What does it mean if someone says you’re not well adjusted?

What does it mean if someone says you’re not well adjusted?
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• Harbans answered 3 years ago

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Please keep in mind, have self belief. You should be a person who is in total control of yourself. If you want to act in a particular way (which should not be at the cost of others, it should not harm others in anyway), and you believe it is for your good then for God’s sake do that. Increase your self confidence by small acts daily. Everybody can do it on day to day basis. It cannot be done overnight. A habit or a particular way of doing a thing, which may not be liked by others, should also not be liked by you in the first place. Change changes everything and time is a great healer. Any negative habit can be made positive with positive mindset. An honest start has to be made in right earnest. Be honest with yourself. Charity begins at home. Begins by reforming yourself. And do not take the criticism of others negatively. Think why that particular person has told you like this or that. Try to adjust which one is good for you. Whatever seemingly good for you would be good for others also. Then ultimately others will also start understanding you fully. But, for heaven’s sake do not start arguments with those who criticise you or those who pick holes in your pockets. Take their saying with a pinch of salt, digest it and make positive efforts in changing yourself. You are the one who require to change. Nobody else.*

*When you are brimming with self belief, everything seems just pliable. You can tackle any situation. You do not get frightened but fight the challenge and defeat it by your grit and determination. Never mind, others’ opinion about you, what counts is do you have self esteem? If yes. Fine. If not. Find out why not? Analyze the causes and remove the negativities and proceed on without fear. Day will be yours.

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  1. We should never listen to others’ unreasonable criticism of ours. Positive criticism should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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