Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a Soul? – John Keats


The maxim makes it amply clear that if we work hard now, we shall reap its reward later on. It is similar to the planting of a fruit plant. It is not that on planting itself we shall get its fruit. The plant has to be properly nurtured – watered, protected from beggaries of nature, and then only it will give us juicy fruit. Also, students sweat during their learning spell and get the reward for their hard work thereafter in the form of sound career etc. Without perseverance, a newly appointed individual cannot adjust in the organization. Hard work, patience and commitment besides right attitude have to be shown. Also, we should bear in mind that nothing is given to us on a platter; sincere effort is required for fruition of any task. It should never be forgotten that this striving is not only on intellectual plane but also on spiritual plane.

The path of Yoga (action) is dynamic in nature. Passivity (inaction) or getting stuck means no further movement. When we follow a path littered with hurdles, we have to put in sincere hard efforts to come out and for that we have to work with maximum focus. Where there is action, there is pain should never be lost sight of. For coming out of hurdles, we have to be a real Jnani (Yogi in action) adopting Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge / wisdom). Work which is done in unsystematic manner, without putting our intelligence into play will hardly be of any consequence. It is also a fact that too much reliance/attachment to the results of our action may lead to dissipation of energy. Concentrated actions and evenness of mind always lead to right outcomes.

Bhagwad Gita stresses the importance of action (Yoga of action) without attachment to fruits of that action.

It is us who can make difference with our quality of work. Mere making castles in the air will not suffice. Concrete results require concrete efforts and for that to happen we have to sweat/work hard. We have to put in our heart, mind and soul together for acquiring full gains of our efforts – especially so at this age when competition is becoming too high and opportunities are very few. Only those who have acquired the optimum skill and grit to excel despite hurdles succeed.

It is true of professionals or even for athletes who compete for their positions. Avoiding pain initially, will take us away from gains we get finally. This pain could be body aches due to physical activity resulting in tiresomeness or mental torments for reining in senses etc. The purpose of this whole exercise is to ensure physical fitness and mental toughness to work hard to take head on the problems for working out a solution.

Our spiritual gain is inevitably linked with following and practicing compassion, feeling pain when somebody is in pain, following a simple but purposeful life, rendering selfless service to the fellow being etc. On the face of it, these seem to be easy but if made applicable, we have to make many sacrifices, physical and material resources. We follow the God’s commandments in orders to get spiritual satiety and ultimately eternal bliss. This too is not an easy task. We will have to, first of all, get rid of the negative traits in the form of anger, greed, rancor, ill-will, jealousy, etc which are rampant in us and then follow the good code of conduct. Mere wishful thinking will not suffice here too.

We have to excel in self belief and this self belief is acquired through persistent hard work. Strength of conviction, belief (Shradha) is required. Everything originates from inside us. One who believes that he is weak becomes so ultimately. This weakness enters into our work culture and we tend to sink into the abbess of our own making. We have to be our own masters. We have to have self belief to excel.

This Atma of ours is immortal, without beginning or end, it cannot be annihilated by any of the elements. If this were so then why should we fear? Why do we not work hard? This body of ours has to be tasked by our mind. We have to realize that nothing comes out of mere wishful thinking. This has been amply given in the scriptures of all the religions. This innate power of ours is waiting to be tapped/drawn out, to manifest itself and to be utilized for useful pursuits. By adopting Bhakti Yoga or devotion and love, we can draw out innate powers. Soul power and spiritual strength combined could do wonders in our lives. Identification with the immortal Atma can therefore deliver goods for us and enhance our credit limit of our Karma.

Action in the form of hard work is the sole criteria which will make ourselves self reliant in every way. Adopting Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga or Janana Yoga can bring dividends only if we make these applicable earnestly. If we think ourselves nothing then ultimately we become nothing and if we have strong will to excel then every intractable problem will become easy.
All have abilities and limitations. We can work on our inadequacies and enhance the credit limit of our abilities. Disbelieving in our capacities results in degeneration. Although we have not to run after material possessions yet we all require these for our survival and these are procured through our honest efforts. It is similar to the fact that if we want to sharpen our intellect, we have to work on intellectual plane. By following this dictum, we shall produce people of the highest traits; strong physically, mentally, morally, socially and spiritually. Fostering intellectual plane with spiritual plane may lead to our Eternal Happiness and Eternal Bliss – while enjoying the fruits of our action.

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  1. Nothing is given to us without self effort. This self effort is the result of our inner voice coupled with outer influences – environs etc.

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