My friend has REALLY bad temper?

One of my best friends friends she has super bad temper , i love her but at times i feel like honestly i cant handle her, and it brings me down.
Like one day me her and one of my other friend lets call her (a) decided to eat pizza ha ha, so anyways she was like i wanna see the menu in some posh restaurant so i was like yeah ok and she was like ok lets eat here and i was like i thought we settled for pizza and i was like i dont really like anything here because i dont eat salad , and they mostly had sandwiches for lunch menu and she was like ” FINE THEN LETS HAVE IT YOUR WAY , LETS EAT UNHEALTHY PIZZA, YOU ARE SO PICKY I DONT EAT THIS I DONT EAT THAT” and my other friend was like o.O so on our way to pizza place my friend A suggest subway and she was like NO U WANNA EAT PIZZA SO LETS ITS PIZZA lol

and some other day we went out clubbing and her dad was giving us a lift i was bit drunk so halfway there i told her i left my id in her house and she was like its ok they wont ask you and we went and they did and she was like ” SEE THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK YOU LEAVE YOUR ID AT HOME NO THE TIME IS TICKING DOWN ” and i was like i did forgetbut i remembered halfway so we could of turned around and she was like ” DONT ****** BLAME THIS ON ME” ha ha in the middle of the street.

I dunno what to do with her , i tried talking to her and she was like yeah you were annoying me, she is soooo nice the other times but im scared waiting for her to
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• Harbans answered 3 years ago

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Just try to understand her state of mind. She must be in deep trouble and in the process must have acquired this mindset. If you are her true friend, just try understanding her. Give positive suggestions.
Accept her as she is presently. Understand her problem. Try solving them if you are able to. These sorts of people are the ones who are spurned by the people around whom they are brought up. They may have been subjected to adverse environment around and in the process acquired negativity.
Small things add up to make difference. If she is doing one thing without any negative response give her that credit and see how much she will be changing herself for better day after day.*

*Bad temper is number one enemy of a person. In bad temper your rationality just goes awry. You react to a situation which keeping since will suffice. You just think your reaction was correct, but actually it is not since nobody acts wisely when under the influence of anger.

Just shun anger otherwise, it will eat you bit by bit, leaving you only when you are not left with anything – body or mind or any friend to bank on.


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    1. Thanks a lot for your comments. You are right when you say that everyone gets angry but this state, if intensifies, results in worst consequences.


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