to face the competitive examination for the career. In the recent past, we have heard of students with best results in the past resorted to harming himself physically with disastrous results. Or a girl fearing rejection as a bride just loses courage when crunch time comes. Then fear about who will take care of us when we would grow old, when we are unable to move without somebody’s assistance. These fears are not unfounded but with courage these could be faced and way cleared for a smooth journey ahead.


Fear in a child to reach home on time because of fear of the parents for his/her safety. Or parents fearing for their wards’ not reaching home on time. A student attending lectures in the school so as to earn sound grades in the examination. In the similar manner, when we are concerned about the health of our love ones, it is a loving fear. In other words, whenever we, out of concern, feel for somebody’s present state out of love, it is termed as loving fear or constructive fear. It is also a natural thing between our love ones. </p

Many people often say, ‘fear God’s retribution’ – meaning that we should always act according to the natural laws. It may also mean that the person concerned does not know that our Creator is not the One from whom we should fear. He is the embodiment of love and compassion not. Fear is our own creation. We ourselves are responsible for it. The fear brings this feeling. This fear is generated when we talk fear in relation to misdeeds. If this were so then we should desist from doing any bad deeds lest these invite God wrath.


It should never be forgotten that our Lord is always ready to come to our succor whenever there is need. Only need is the sincere call to Him – with cent percent faith. His vast energy can dissolve any fears from our system. This wholly calm mentality could be acquired only through complete surrender unto Him and knowing self – bereft of any fear.

It has rightly been said in Chapter 6 in Bhagwad Gita: The wholly calm minded person who has conquered the self is in constant connection with the Supreme Soul. To such a man cold and heat, happiness and sorrow, fear or anger, honour and dishonor are all the same.

Thus we should free ourselves from the specter of fear and start living just naturally; enjoying the bounties of our LORD and thanking HIM for everything.

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  1. Fear is our own creation. If we have a total control over our senses then fear is eliminated from our system.


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